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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

What has Obama’s “hope and change” wrought?

(May 7, 2015) — If we are to survive the Obama battering ram in “Obamastein’s” laboratory we must boldly hold onto the hand of God and remember who we are.  Obamastein has numerous laboratories designed to tear the heart and soul right out of America.  Body parts are everywhere.

Leadership in all arenas must find their voices now.  We must develop survival plans and not negotiate with the devil anymore.  It is time with our battered selves to rise up and walk out even if we have to search to find the door.

Common Core and Education Laboratory

Those who arrogantly and naively support the federally-imposed curriculum, Common Core, must wake up.  The Obama-Education laboratory is from the pit of hell.  Our children are being data-mined, dumbed-down to a ‘sustainable’  ‘worker blob’ achievement level – creating little ‘communist robots’ who will do what Government says.  Excellence, patriotism and spirituality are being body-slammed and demonized.

Children are being taught to be ashamed of being a sovereign American.  They are to only bow down to the international god, Obama, UN needs and mandates.  The real God of the Holy Bible is too judgmental, too holy, too into right and wrong to be revered and noticed, even though God built America.  Common Core will fix it.  God is to be whatever you make him or ‘her’ to be, but the Muslim Allah is preferred.

Once the Common Core laboratory pulls out a child’s patriotism, turns them into a sustainable drone and has them questioning everything their parents and God says, that is when the real fun starts.  Sex Ed for kiddies in Common Core involves gays visiting kindergarten classes in many places. Our children are swallowed up with porn books, porn ideas and porn photos, in between absurd assignments being thrown upon them.  One of these involved girls in a junior high class being forced to kiss another girl to empathize with being a lesbian.

Even a child referring to him or herself as a boy or girl is now rebuked many places.  “How do you know yet if you are a boy or girl?”  “Maybe you will feel differently as you experience more things.”  “How will you know unless you try it?”

Politicians and Priorities Laboratory

The political laboratory has just about driven us all over the edge.  Is there anyone ever who will run for office, state or federal, who will not get corrupted and succumb to ego and power issues?  We hope and we pray. Many of us practically throw in the towel thinking it is hopeless, but it is not.

We must have hope, focus and courage in the political arena.  Understand human nature, then study the available candidates running.  Get behind him or her that fits closest to the message of supporting freedom, Judeo-Christian values, defense of our country and borders, protection of babies and life and creation of opportunity for us all.

Get behind those who will undo Obamacare, restore freedom to the Internet, reduce our tax burden and undo Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders and mandates.  We must restore morality and truth in our schools, House, Senate and the White House, or we are completely finished.

Let us start by all of us leaving the Common Core – Obamastein Laboratory and Obamastein political compromise laboratory.  The only place America can find her freedom, power, achievement and position again is by remembering who we are, standing up and confronting the enemies of freedom and our traditions.  We must do this while holding onto the hand of almighty God.

Get out of the laboratory.

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