Hayes: Illegal Aliens Are Not a “Civil Rights” Issue


by Sharon Rondeau

Front page of flyer on the “Moratorium Proposition” to halt illegal-alien movement into the country and evaluate its impact on black communities

(May 17, 2015) —In a continuation of an interview published last Sunday, Los Angeles-based black constitutional activist Ted Hayes further spoke on the “Civil Rights Act” which he believes was a “facade” intended to weaken black communities permanently and has been used to justify the presence of illegal aliens in the country.

Hayes sees “comprehensive immigration reform” as posing a serious risk to the stability of black neighborhoods and is asking blacks to challenge the Democrat Party and other organizations to examine its impact on their communities before passing any legislation.

Early this year, Hayes and colleague Susan Payne were listeners to three White House-sponsored conference calls supportive of creating “welcoming communities” of illegal aliens to be brought into the country and given federal benefits at taxpayer expense.  Payne stated that the plan called for the importation of between 13 and 15 million illegals in addition to the 12-60 million already here.

In the absence of congressional action, Obama announced plans on November 20 which included deportation deferral for at least five million illegals who are related to permanent residents or participants in Obama’s 2012 program, DACA.  The following day, a presidential memorandum invoked “welcoming communities” and a “White House Task Force on New Americans.”

In response to the proposed executive actions, a group of 26 states filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas.  On February 16, Judge Andrew Hanen placed a temporary injunction against the enactment of the executive actions for what he saw as a violation of the Administrative Procedure Act.  Later, the Department of Justice admitted that it had already enacted some of the proposed reforms after giving Hanen impression that it had not.

Hanen is still weighing whether or not to take punitive action against the DOJ for the omission.

Fourteen states plus the District of Columbia opposed the 26-state lawsuit by filing an Amicus Curiae brief.  Through a number of state-based FOIA requests, The Post & Email learned that an email from Obama’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs called for an “off-the-record” conference call to discuss immigration after Hanen placed his injunction.

No state other than Vermont released the email soliciting its presence on the conference call, and the recipient list was suppressed by the intern who sent it.

Continuing from last week, Hayes provided the following history on the Civil Rights Act, which he believes has been used against blacks and other Americans to coax them to accept illegal aliens and their extended family members as permanent members of their communities.  The owner of several websites, Hayes created the “Moratorium Proposition” to counter unlimited immigration and strengthen existing American communities, particularly those with high black populations.

Hayes is planning a rally in Phoenix, AZ to publicize the Moratorium Proposition and generally enlighten the public about the effects of illegals throughout the nation.

One year later, the Democrats, Johnson and Kennedy, passed the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, and the Republicans stood there and let it happen.  And even Martin Luther King stood there and let it happen, and they used the 1964 Civil Rights Act as the catalyst to pass the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, stating that, “If you complain, Dr. King, we just gave y’all civil rights…you are going to deny immigrants?  How dare you?”

So King and them acquiesced to that.  One of the big arguments that Kennedy used was “This immigration will not change the ethnic face of our cities.”  Fifty years later, though, what do we have?  You have a change of face in the black communities of America, which goes back to what Sue Payne and I came across in the White House conspiracy.  They said it:  “We’re going to eliminate these receiving communities by replacing them with emergent immigrant communities in the name of civil rights benefits that the white guys gave their lives for.  But I’m saying to white Americans, “Here it is.  We have evidence that the colored guy in the White House has conspired with an invasion of Hispanic, Latino, illegal-alien people to eliminate black people from the Americana of our country.”

Now that’s what’s going to get black people riled up.  When they hear white people in Phoenix, AZ talk like that, they’re going to say, “I knew something was wrong around here…I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something was wrong.”  That’s the strategy for Phoenix, AZ.

Let me take you to the Moratorium Proposition, which is the centerpiece of this whole thing.  It means this:  that all official deliberations and programs on “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesties) are to immediately cease until Congress and the White House, even with Supreme Court oversight, investigate to determine the impact of immigration reform – past, present and future, positive or negative – upon black people, i.e., the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors upon whose ancestors’ backs this nation of immigrants that we are all enjoying, legally or illegally, is built.

If it turns out, by public research and testimony, that “comprehensive immigration reform” will advance the cause of the 740,000 boys who gave their lives in the Civil War, Section 1 of the Civil Rights Act, which is that these freed slaves be assured citizenship as is enjoyed by white citizens, then by all means, open the floodgates and let as many illegal aliens – from the moon, if you want to – come into America, if that’s what it does.  No problem. Of course, that will advance the cause of Americana.  That’s what our Founding Fathers wanted.

However, if public testimony and research determine that this is not only detrimental to the descendants of chattel slaves, but it will ethnically, racially cleanse them – even genocide them – which would mean the undermining of the foundations upon which the nation of immigrants rests, which would mean, then, the America that the immigrants came here for, legally or illegally, will no longer exist.  There will no longer be a moral cause on which to govern ourselves because this nation cut its moral values on the existence of slavery in this country.

If that’s what it is, then you know what?  No more immigration.  It has to stop.  We have to turn it back; we have to find another way to meet the needs of these suffering people.  By no means can we allow these people to be destroyed…if black lives matter.  And now you got ’em.

If Barack Obama rejects this and the Black Congressional Caucus rejects this, or the Democratic Party rejects this, they will be rejected by black folks.  I don’t care if that black person is political on the left, right, intelligent, stupid or whatever…the average black person will have to say, “Wait a minute, everybody, all this thing is asking you immigrants is, ‘Before you go any farther, can you consider our state of affairs here?’  That’s all we’re asking.  If you can’t do that, then what’s up?”  It’s not against Mexicans or Hispanics; it’s not against the Irish. It’s not against immigrants, legal or illegal.  It’s not Republican; it’s not Democrat.  It’s not Muslim, Jewish or Christian. It’s asking a question, America.  All of you…haven’t you all benefited from this?  Don’t you think it’s time…Look at these people.  They lead in every negative social statistic in the country. They fill the prison system.  They’re over 60% of the homeless population.  They’re 40% of the abortion population.  They lead in every negative social statistic except one, and that’s committing suicide. Are these people genetically inferior to the rest of us immigrants?  Why haven’t they progressed?  They’ve been here longer than anybody else.  Are they genetically inferior, or is there something really tragically wrong here that we who call ourselves “immigrants” and freedom-loving people need to examine here?

Because if we don’t examine this, then we lose.  If we don’t fix this, we lose.  This is in our interest, Americans.  That’s the message of the Moratorium Proposition.

[Editor’s Note:  The next installment of our interview will detail Hayes’s meeting with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) which he believes belied King as “a sellout” in regard to the presence of illegal aliens in the country.]

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