Where Has Obama Taken Us? pb


by Daniel Bongino, former Maryland Congressional Candidate and U.S. Secret Service Agent

(Jun. 3, 2015) — Another reminder of just how far the liberty train has moved away from the station under President Obama, now that the 2016 presidential election has begun.

Taxes: The Obama administration has raised taxes on income, capital gains, healthcare, payroll, medical devices, and more, and now consumes nearly 25% of everything America produces.

Education: President Obama has largely federalized the student loan market with the federal government now responsible for 90% of the loans and resulting in an unsustainable 1.3 trillion in student debt.

Elections: After the IRS successfully targeted Conservative groups in the 2012 election cycle, the Department of Justice doubled down and recently announced that it’s getting ready to prosecute campaigns and candidates for illegal coordination in 2016. Of course, keeping with this administration’s pattern of abuses, this will likely be directed at Conservatives and Democrats who refuse to toe the Obama administration line.

Healthcare: State insurance markets have now been federalized through the Obamacare exchanges which decide for you which insurance you can buy, and for what price.

Energy: Despite the piles of red-tape heaped upon us by the massive federal bureaucracy, the EPA wants to add to our pain by implementing a de facto federal takeover of state power grids through their new regulations on energy generation and ozone. These new regulations are expected to cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars in total.

Corruption: The IRS, Fast & Furious, Hillary Clinton’s private email system, Benghazi, the GAO, the VA “waiting lists”, Obamacare, Solyndra, Ener1 and more…..

Policing: The Department of Justice is now monitoring local police departments and, in the process, overriding local control of towns and municipalities with the threat of federal lawsuits and bankruptcy.

Economy: Our national debt is a historic $18,149,069,000,000 and our credit rating has been downgraded from AAA for the first time in our history. Income inequality is growing and middle class wages are barely moving. The stock market, as a result of the massive money-printing program known as quantitative easing, has made the wealthy wealthier, but has left the rest of us in the dust.

Immigration: For the first time in our history, the Executive Branch has unilaterally acted and granted an unconstitutional amnesty to millions of people who violated our immigration laws. Many of these individuals will now be entitled to unearned tax refunds and social security payments.

Let’s turn the liberty train around.

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