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(May 8, 2015) — The warning went out, and it was heard by all far and wide. It wasn’t on the radio, and it wasn’t on the television. It happened during the 2009 Christmas season in one of our cities, maybe in every city, but I know of only one for sure. Muslim men attacked women who were wearing a cross around their necks. Women were punched, chains ripped from their necks, and, in at least one instance, a woman was kicked after being thrown to the floor in a popular shopping mall.

There were horror stories from Europe, Sweden in particular, where women who were wearing a cross were targeted and murdered.

The obvious solution (for the mall) was to make it a high crime for any Muslim to be within the borders of the USA, enter the parking lot, walk through the doors, or own shops and kiosks. But the mall owners couldn’t do any of the above, because the DOJ and the DHS kowtow to the invading Islamists, so Christian women refused to shop at a place where they didn’t feel safe and, because the women of the area no longer went there, neither did the men.

It was a beautiful mall, with multiple stories and adequate parking.  It was well-lit; there were no reports of purse-snatching; it had numerous anchor stores with everything in between, even a candle store. It was so busy that one had to search for a spot at the food court, even during the times between meals.

It took just two years for the mall to close its doors for good. Five hundred people were put out of work just because Muslims were offended by Christian women wearing the cross of Jesus Christ around their necks. Some of the know-it-all political pundits on television would’ve commented that it was the women’s fault that 500 people lost their jobs. After all, the women refused to cave in to the Muslims demands by refusing to not wear the cross.

Fast forward to today, 2015, and we have the same elephant in the room: Muslims making unreasonable demands on American citizens. Today’s argument is that lines of ink, paint or graphite, given a name (any name), can result in people becoming upset. Islam even goes to the extreme of banning and destroying any image of a human: there goes Michelangelo’s David and his Sistine Chapel ceiling, DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, and every other sculpture and painting in the world. Goodbye, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer, El Greco, Gilbert Stuart, Norman Rockwell and all the others. Let’s not forget the camera and the images, from the Civil War to 9-11.

So the current argument isn’t about calling lines (ink, paint, graphite) a particular name; the argument is whether the United States will bend and, therefore, accept Shariah Law and, by extension, willfully discard the Constitution and change the USA to an Islamic State.

Pamela Geller calling the submitted drawn lines (for her contest) a particular name was her exercising her First Amendment rights. All the power to her. She just as well could have called the drawings “A Human Being on a Sand Dune” or “Lines of Ink, Paint and Graphite.” The point is that there is no end to Sharia Law.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban outlawed all musical instruments: pianos were sledge-hammered, oboes stomped on. Imagine the works of Mozart, Debussy, Puccini and all the others destroyed forever. Girls who were caught with painted fingernails had their fingernails pulled out with pliers; a woman earning extra money by baking bread was thrown in her own oven and “cooked” alive until death.

The point is that there is no end to that which is permissible today being outlawed tomorrow: whatever the religious police demand. There is no recourse, no higher court than that of the religious police. Never.

In conclusion, this latest brouhaha isn’t about calling lines of ink, paint or graphite a particular name; it’s about yet another attack on our Constitution, the document that stands between us and savages, to put it bluntly. If they want to stay in their own country and practice their laws, all the power to them, but for them to come over to our country and get upset because we’re not buying into their way of life is over the edge, too much, and, by any applicable standard, nuts.

To those pundits who condemned Pamela Geller for doing what she did, what she does, and what she will do, is just acting like brainless pawns in service of the enemy.  They all should be ashamed of themselves and be made to apologize to Pamela, first, and to the rest of America, second.

Semper Fi


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  1. Excellent article. I am a loss to understand how this can be happening in our country. Why isn’t our Judeo-Christian heritage being defended by the majority of Americans who still believe in the core American values? It feels like we are just letting our country be destroyed and taken away from us, and we are apparently helpless to do anything about it. I admire Pam Geller for her courage and determination.

  2. When I was in VietNam, it was reported that burning the flag back home was a matter of “free speech”. So I wrote Mr. Nixon and told him that when I got back I would stomp the faces of those burning my flag and call it free speech. I received a very nice letter from the State Dept. saying my name was put on a “possible subversives” list.