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(May 27, 2015) — Sorry for so many emails in such a short time, but this is developing quickly and also – WE are going to Albany this Wednesday and must get these developments out there now. BTW – YOU can join US – Albany LOB Concourse Security Checkpoint 9:00 am.

Please Email SCOPE and spread the word everywhere too – thanks – Al

OathKeepers went to the Bundy Ranch and peacefully achieved justice

OathKeepers Coming to Albany on June 9th


From OathKeepers’ John W. Wallace:

“Thank you for all you do to repeal the SAFE Act. The New York Oath Keepers fully support your June 9th call to action. I will be sending out a statewide message to all Oath Keeper Chapters in New York requesting that the membership support this event by showing up in person.”  For the Republic, John Wallace

The momentum is growing dramatically. Good leaders are lining up in favor of the June 9th mission. In just one day OUR call has resonated beyond the borders of NYS. The bases for success have been established. Now it is up to YOU to make this happen and happen in a BIG WAY. Can WE get thousands of Grassroots people to Albany on June 9th?  Can WE create the uproar WE ALL want to see?  Are YOU up for the excitement?

Please spread the word far and wide

Email SCOPE with this message Let’s Do It ” – saldstadt@scopeny.org


This is Grassroots at its finest – MINUTEMEN taking quick Action.

Pure sincere sacrifice – last-minute action. Come to the aid of others – Join US!

This Is What We Propose:

·         On Tuesday June 9 th – while Albany is in session – beginning at NOON – WE march through the halls of every floor of the LOB chanting “WE Will Not Comply – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act NOW.”

·         We gather in the halls on the LOB first floor concourse at 11:15 am. We jam the security lines with thousands of US and go through security to the elevators and the stairway. In a sort of random fashion WE march all the way up to the 9th floor chanting all the way. We march back down and out of the building to the infamous lawn of the Capitol Park. Once we are all gather in the park, with no permit required, someone begins a chant that gets as loud as possible.

We have called, written, emailed and lobbied the Albany legislators. We feel it is about time they see us up close and personal. If WE do this on June 9th it will give them time to realize OUR seriousness and enough time this session to bring FULL Repeal of the Safe Act to the floor and vote. [And send them off for the summer with many more worries]

Is the Albany Minuteman Really a go – It’s picking up momentum – prepare – get ready – stay tuned

Please Email Steve from SCOPE as soon as possible.

Email: “LET”S DO IT JUNE 9TH ”  saldstadt@scopeny.org

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