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by Sharon Rondeau

Photograph of Union soldier from the Library of Congress collection

(May 10, 2015) — In an interview with constitutional black activist Ted Hayes, Hayes stated that the Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution that embodied the concept of “self-government” necessitating the participation of “We the People” to make the idea work.

“They actually created an aberration throughout all world history.  They were gambling that human beings could govern themselves…” Hayes told us.  He believes that human nature looks to someone else to make decisions, resulting in monarchies and totalitarianism.

“I think we can do this if we come to understand what the role of ‘We the People’ actually is,” Hayes opined in regard to Americans communicating with their city, county, state and federal legislators.

Hayes believes that the current national division over race and illegal aliens and can be traced back to the era of slavery prior to the Civil War.  “We love the fact that we freed the slaves, but you know what took that?  Big government; big military government; big dictator, out-of-control, rogue president did it:  Abraham Lincoln,” Hayes said.  “That’s why the Southerners say that the Civil War was actually a war of aggression against the South.  Who were the happiest about big government?  The white folks suffered; white Northerners paid for it.  Who was happiest about it?  Black people,” he said.  “They saw Abraham Lincoln as God; you’ve seen all the pictures.”

He said that “big government” carried out reconstruction and yielded “carpetbaggers” in the South, and that when the KKK was organized, “big government” dispatched federal troops to stop it.

Hayes maintains that in 1887, the Republican Party “abandoned the sacred compact which the boys at Gettysburg gave their lives for and went off to gold-mining and railroading,” which he said left an opening for the Democrats to “put Jim Crow laws in place.”  “We could not get jobs or housing.  When the KKK would burn crosses on our front lawns and beat us up, we couldn’t go to the police or the mayors to get help…why?  Because they were the KKK,” Hayes said.

The Post & Email:  The sheriff in Selma, AL who tried to stop the marchers on The Edmund Pettus Bridge 50 years ago was a Democrat, and he deputized many in the town to help him act against the protesters.

Ted Hayes:  All of ’em!!  Look at how the black president has co-opted the high ground!  That’s what we must get back…How do we get that guy off of our mountain?

The only way we could get justice from the Democrats was what?  Go to who?   Big government.  Then the socialists, who had been trailing us since the 1850s, watching this wound in the country, looking for an opportunity to exploit it…the first real opportunity to exploit it came in 1887 when the Republicans abandoned the sacred cause, went to all the corporation-building, and began to oppress the workers and the children…and the socialists said, “Aha!  This is our entrée,” and they entered in with the unions.  And it’s been that way in the federal government ever since.

Then in 1964, Eisenhower sought to finish Section 1 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and he did as much as he could. But when the Civil Rights bill came around, the Republicans once again abandoned us to the Democrats, and they put upon us big government welfare. Why did blacks receive it?  Because by that time, we had been conditioned to receive benefits.

The Post & Email:  From “big government.”

Ted Hayes:  From big government, and it weakened this generation to the point where a lot of these black dudes could not compete physically with the illegal alien worker out here.  The illegal alien worker will work the hours of the black dude to death.  Can that be rectified?  Yes, it can be rectified.  How do you rectify it?  You pay that man or woman what it’s worth to do anything, and they will do it.  They will travel all the way to the San Joaquin Valley to pick strawberries or grapes; they’ll do whatever is necessary.  You pay them for what they’re worth; that is the nature of human beings.  So don’t tell me that the illegal alien is doing the job that Americans, white or black, will not do.  That is not true at all.  Americans, white and black, but especially black – we refuse to be slaves again.  We’ve learned that lesson; we’re not going to work free anymore, and the average white guy isn’t going to work for slave wages.  But you pay them what they are worth, and they will discipline themselves to be on that job every day on time, no matter what the job is.

So that is the problem with the black folks that the black conservatives are not explaining to you guys:  we have had “big government” almost etched on the walls of our DNA. You’ve got to find a way to get our attention away from that, and we have a chance now in the person of Barack Obama.  As soon as we can show black people and the world that “black lives matter” and that Barack Obama and his big-government policies don’t think that black lives matter, that Mr. Obama and the government see black lives simply as fodder, as the proletariat – as they see the illegal aliens as proletariat, too – that’s when black lives will go, “Ohhhh, I get it now…I’ve finally got it.”

The Post & Email:  They’ll realize that they’ve been used.

Ted Hayes:  They’ll realize that they’ve been had, for generations.  Here’s the analogy that I give:  When people ask, “What’s wrong with black people? What do they see in Obama?  How come they won’t let go of this man?”  Because they have no one else to turn to.

We are a people who, as with all people, we need leadership. We need a human being that we can touch, that we can relate to.  We need an organization that we can depend on in the event that we get in trouble. If a person is in a shipwreck, and he’s hanging on to a beam of wood in the ocean, and that beam of wood is cutting up into his armpits and he’s bleeding, and somebody comes along with a boat and he says, “Hey, man, that beam of wood is very oppressive to you; why don’t you let go of that?” but doesn’t offer you a way out, you’re not going to let go of that piece of wood.  But if he says, “Hey, man, that beam of wood’s oppressive; here, catch this ring, I’ll pull you onto my boat,” then he’ll let go and climb aboard.

