by Sharon Rondeau

Tipton County, TN was named for Captain Jacob Tipton, who was killed in a battle with Indians in the Ohio Territory in November 1791

(Jun. 13, 2015) — An entrepreneur, former special deputy, farmer, licensed general contractor, and former Civil Air Patrol pilot who has been victimized by local Tennessee government has been telling his story as he awaits trial on yet two more trumped-up charges in Tipton County.

On Friday, Mike Parsons appeared on the USA Prepares radio show hosted by Vincent Finelli, where he described the racketeering syndicate within the Volunteer State which invents charges, coerces county grand juries to issue indictments, and holds mock trials without constitutional due process with the purpose of incarcerating as many individuals as possible.

Corruption in Tennessee encompasses the entire state government apparatus, including the executive branch, the Administrative Office of the Courts, every district attorney general’s office, court employees, grand juries, trial juries, defense counsel and court clerks.

In the fall of 2009, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III first reported to The Post & Email that he inadvertently discovered that Tennessee criminal court judges have routinely and systematically hand-picked the foreman of the grand jury, “employing” him or her for consecutive years and even decades without any known vetting process.

Parsons has told The Post & Email that the grand jury which first indicted him was rigged by William Brooks, the Jury Foreman, who was hand-picked by Judge Joseph Walker III; then Walker denied Parsons’ motion to declare a mistrial when it was discovered by a private investigator that several trial jury members had lied under voir dire, including the arresting officer’s mother-in-law and a Tipton County employee.

Judge William H. Peeler “ruled on his own verdict” to order his arrest and that the trial jury contained a relative of the arresting officer.

Although arrested on September 24, 2007, Parsons committed no crime. Rather, he had responded peacefully to a vicious attack on one of his wolf hybrids, Brandi, who was shot and killed by Barry Laxton despite the fact that she posed no harm to him or anyone else.

Parsons was armed at the time, but chose not to point his gun at Laxton. Instead, he attempted to place Laxton under a lawful citizen’s arrest, but Laxton refused to submit and walked away. Sheriff’s deputies who arrived on the scene then called General Sessions Judge William H. Peeler, who ordered Parsons arrested. No charges were pressed against Laxton for killing Brandi or shooting his gun a total of 29 times at Brandi and Mike and Pat Parsons, who were directly in the line of fire on the property.

After learning that a pet belonging to Dennis Schuelke, another Tennessee whistleblower, was viciously killed between Thursday night and Friday morning in Davidson County, Parsons provided a list of the many pets he has owned which have been senselessly killed by those protected by the Tipton County Government.

My family has suffered with the murder the following family members:
  1. Shadow, our alpha female.  Shot by neighbor James Wells. Her body never recovered.  The Tipton County Sheriff refused to prosecute Wells.  2003.
  2. Pilot, our alpha male. Disappeared after someone opened the latched gate. Alphas never leave the pack.  2004.
  3. Blondi, their daughter.  Shot by neighbors James Wells with 45-caliber and Brent Seay with a 7mm magnum from 6′ away.  Her 80-lb. body was cut in half. 2004.
  4. Brandi, another female wolf hybrid.  Shot 3 times by Barry Laxton without provocation as she ran toward me. She died in my arms.  2007.
  5. Yonna and his brother grieved themselves to death after I was sent to prison.  2010.
  6. Talwah alpha male, died 1 week after raid of February 11, 2014 after ingested a foreign substance not in kennel area prior to the raid.
  7. Rusty, their daughter. Sprayed by crop-duster with Malithion which caused paralysis.  Died of cancer while I was in prison.  May 2014.

These are my family that have been killed but those in Tipton County.

Parsons added that “nobody is being held accountable for the crimes against animals and people committed by Tennesseans by the minions of the Tipton County Government.”  Mike Parsons June 12 2015 Dennis Schuelke cat

Schuelke has also been a guest on Finelli’s show.  The Post & Email was not able to reach Schuelke for this story.

Parsons was wrongfully incarcerated between November 2009 and April 2012 as a result of the false charges lodged against him. In February of last year, Parsons was out on parole and attempting to rebuild his life when his parole officer, Edward Danny Johnson, and other county officials, some of whom remain unnamed, conducted an an unlawful and warrantless raid on the Parsonses’ farm on the allegation of animal mistreatment. Parsons has related that after seeing the excellent conditions in which he maintains his animals, the veterinarian who raided his property in the company of the county officials asked, “Why am I here?” Everything looks great.

Over the last six years, based on considerable evidence presented by victims, The Post & Email has observed that Tennessee government officials and their cronies use the power of government to retaliate against those who speak out against government abuse or abuse by their cronies.  Retaliation is often meted out with police brutality.

Fitzpatrick is currently in a Tennessee state prison for non-crimes. Timothy Aaron Baxter is languishing from serious illness in the same prison after county officials twice framed him with invented charges.  Schuelke’s son has been twice jailed without having been read his Miranda rights; Christian missionary George Raudenbush spent 2 1/2 years in Tennessee state prisons after having been denied defense counsel; and in Roane County, Roy Cook is being prosecuted on an issue better characterized as a family dispute.

