by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 1, 2015) — Genesis Communications’ third-highest-rated radio show, “USA Prepares,” will host The Post & Email’s editor on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. CDT/10:00 a.m. EDT to discuss the corruption throughout the Tennessee judicial system which falsely incarcerates an unknown number of people each year in violation of the Tennessee and U.S. Constitutions.

USA Prepares host Vincent Finelli has extended a special two-hour invitation to Sharon Rondeau, who has owned and operated The Post & Email, an electronic newspaper reporting on government corruption, for the last five years.  Finelli is familiar with the story of Mike Parsons, a Tipton County resident who was incarcerated for more than two years after an acquaintance of Parsons’ former political opponent appeared on Parsons’ property in September 20007, shot his gun 29 times, killed one of Parsons’ hybrid wolves, and nearly hit Parsons and his wife without provocation.

After conducting a citizen’s arrest, which is permitted by the Tennessee constitution, on the attacker, a judge ordered that sheriff’s deputies arrest Parsons instead.  A tainted grand jury then indicted him on several felony charges, two of which ended in convictions by a corrupt trial jury containing a relative of the arresting officer.  Parsons then spent the next 30 months incarcerated in Tennessee state prisons, where he was injured and lost what he describes as “half my hearing.”

Tipton County is part of the 25th Judicial District, where chief prosecutor Mike Dunavant is seeking “enhanced punishment” for Parsons on two new charges of allegedly possessing firearms as a convicted felon in February of last year.  Mike Parsons March 9 court order possession of firearms

Before Judge William Peeler ordered him arrested, Parsons was a business owner, farmer, radio show host, adjunct faculty professor, Civil Air Patrol volunteer and contributor to his community.  He was released from prison for the alleged parole violation on May 16 and faces an August 17 trial for the two new charges.

Parsons’ narrative of his ordeal can be read here:  Mike Parsons Narrative

Dunavant did not return two calls from The Post & Email placed last month directly referencing Parsons’ case.  Tipton County court clerk Mike Forbess, who at first was willing to speak with us about how the grand jury functions in the county, failed to return our subsequent calls requesting lists of grand jury members dating back several years.

In late 2009, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) exposed the Tennessee practice of installing judicially-selected grand jury foremen who serve for years and even decades at the judge’s pleasure.  After having approached the McMinn County grand jury on several occasions with what he believed was clear evidence of government corruption last year, Fitzpatrick was indicted by that grand jury, tried, convicted and sentenced to three years in state prison for “aggravated perjury” and “extortion.”  On May 19, Fitzpatrick’s defense attorney, Van Irion, presented oral argument to an appellate court during which he stated that his client simply “annoyed the wrong person.”

Finelli’s show is rebroadcast in 11 other markets following the live show, including the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) and markets in Tennessee, including Tipton County.

Article I of the Tennessee constitution guarantees rights to its citizens which have been eviscerated over the last 100 years by the absence of due process, unnecessary police brutality, “rigged” juries, judges acting outside of their authority, and cruel and unusual punishment

Article I, Section 8 of the Tennessee constitution states that “That no man shall be taken or imprisoned, or disseized of his freehold, liberties or privileges, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed or deprived of his life, liberty or property, but by the judgment of his peers, or the law of the land.”

On his Genesis Communications Network web page, Finelli describes his show as “the largest Survival and Preparedness EXPO in the United States.”  He bills himself as “The premium provider of self reliance information in the USA.”

Finelli posts articles of interest on various topics and refers to his guests as “radio instructors,” which include radio host Joyce Riley, financial analyst Gerald Celente and Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.

USA Prepares hosts the largest preparedness/survival exposition in the country in Lebanon, MO.

Those wishing to listen to the show by phone can call 605-562-7727 or 605-562-4080.  For those wishing to speak to the host, the number is 866-582-9933.

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  1. Tennessee is a mirror to what types of people run the DNC in DC and America. Democrats will always go with you when you are for them but the first time you disagree they turn against you. It’s all about following the crowd like lemmings jumping off the cliff. The entire party is always the opposite of the RNC, lock step with each other they think they will get their way with no one else having a choice. As with the DNC being successful in illegally installing a dual citizen POTUS, keeping ALL Criminal Presentments from reaching Discovery in any court in America to protect all their criminal assistants required the strength and support of the Judicial and other DNC Operatives that have forced the complete control of the press, canned audiences for Bari Malik Shabazz, theft of TRILLIONS of dollars that are partly being funded through the 24,000 Swiss Bank Accounts that have been funding Taliban and ISIS fighters to kill their own and American troops. Holder, Jarrett, Obama are all Muslims fighting for the Caliphate in the U.S. at all costs. Hillary has enabled votes for the DNC on taxpayer’s money by getting all the Muslims classified as “displaced minorities” to receive full benefits as the Mexican illegals-food stamps/Wic Programs/welfare/free dental/free health care/$20k to go to school/job placement/cultural training/free housing/cars/cell phones/no zoning restrictions to build Mosques/free food programs for their children-on and on when no votes were given to the public to vote on any of this effort to get free votes for the Democrats on taxpayers’ money without their permission. The DNC was behind the illegal arrests/imprisonments/beatings/murders/misprision of felony/obfuscation of all the above. Many people are saying that the country has been so saturated with DNC corruption that people and Veterans will be forced to stand against the government and bureaucrats that have been impossible to remove from their positions of power and corruption. We have seen what the Democrats do as in Baltimore and it’s obvious that Sharpton and others are not concerned about anyone or anything but their false agendas and will stop at nothing to reach them. We have watched the same patterns in Tennessee from the multiple illegal arrests of Walt, Darren and others that were good men but were forced to go against cowards that were the bottom of the barrel and like cowards they mass against anyone that comes against their agenda.