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(Jun. 15, 2015) — [Editor’s Note:  The following was written and circulated on Monday morning by 2LT Scott Allan Bennett, who was imprisoned for two and one-half years in a federal penitentiary after a trial in a Florida civilian court prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice.

FOIA requests filed in February by The Post & Email have not received a response other than the DOJ’s claiming that it could not release documents on Bennett’s trial because of “privacy” concerns.  An appeal filed with the OIP in Washington, DC has received no response.

While in prison in Pennsylvania between July 2011 and February 2014, Bennett wrote to more than 100 members of Congress, military leaders and media outlets in an attempt to expose the funding of terrorist organizations, including ISIS, which Bennett discovered during his employment at Booz Allen Hamilton.

During that time, Bennett met Brad Birkenfeld, a former banking manager at Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), who corroborated Bennett’s findings on terrorism funding.]

On Monday morning, Bennett wrote:

Scott Bennett and Kathy Rubio on her show “No Holds Barred” called numerous members of the Senate Committee investigating whistleblowing, and boldly roared where no man has spoken before…they informed Senate staff about Bennett’s whistleblowing reports on Swiss Banking-Terrorist Financing and Congressional-Military cover up, and demanded Bennett be contacted by the Senators in order for him to testify.  Listen to the calls made directly to the Senate and feel free to follow the template developed.

For those with courage, we suggest contacting the offices at:   http://www.hsgac.senate.gov/about and inform them that 1) you are aware of the conversations; and 2) watching them closely; and 3) expect them to investigate this matter, since it threatens YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND THE RIGHTS OF YOUR CHILDREN–especially those serving in uniform who are dying because of weapons being bought by Swiss Banks channeling Wahabi donations to ISIS.

With this initiative, we have taken the beach, and are pushing inland….help us advance, develop unstoppable momentum, and win back our government and hold politicians accountable for their cover up and racketeering in this matter…invite Senators (and House Members) to join the right side, and they will–since politicians are not warriors, but salesmen.  If they don’t, then you are telling them to be prepared to be judged by the court of public opinion as being on the wrong side when the day comes…and comes quickly.

Alas, let us show the eunuchs in Congress and the bureaucrats in uniform how honorable and honest American Patriots fight….with liberty and justice as our objective,  the Constitution and Law (and its holy foundation) as our shield, and the doubled edge of truth as our sword.

On this dawn of the Domestic Military Operation “JADE HELM”, let us be the first to make a stand, and trumpet freedom and wave the bold flag of our constitution, so that all men know, as Churchill said, “We shall fight in the Hills, we shall fight in the streets…we shall never surrender.”  And so that the world may soon say, “They fought by phone call, by email, by fax, and by the written  and spoken word”, and they won back their freedom.   And that was the beginning of America’s second renaissance, and its patriots finest hour.

Again, you may go to this link:  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/63613067

“I shall give thee a tongue thine enemies cannot gainsay, nor resist.”

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Editor’s Note:  Bennett was a guest on Kathy Rubio’s “No Holds Barred” show on Friday, the video of which is here.

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  1. YouTube has removed you. We need a way to follow you. Facebook deleted my account several months ago. We need to have a means of staying connected. Thank you for making your stand. Thank God for you Sir