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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

What is the difference between ISIL’s murder of Christians, Yazidis, homosexuals and others and the Nazis’ murder of Jews, gypsies, the disabled, homosexuals and political prisoners?

(May 14, 2015) — The global slaughter of Christians is growing in leaps and bounds at the hands of Muslims and their supporters.  ISIS or ISIL and other murderous Islamic relatives consider the daily torture and murder jobs of Christians simply obeying Muhammad and their pagan god, Allah.  Sometimes they offer the victim before they are murdered the three choices stated in Chapter 9 of the Koran – 1) Forcibly convert to Islam  2) Give them great amounts of money as a high tax to stay alive 2) or be killed.  Many times they don’t even offer them those options.  Instead they just cut right to the torture and murder part – slow and gruesome.

Each week I interview on my national radio show experts who have tasted the real horror offered up by Islam and are involved with exposing and confronting the real Islamic agenda.  It is most clear that there is a real Christian genocide happening all around the world.  Ted and Walid Shoebat (www.shoebat.com) have long exposed the slaughterhouses in Syria where Christians are kidnapped, tortured, hung by their feet like cows, then butchered.  This is a regular occurrence along with ISIS and Islamic rebels wiping out whole Christian neighborhoods and villages.  Not only have America and Obama not helped the victims or confronted the Islamic murderers, but instead, Obama has been complicit in creating ISIS/ISIL by sending them (through Libya) thousands of lethal and high-end weapons and money.

Not only did America under Barack Obama’s leadership weaponize the Islamic rebels, growing and creating ISIS and its offspring, but the weapons pathway and illegal activities led to the murder of Ambassador Stevens and staff.  We are still awaiting justice and untangling the cover-up that has followed for many years now.  I pray Rep. Trey Gowdy  pushes through the wall on this investigation and gets it right.

The genocide is funded and organized all around the world.  All through Africa, where villages are torched; young girls are captured and used as sex slaves; husbands and fathers are murdered in front of their families, and torture and kidnappings are daily staples.

Iraq is a growing horror show as well, and once again Obama says nothing except for Christians to get off their ‘high horse’ and be ashamed because of our involvement in the Great Crusade over 600 years ago.  I am ashamed all right…I’m ashamed that Christians took so long to rise up at the hands of Muslim aggression, torture and stealing of their land.  Will today in America end up being another place in history where we were ‘too little, too late’?

Several have screamed very loud, making desperate appeals to stop the madness and get help from the US and our government to save lives, but Obama is nowhere on this.  He just looks the other way as hundreds of thousands of American citizens and Christians are murdered in the name of Allah and Muhammad.  Obama has gone way behind being another Neville Chamberlain horror.  Obama knows that the tortures and blood-letting are happening all over to Christians and does nothing about it.  Chamberlain could hardly believe Hitler would be capable of such evil so imposed denial on himself.

Sister Dian Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena has spoken before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  She has described in Technicolor what is going on to Christians throughout Iraq.  She describes it as mass genocide and has begged Obama and America for help.  Her comments were covered in a Newsmax piece by Cathy Burke.

            “As this horror spread through out the Nineveh Plain, by Aug 6, 2014, Nineveh was emptied of Christians, and sadly, for the first time since the seventh century A.D., no church bells rang for Mass in the Plain of Nineveh,” she said, adding that since then, more than 120,000 people found themselves “displaced and homeless” in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.  “The current persecution that our community is facing is the most brutal in our history.”

Cardinal Dolan and others have weighed in and warned Obama and America about our skewed lack of protection of Christians in the Mideast, yet nothing is done and Obama plays more golf.

It appears, by his brazen lack of action and even words against Christians, that Obama is in full support of the Islamic caliphate and murderous genocide of Christians worldwide.  If he isn’t in support of this then he must do more than ‘sound bite’ theater and brief empty statements reflecting no action.

We find ourselves in another Nazi Germany horror show of extermination again.  This time it is the Christians, and we have a President who not only looks the other way, he funds and weaponizes the murderous Islamic groups that are doing it all.

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  1. The Muslim Brotherhood visitors to the White House who are “legion” (as used in the Bible) will SURELY have the answer!

  2. One sign of the imminent extermination of Christians within the USA has been the deliberate and systematic expulsion of Christians from our military.
    The day that the local police forces in our country become Federalized the weeding out of veterans and Christians will take effect immediately.
    Americans haven’t a clue how much our society has been adversely infiltrated by Muslims, to our everlasting regret.
    NOT ONE presidential candidate has ever referenced the DHS as nothing more and nothing other than a “Muslim Relocating Service”.
    We’re going down unless we wake up.
    It’ll happen like this: we’ll wake up one morning and it’ll already have been a done deal.
    While we were sleeping.
    Because we WERE sleeping.

  3. Why would anyone doubt that Obama is a Shia Muslim? That’s why he does nothing to stop the genocide of Christians. He is merely following his “brother Muslims” and their allegiance to the moon god, Allah.