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by Sharon Rondeau

NWCX Warden Mike Parris

(Jun. 16, 2015) — The following letter has been placed in Tuesday morning’s mail to the two recipients indicated in response to a series of letters received from CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) describing increasing threats, intimidation, unwarranted write-ups, the unmet need for medical and dental care, and his forced participation in courses for which he clearly is not a candidate.

Fitzpatrick is housed at the NWCX facility located in Tiptonville in Tennessee’s far northwest corner. Convicted after a mock trial last June of aggravated perjury and extortion, Fitzpatrick was sentenced to three years in state prison by Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood.

It was Fitzpatrick who informed us that Blackwood intends to fully retire in the near future, a fact confirmed by the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts (TAOC) spokeswoman,  Michele Wojciechowski, J.D..  The same spokeswoman chose not to respond to further questions The Post & Email posed approximately ten days ago referencing Madison County, TN’s unwillingness to release an audio-recording of a trial and the transcriptionist’s decision to abruptly end a call for which she had given her permission to be recorded.

Blackwood was sued in 2008 by James M. Flinn, who claimed that Blackwood “refused to grant his petition for habeas corpus.”  After the trial court ruled against the plaintiff, the case was appealed but the decision upheld.

On Monday, The Post & Email received yet another letter from Fitzpatrick reporting:

I’m forced into this tortue [sic] of a PSLS program which is heading for a very hard crash.… The real bottom line is I’m the object of an especially aggravated kidnap. There was never a reason to lock me up in the first instance and no reason to keep my [sic] behind bars now. As Tennessee authorities become more and more exposed in their criminal conduct, provocation and harassments in here scale-up doing whatever possible to give reason to keeping me locked up longer.

Last June, Wojciechowski had said she did not “have time” to listen to recordings which The Post & Email provided to her demonstrating that Fitzpatrick’s alleged victim, Jeffrey Cunningham, admitted in sworn testimony that he never filed a criminal complaint about anything Fitzpatrick had done.  At the sentencing hearing, parole officer Judith Hilton-Coffman changed her written report orally to indicate that Cunningham was, indeed, the victim in the case.

Our letter to NWCX Warden Mike Parris also mentions Timothy Aaron Baxter, for whom a habeas corpus hearing is scheduled at 1:30 CDT on Tuesday in Jackson, TN but which Mr. Baxter may be too ill to attend.  The Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) has thus far been unresponsive to Baxter’s expressed need for hospitalization.

Baxter has sent The Post & Email voluminous documentation, including court testimony of his most recent accuser, Richard Upright, indicating that Upright was untruthful and evasive.  A key witness to the altercation between Upright and Baxter was not allowed to testify, and the video recording of the entire event was not made available to the court.

On Tuesday morning from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, this writer will be a guest on Vincent Finelli’s USA Prepares radio show along with Tennessee corruption victim Mike Parsons and Missouri police-brutality victim James Angle.  Parsons is currently being prosecuted by District Attorney General Mike Dunavant, who has failed to return calls from The Post & Email on Parsons’ case.

Callers to Finelli’s program are welcomed.


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  1. Very effective letter Sharon! The worst thing you can do to “Government Officials” is to expose the corruption which is now a culture at all levels and all departments. We have watched this unfold for several years now and the Police Chief that just conveniently “retired” from “loyal” service needs the Feds to pull him in for the Murder Of Republican Commissioner Jim Miller and also the LEO’s that were ordered to take him out and burn the body. Good Cops need respect and support- Bad Cops need to go to jail. I wouldn’t let this Warden Paris babysit my younger sister. Where are the Federal bureaus? FBI/CIA/Secret Service/TBI or any other departments that are supposed to be overseeing this type of activity? Even though they aren’t doing anything- who is controlling them? Since Democrats have illegally prevented and blocked Criminal Presentments from becoming Discovery in all U.S. courts for over 6 years now, no Democrats have been prosecuted as they commit Misprision Of Felony the Judges also have played along with DNC control of the courts and press/media to protect Democrats. Valerie Jarrett is one of the key operatives who pulls Mr. Obama’s strings. Walter Fitzpatrick is being targeted and has done nothing wrong but stand up for the written law in a “corporation Fiction” and has followed the written law which is being broken every minute that DNC Operatives remain in power and corruption