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by OPOVV, ©2015

(Jun. 14, 2015) — For every despot with a “took-control story,” there’s an equal but opposite story of the citizens rounding up all the judges and politicians and hanging them from shady oak trees across the country.

For every “crooked cop” story, there’s a policeman who went out of his or her way to save a drowning child, or cat, but we seldom hear about the heroics in the everyday grind of the neighborhood cop.

For every story about how corrupt our government is, there’s a story not told about a supervisor working at saving money by not replacing employees who retire and by refusing to do any work that would be redundant. But show me a department head who submits a lower budget than the year before and I’ll show you someone who’ll get “passed over.” Find a supervisor who’ll put together a program showing that privatizing the department would not only save the taxpayers money, but also achieve better results by having more motivated employees, if you can.

America is spiraling down into the abyss of Socialism, there to flounder and wallow along with the other failed political systems that have infected the world in the past century.

During the French Revolution, the “Department for Public Safety” was the strong-arm of those who wrenched the power, money, land and opportunity from those who had it. Grudges were satisfied and the masses, the “Obots” of the country, if you will (those who were too blind with promises of “Hope & Change”), went along with the program. Comparing the France of today with the France of yesterday, one can only conclude that false promises only generate a regression in the quality of life for the average French citizen.

Same with the United States. During the last six years the powers of the perceived “Police State” have multiplied exponentially. SWAT teams have been more active than at any time in American history; the TSA violates the 4th Amendment on an hourly basis; we’re being spied on by our neighbors (NSA, FBI, et al); and, to top it off, the government refuses to deport illegal immigrants and continues to import those who believe in the phrase “Kill Jews and Christians wherever Ye may find them.”

“Recovery” and a record number of Food Stamps dependents is, in truth, oil and water; “Freedom” and warrantless searches; “Honorable Discharge” morphed into “Domestic Terrorist;” “The right of the people to keep and bear arms” has been infringed by rules and regulations that require permits, licenses and fees.

History? The Americans at the Alamo were expecting the cavalry to arrive, just as those who died in Benghazi. Americans were surprised at Pearl Harbor just as we were on 9-11. Hitler was elected by intimidation and fraud and proclaimed himself the “Savior” of the German people.

Enough said.

Semper Fi


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  1. Remember that the “Nazi Party” was formed to stop Communism from taking over Germany and Free Europe’s industrial complex. Hitler took advantage of that as he rallied against them. Once he took power in 1933, a law was passed that anyone that owned a gun would receive the “death sentence”. That is true and the reason that many Germans could not fight back after they saw what was happening. 7 attempts were made after 1938 to kill Hitler but they all failed. At least the brave Officers that saw the real Hitler as no good had the guts to stand up knowing they would probably be killed and that is exactly what happened-all 7 attempts failed and Hitler was able to carry on to cause the death of 50 million people. Obama and his Black Power Muslims and the White Marxists/Socialists have been able to do severe damage to America and 6 American Veterans have been illegally imprisoned to keep their mouths shut that could expose the corruption this DNC coup has enabled. The majority of people that followed along to falsify this illegal POTUS in will have to pay a steep price in the end for what they have done. God is bigger than they are they will have to answer to him. Time is counting down.