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(Jun. 12, 2015) — ALL U.S. VETERANS….
VDA is not where we need to be as of today and we are fast running out of time to achieve our goals in order to continue to protect and defend this great nation…

JADE HELM exercises have been the subject of much debate lately and theories run the spectrum. This type of training has been going on in the USA for many years. But there are indeed some new anomalies in today’s training exercises that raise legitimate questions and even more importantly, the ongoing demise of the U.S.A. under the current administration creates an environment where conspiracy theories begin to sound much more plausible…

Training Timeline (video footage)

June 2008Oct. 2009Boston 2011L.A. 2012Houston 2013Miami 2013Washington 2014Miami 2015Miami 2015Michigan 2015

All of these training missions and many more like them have taken place in countless cities across the USA for years… The JADE HELM exercises are not supposed to kick off until mid-July through mid-September, yet missions are happening daily in different parts of the country today…

What does it all mean?

No matter which theory you buy, they all lead to the same end… The Federal Government is preparing for something that the American people are not preparing for, including many US Veterans….

VDA along with USPU and NALC were not founded to make anyone a living, or to make a name for anyone, or as a launch pad for some politician to pander from… It was formed to bring experienced and talented true patriots together from across the country so that we could work together to avoid any situations that threaten the peace, prosperity and freedom of this country….

WE ARE NOT WHERE WE NEED TO BE YET…. and the clock in ticking down…. we can all feel it…

Patriots Union has done a magnificent job of identifying and mobilizing citizen activist operations on everything from elections to State level model legislation and community activism organizing like the party Precinct initiatives….

NALC is doing incredible work in investigating both domestic and military cases like Extortion 17 and Benghazi, leading the charge with hard facts regarding faulty R.O.E. and criminal assaults on our Constitution. Their work has been at the tip of the spear, delivering hard facts and action items on critical information weeks, months and even years before the information is available anywhere else…. Their work is critical to our ability to prepare for eventualities….

But the action from our Veterans has been lack luster to say the least. We all have “things” to lose when fighting for what is right…. But if we don’t make that fight, EVERYTHING will be lost and soon…. not just our VA benefits, our Social Security or our pensions…. EVERYTHING!

I want to share this video with you… It is one of the best college commencement speeches I have ever seen…. and it tells it exactly how it is…. Just how simple it is to be successful at almost anything, including saving this great nation…. COMMENCEMENT SPEECH VIDEO – NO politician today would give this simple but critically important speech…

Now, not every ill we face today was initiated by the Obama Administration. But make no mistake, our current crash course with history is the result of Obama Administration policies here and abroad….

We will never tear apart all of the destruction this administration has done without tearing apart this administration… top to bottom.

So, please take about six minutes to watch the NEW VIDEO created and released to support the NALC Article of Impeachment. Understand the very careful work of NALC in drafting “proper” Articles of Impeachment….

If U.S. Veterans will no longer take a stand and fight for freedom, liberty and the rule of Constitutional law, who will? If not here, where? If not now, when?IMPEACH OBAMA & CO. RIGHT NOW!A group of Tea Party and Patriot groups across Tennessee have come together to speak one message with one voice, IMPEACH NOW!
Here is their Tennessee Constitutional Accountability Coalition site…This is no longer just USPU, VDA and NALC calling people to action…. This is the beginning of groups and individuals all across Tennessee and the nation answering that call to action…. to stand together, speak with ONE VOICE and with ONE CLEAR MESSAGE – IMPEACH RIGHT NOW….
Nothing was solved by the last election and nothing will be solved in the next election either…. If you won’t stand with us here and now, you will never take a stand anywhere for anything…. NOW IS THE TIME!

With God’s help, we will prevail!

Col. James Harding, USAF (Ret.)
email Col. Harding here


To set up a State Constitutional Accountability Coalition affiliate in your state, contact USPU, VDA, NALC or the web site…

One lone voice in the wilderness with a thousand competing messages should and will be ignored…. BUT ONE LOUD VOICE WITH ONE CLEAR MESSAGE CANNOT BE IGNORED!

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