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(May 31, 2015) — What exactly is The DRUDGE REPORT trying to say in favoriting no less than four of our latest half dozen tweets at the Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 Twitter account? Of course Matt Drudge has been named one of the most powerful and influential characters in the Political Arena today. On May 7th the political powerhouse The Hill ran a story with the headlines, “Is Matt Drudge the second most influential man in America?” calling him the single most influential man in America Media and posting the question, “Is Drudge the second most powerful man in America?”

The power of The Drudge Report has been in the simplicity of the political and eye-catching headlines in a world being drowned out or inundated with headlines. Reliability and trustworthiness have been noticeable hallmarks attributing to the Drudge Reports success over its tenure. They would have to be or the credentials of news would be lost in a hurry. Consistently you can scan The Drudge Report and find the general speed of the Nation and World Reports. Does that make The Drudge Report a good reporter writing detailed reports of everything going on? Absolutely not; that makes The Drudge Report a very good collector of headlines in the news.

So what does it tell you when The Drudge Report favorites four Tweets of the Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 Campaign? Well, you can decipher it yourself, but what that tells us is even Matt Drudge cannot believe there are no headline stories being written about the little known Democratic Party Candidate who’s run for President in 2008, 2012, and now 2016 with not a single National Story Report written in the face of Herculean Deeds for the Republic that constitute a politician who’s doing much more than spouting off words to capture headlines and is much more about deeds that actually go to the root problem we face in America of our whole Republic being saturated with fraud.

Where does the story rank in anyone’s mind of the very real possibility that Mr. Obama is escorted out of the White House in handcuffs for fraud upon the Republic, fraud upon all of the contributors to his Campaigns for President,fraud upon the last two elections of the United States of America, and fraud upon Cody Robert Judy’s Campaigns? Maybe the much simpler question is what is bigger than that in anyone’s mind when it comes to National Stories?

Is ISIS bigger? Is Iran Proliferation Bigger? Are the Floods in Texas Bigger? Is former Governor Martin O’Malley’s entry into the political arena or Hillary’s Campaign or anyone of the twenty Republicans in the field for President now bigger? Is any national world story of any other foreign Country bigger? We think Matt Drudge at The Drudge Report grasp a sense that nothing is bigger or affects more Americans and he just cannot believe not a single national reporter for a single open news organization has grasps it, or the power in it.

Just looking at the details of the Presidential Candidate with a case in the United States Supreme Court against Obama is pretty big..win.. lose or draw; not a single other Candidate for President in the fields on the Democratic or Republican side has anything remotely considered as a Primary Candidates consideration for actually taking a Recorded Action to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. We remind everyone that is actually in the oath of the Office of the President.

The other thing that we think Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report realizes in the detailed duty of his organization is the very real tear occurring in America that signals a greater problem than we have ever faced in racial divide. And that Cody Robert Judy in his actions over the last 6 years breaches that divide with character and the principles that The United States Constitution reflects upon the Nation, building a bridge for the racial barometer Obama seems bent on exasperating.

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