Other victims of Tennessee judicial corruption are Darren Wesley Huff, Marvin William Young, Michael Ellington, Dennis Burnett, and thousands of others whose names are as yet unknown.

After speaking with us once in an unscheduled interview, Tipton County Circuit Court Clerk Mike Forbess now refuses to return our calls.  Clerks in McMinn County, Monroe County, Sumner County, and Madison County have been similarly uncooperative when we have sought information or documents on specific cases.  Judges, administrative assistants, court clerks and transcriptionists refuse to release audio-recordings of hearings which the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has described as “public records” but “property of the court.”

Numerous victims and court observers have reported to The Post & Email that typed transcripts they have obtained after paying the requested fees do not accurately reflect the events inside the courtroom.  Open Records requests are frequently ignored or denied if the requester does not reside in Tennessee.

Raudenbush, Young, Fitzpatrick, Parsons and others have described horrendous conditions within county jails and state penitentiaries. During his first incarceration, Parsons was struck on the head and subsequently lost hearing in that ear.  Baxter was badly beaten in the Madison County jail and again in 2009 at the West Tennessee State Penitentiary for which he filed a federal lawsuit in 2010 which is still pending.

On Monday afternoon, Parsons will be Kathy Rubio’s guest on her “No Holds Barred” radio show on the American Liberty Live network at 5:00 p.m. EDT/4:00 p.m. CDT, where he will further expound on the injustices meted out by corrupt Tennessee officials. At 6:00 p.m. EDT, this writer will join the show to speak about state government corruption.

On Monday morning, Joyce Riley of The Power Hour will host this writer to expose Tennessee judicial corruption for the first time in that venue.

On Tuesday morning, The Post & Email will again join Finelli after having first appeared on his show on June 2 to discuss Tennessee government corruption and its many victims spanning decades.

Finelli’s show is broadcast or replayed by the following outlets:

Genesis Communications Network – 9-11am CST
Liberty News Radio
Republic Broadcasting Network
Satellite – Galaxy 19 Transponder 5 KU Band
Frequency 11836
Symbol Rate 20.770
Star 3 – Right Side Audio

Finelli informed us that the satellite broadcasters serve the Middle East and parts of Africa, while one outlet broadcasts in Parsons’ area of Tennessee.  A telephone replay of Finelli’s show can be heard by calling 605-562-7727.

Parsons is a prolific writer and has detailed his ordeal and that of his wife, who has also been victimized, in several official documents.

Affidavit of Mike Parsons 2014

Mike Parsons February 11 2014 Raid

Affidavit of Pat Parsons 2014

Mike Parsons Documents

In August, District Attorney General Mike Dunavant plans to prosecute Parsons on two grand jury indictments of possessing firearms as a convicted felon.  As was done with Fitzpatrick last year, Dunavant is seeking “enhanced punishment,” which, if granted, will result in a longer-than-customary prison sentence.  Because the judges, court clerks, jurors, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and court transcriptionists all participate in the criminal enterprise portraying itself as a court of law, as was the case in The People’s Court hearings of Nazi Germany, it is very easy for the prosecutor to win a conviction. The new convict then becomes a pawn in Tennessee’s prisoners-for-profit enterprise which no governor, state attorney general, or even the U.S. Department of Justice has been willing to stop.

The FBI has also been unwilling to investigate, despite the fact that incumbent government’s political opponents have been mysteriously murdered.

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  1. Timothy A. Baxter was railroaded by Madison County Tn.Court, Law Enforcement and local Prosecutor. An initial charge of simple assault(which was escalated to aggravated assault) was used by a Judge who had been asked to recuse himself from the case but refused.The state failed to provide medical evidence of any serous injury resulting from the confrontation in which Baxter was charged with aggravated assault yet he was sentenced to 12 years.
    In the first meeting with Baxter’s defense attorney, Baxter’s father Troy was told “these Judges do not like your son and they are going charge him with being a repeat offender in order to send him back to prison”.The defense attorney then asked Baxter’s father for $5.000.00 cash in order to defend him but stated again that it looked really bad.
    Timothy Baxter has now served 6 years of that charge and there continues to be a cover up.
    Baxter’s father has tried for 6 years to get an audio transcript of the trial because the written transcripts are not reflective of the actual proceedings. The Judge expressed bias in the court room that day and none of that is in the written transcripts.
    Two jurors were allowed to be seated that had previous dealings with Baxter and his father that should have disqualified them. Baxter’s father has contacted the FBI, the TBI, the State’s Attorney’s Office(who never returned his call) and most recently visited the DA’s office in Jackson , Sept. 2017 The DA in the presence of 2 others in his office stated that he would look into the juror misconduct allegations I had brought forth but nothing has been heard from him since. Baxter’s father asked the DA how the Grand Jury foreman was installed and he stated that the GJ foreman was selected by the Judge and usually served two years.
    If nothing else proves the railroading by this court of Timothy Baxter the proof would be an extremely harsh sentence imposed that did not fit the crime. It also reflects the retaliation of an angry Judge who had been asked to recuse himself.
    Baxter’s father would be happy to be interviewed by any of the news networks or would welcome any legal assistance from anyone who is not afraid to take on the corrupt Madison County Tennessee Judges.