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by New York State Grassroots Groups

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara has been investigating evidence of criminality within the New York State legislature, with three arrests of legislators made since last summer

(May 20, 2015) — We recently sent a message to stay tuned for a possible “Albany Minuteman Rally.” We’re arranging for Preet Bharara to come to Albany to address the NY legislature, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, members of the Moreland Commission and US. As it turned out, we were unable to obtain the use of the “Well” (the open meeting area in the LOB) or a commitment from Preet for the date. As you should know – We Will NOT Quit – We WILL Keep Trying.

On a different note, there may be a significant alternative in early June – keep it on your radar.

Albany is such a mess it is beyond comprehension. Skelos, Libous and Silver were arrested on relatively minor charges compared to other crimes they committed. We also know that the vast majority of the others in Albany can be arrested on similar charges and worse. We also suspect that actionable corruption exists concerning the SAFE Act.  An example is Mark Grisanti: It is rumored that he was paid to switch his vote on the SAFE Act. It is known he was given money for changing his vote on gay marriage. He was rejected in the last election and has now been appointed a $180,000 judgeship. Does that sound like anything close to honorable? Did you hear any legislator broadcast the wrongfulness of Grisanti’s “appointment?” Who masterminds things like that? Who participates? Who is responsible? Who are the people who participate in things of that nature? What say you, Preet?

It is widely known that legislator votes are bought – “horse-trading” for “favors” like getting a “Committee position,” added expense money, a better office, “study fees” and SAFE Act-related “loyalty” and stuff for their district…lol (puke). Do you realize the legislators do not even think this stuff is corrupt? They believe this is the way things should be done.

WE MUST ENCOURAGE more people to step forward. WE MUST encourage Preet Bharara to “Do NOT Quit – Do NOT Back Down – Keep Pushing!!!!!”

Please stay tuned: WE ARE working on an “Albany Minuteman Rally” – before June 17 – the last day of Albany’s legislative session. I still have hope that FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act will happen before they quit for the summer.

The message to ALL Albany Legislators:
Repeal the SAFE Act NOW… Don’t remain cesspool dwellers!

When will you legislators realize WE have the evidence – WE have the tools – WE have everything on OUR side?
YOU have NOTHING – nothing to hang your hat on. All that’s left is time – Yup – in time YOU will be defeated!!

A personal message to those who are satisfied with “chipping away at the SAFE Act:” Open YOUR eyes!!!!!!!

The message to ALL Grassroots: “I’m Mad as Hell,” “I’m NOT Gonna Take it Anymore” – live it!!!!!!!!!

If it is few or many, WE will Lobby Albany from now until June 17 OR the SAFE Act is FULLY Repealed. WE encourage YOU to sacrifice and get to Albany – it DOES feel good and IS a positive action to take part in.

BTW – Don’t quit calling, writing and emailing the misguided legislators in Albany – thanks.

Please Spread the Word:
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You should also consider sending this to NY’s elite LAWLESS Legislators – that’s every one of them.

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