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(Jun. 3, 2015) — On January 20, 2009, the United States of America’s political bands were dissolved by a sequence of events going back decades. Because various infringements weren’t addressed, the inevitable result culminated in the usurper Obama taking the office of president, thereby sealing the fate of the USA to yet another failed Socialist experiment that allows for no question as to the legitimacy or rationale of such a kamikaze move. It has been noted that, in America’s weakened state, the country is being made ripe for an Islamic takeover, which is tantamount to abolishing the Constitution and, with it, the Bill of Rights, specifically the First and Second Amendments, for without the Second there is no way to protect the First.

It is impossible to determine when the malaise of the country began.  Some say it was when lawyers were allowed to be within the city’s limits after dark. Then there are those who point to the fact that most people live in a very narrow little world, where they think only of themselves, and never took the Oath to defend the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic (there are exceptions: there are people who have served and/or are now serving in the military who continue to support Obama and the destruction of the Republic). But irrespective of when the beginning of the end began, we are now at the end of the beginning: just look around, our country is sliding down into the abyss from which there is no possible return.

Perhaps the most egregious infringement on any semblance of sanity in this country was when Affirmative Action dictated that the standards be lowered in lieu of any failed applicant being educated to the acceptable standard to pass any previously-set requirements. Now that would’ve made sense but taken time. Time constraints disallowed anything other than immediate results, and the error was never corrected; hence, we have marginal and unqualified people in many critical areas that have placed everyone’s lives in jeopardy.

Take the former attorney general, Eric Holder, who wasn’t qualified to do the job for which he was hired and made our country a more dangerous place.  This is no less true than if he were put in charge of a nuclear power plant with the same “can’t-pass-the-exam” qualifications yet allowed to run the show and overdose everyone, thereby putting our country in a more dangerous place.

Another infringement on the American people is one of education or, to be more accurate, lack of education. Nothing is more embarrassing than to hear a professional athlete articulate the answer by utilizing numerous “you-knows” and insert new words and inventive phrases that the general public would consider a foreign language. “Do you have a hat?” “Been done had a hat.” “Did you go to the airport?” “I just done a short drove to the airport.”

The failure to communicate is just the tip of the iceberg: it encompasses a myriad of failures, and perhaps the saddest one is that these people, an overwhelmingly high percentage of Americans, are functionally illiterate and, because of their lack of ability, acquire needed political information via the idiot box, otherwise known as the television set, or by radio, instead of reading the printed word. The end result? “Hope and Change” and “Run, Hillary, run!”

But we know all of this; it’s not news. We’ve tried spreading the facts: no change; we’ve based our hopes on Congress: wasted effort; and we’ve turned to the court for redress of wrongs: deaf minds. The Joint Chiefs of Staff continue to allow Muslims within our military, and people wonder why our allies don’t trust us anymore. Economists declare things are about to “turn the corner for the better” while our trade deficits wither on the vine and any trip to any store is a “sticker-shock” experience. We never hear the word “inflation,” yet gas has doubled from what it was just six short years ago. You spend $100 at the grocery store and come home with four bags, if you’re lucky.

Oh, it’s going to end, but the way things are going and from our inability to set our own course, we’re going to pay the price for doing nothing other than what’s already been done. Which leaves us with our backs against the wall, trapped in a corner, with no way out except by the same methods our enemy has in store for us.

Semper Fi


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