by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, & The SAPPA Group, ©2015

(Jun. 10, 2015) — As the Socialist Democrats who control the legislative branch of New Jersey’s government prepare for yet another round of illegal attacks on the Bill of Rights many of us recall the frustration we felt during last year’s outrageous sessions.  Patriots from across the state took days off from work and other activities to attend Assembly and Senate sessions during which time they testified to the facts concerning legal gun ownership and the Constitution.

It was made quite clear to all who attended that first hearing that those in charge had no intention of listening to or even considering facts.  The Chairmen actually opened up that meeting by requesting a vote on the new illegal legislation prior to any testimony.  In other words; we have to let you people in, we have to give you some time to speak, but we do not have to or intend to listen to a word you have to say.  Oh yea, and we don’t care who knows it.

That request embarrassed even a few Democrats on the Committee and was not accepted in physical application but was implemented in principle as speaker after speaker who presented information and long established facts concerning legal gun ownership were ignored and disrespected by the socialist dominated committee.

As this new round of even more draconian infringements on the citizens of New Jersey are being fabricated there is no evidence that any of these people know anything about the Constitution or comprehend the oath each of them took to defend it.

Some of the facts which were presented and ignored the last time are still relevant and compelling this time.  So why did they not consider them or take any of it into account?

Here is just a small sample of facts and information which was presented by those who testified:

1.    States where gun ownership is the least infringed upon have the lowest crime rates.
2.   Cities where the people are not allowed to protect themselves are the most dangerous, violent and murderous.  Not by small percentage points but by quadruples of whole numbers.
3.    For the past several decades FBI statistics show that 99.03% of murders and other crimes in America have been committed by persons using illegal firearms.
4.    It was pointed out that there never has been, nor will there ever be a law which will prevent criminals from using firearms.
5.    Legal gun ownership saves thousands upon thousands of lives and prevents countless numbers of rapes, burglaries and robberies every year.
6.    The blood of every single citizen which was shed or will be shed because lawmakers refused to allow the people their right to self-defense would forever coat their souls.
7.    There is no known reality that would or could eliminate firearms from the human existence.  Any effort to do so will leave only criminals in possession of them.
8.    Hundreds if not thousands of lives all around the world could have been saved if a law abiding armed citizen had been present in any of the several locations of mass shootings.
9.    Firearms are bad only when criminals have them.  They are much worse when only criminals have them.
10.    The Founders gave us the tools to amend the Constitution.  No other means to alter it are legal.

So, are these people really unable to comprehend and apply that information? Do they not understand they are usurping the Constitution and thereby weakening everyone’s freedoms, including their own?  Or as we asked at the top, are they really that stupid?

The answer is no, they are not.  They know that lives would be saved and crime would go down if law abiding citizens were armed.  They know those living in the inner cities would be safer and more productive if criminals feared them and not the other way around.  To understand why then, they do what they do, you need to understand ideologues of the leftist persuasion.  How they think and why they act.

The first thing you need to come to grips with is that nothing that liberals do needs to be successful or accomplish its intended goal.

•    It’s only the thought that counts.
•    Only the intent that matters.
•    Results are of zero consequence.

So when they are confronted with evidence that runs contrary to the good they intend to do, they just are not able to compute it.  In their minds, if they can do anything to keep even one person from owning a firearm, that might save just one life.  They do not have the ability or the desire to balance out the good and the bad.  They can go to sleep at night, feeling good about themselves because they have saved a life. Of no consequence are the lives lost or destroyed.

Now you know what it is that motivates this group of Constitution violators.  Don’t however, confuse these faux do gooders with the real villains on the left.  That would be those who know that an armed citizenry does not live in fear of criminals or a tyrannical government.

That my friends, is the bad news.  The good news is, thanks to Nick Purpura and the Second Amendment Preservation Action Group (SAPPA), many of those dwelling in both categories of violators have been named as defendants in a RICO action and will have to appear before a Federal Court and the people whose civil rights have been infringed.  In the words of Desi Arnaz , they have a lot of “splainin” to do.



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