It was the Republican Party of 1854-56 that fought the war to free the slaves; they did that.  They fought for us until 1887.  They abandoned us in 1887 to the Democrats.

President Ulysses S. Grant served from 1869 to 1877

What happened was Grant was president fro two terms after Johnson and Lincoln.  He wanted to get out, and the 1876 election was between Rutherford B. Hayes and Sam Tilden.  Hayes won the popular vote; Tilden won the Electoral College.  For four months, we did not have a president because no one knew how to resolve that issue.  One day, the Democrats said to the Republicans, “We will give you the electoral votes you need to keep the White House provided you remove the federal troops from the streets in black neighborhoods and send them back to their garrisons.”  So the Republicans said, “But what’s going to happen to the blacks?  Won’t they get oppressed, because that’s what the troops are there for because the people were upset about the war.”  The Democrats said, “Don’t worry; we know the neighbors; we’ve known them for 246 years.  We know each other.  Y’all don’t know them.  Trust us; we know our neighbors, and we’ll be kind, and that’s what they care about.”  So the Republicans turned their heads and said, “OK, we’ll make the deal,” and they did, and that’s when the Jim Crow laws came into effect.

We did not hear from the Republicans again until 1952, when Dwight David Eisenhower, who I think was the best president since Abraham Lincoln, got the Brown vs. Board of Education to desegregate schools and sent federal troops into Little Rock, AR – Bill Clinton’s high school – to allow black children to come to school.  He’s the one who sent federal marshals under cover to destroy the Ku Klux Klan.  He’s the one who wrote the initial 1964 Civil Rights Act, but the socialists and Democrats gutted it and put in the socialist points.

The Post & Email:  It was LBJ who said, “We’ll get these people voting Democrat for the next 200 years” after the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed.

Ted Hayes:  And what you find out is that everybody went for the Civil Rights Act because it had at its front integration and justice for blacks.  But nobody looked inside the packaging and saw the big-government, socialist welfare programs specifically designed to do what the KKK could not do for 100 and some years, to emasculate the black community of freed slaves.  And the Republicans knew this.  This is why Barry Goldwater is our hero, because he saw the socialist trick, and they labeled him a racist because they said he was saying “no” to integration.  But he was saying “no” to the socialist programs!

[Editor’s Note:  This interview will be continued in a follow-up article in the near future.]

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  1. These are excellent comments. I sure do hope that more folks will read what The Post and Email is publishing about the “Ted Hayes” brand on the Healing of America’s chattel slavery-race wound. Please see Heal America, The Movie on Facebook or You Tube.

    Thank you and Agape-Shalom~

  2. The infamous “they” do what they’ve always done: sell a book by its cover. Wrap up a bunch of hidden agendas, call it what it’s not, and market it for what it isn’t. And the lazy won’t bother to see what’s inside. I am not saying blacks are lazy; I am saying the massive majority of people, when it comes to voting, don’t bother to get past the cover. Obama’s ONLY qualification was his cover, a black skin (with nothing good inside).

  3. Just look at what the racist democrats have done to black America. LBJ’s war on poverty (an ongoing democrat theme), regardless of intentions (which I believe were cynically racist) has in fact been a war on black America. We have poured trillions into this faux war and to what result?

    Before LBJ’s racist “war on poverty black Americans” the illegitimacy rate of that segment of our population was low, almost as low as the rest of society. Today nearly three out of four black Americans are born and raised apart from their natural fathers. This has resulted in soaring, extremely disproportionate crime rates with many black Americans being little more than fatherless, feral, violent and dangerous amoral thugs. These are society’s weeds and parasites, sapping our resources, choking our productivity and creating chaos in our cities. It is a criminal shame, for which the democrats and their policies bear much responsibility.

    I place much of the blame for the systematic, institutionalized, targeted destruction of the black American family specifically on the ueber racist Lyndon Johnson. Not only did Johnson intend to ensure a steady supply of democrat voters by turning an entire segment of our population forever into government dependent entitlement zombies, but he did it in large part out of pure evil malice. I despise the man for launching the effective destruction of so many of my fellow countrymen.

    That stated, each among us carries personal responsibility for our own actions and being raised as a fatherless, feral thug is no excuse for criminal behavior. It actually is a kindness to apply the law fairly, but firmly without mercy in such cases.

    I want to see the tough love of the rule of law fairly, consistently and dependably enforced to help all our people to become better citizens. I want to see the stable, intact nuclear family become the norm again for all Americans. And like Martin Luther King, I want to see people judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

    Perhaps the only recent (putative) president in the same league as LBJ in terms of malice and racism would be aka obama, our current criminal identity fraud in chief.