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(May 4, 2015) — It’s the stuff of science fiction: electrical impulses aimed at specific areas of the brain in order to achieve desired behavior. LGM (Little Green Men), the enemy of us Earthlings, attempting to implement total control over our thoughts and lives. “Step in front of the train,” “Pull the lever that will register however we want you to vote,” and “Expect Martial Law and be happy about the destruction of your country.”

Mind control, thought control: stealing the “free will” of an individual. Ray guns that place a certain idea inside a human brain. But it’s not fantasy: it’s happening now via your radio and television sets.

Factories where uncooperatives are sent to “Zapping Factories” (during World War II the Germans sent enemies of the Reich to death camps — factories that manufactured death, otherwise known as concentration camps: designed to murder people and dispose of their bodies in the most expeditious manner possible: ovens) is a possibility even in this day and age.

Peter crying wolf” in the desolate wasteland of the mainstream media gets no scrutiny, just as OPOVV crying about subliminal attacks via television and radio commercials on the unsuspecting American public gets no notice, discussion and, consequently, no awareness. Mute ALL commercials, at the minimum. The maximum would be to black out all commercials: hear AND see no evil.

The animal (subliminal information) has been let loose and is running around just itching to enter your brain without your knowledge. But that’s the whole point: infecting your thoughts with information that is designed to elicit a particular response by thought control.

The first known instance of subliminal advertising was at drive-in theaters where they would insert a couple of frames in the feature film of a picture of a box of popcorn, and it worked. As a matter of fact, it worked so well that they started to insert pictures of drinks and expensive boxes of candy. The idea then spilled over to neighborhood theaters.

Around this time the book “The Manchurian Candidate” came out, a story about a “brainwashed” American prisoner during the Korean War. He was returned to America so that he could be manipulated to do as he was told after seeing a certain sign, such as the Queen of Diamonds, and acting upon the subsequent instructions.

Advertisers push food chock-full of chemicals that cause the medical institutions guaranteed patients, which translates into an annuity. There are other signs in commercials that they try and put one over on us. A television commercial may have a lady wearing a hijab walking by in the background, as if Muslims in our country is an acceptable phenomenon: get used to it; Muslim actors and actresses passing themselves off as members of Western Civilization enjoying a backyard BBQ with a tub full of ice cold beer; a street party with actors and actresses covered in ink (tattoos — that may or not be real) that may show a graduate from prison or gang membership. These commercials are accompanied by a soundtrack (that is not consciously heard) that very well may be broadcasting the message that “Islam is Peace,” “Martial Law is Good,” and any other message that this government is trying to shove down our throats, such as the lie that Obama was born in Hawaii and, therefore, is constitutionally eligible).

So what do “they” want? Who are these “Theys?” LGM or agents of a government that represents neither the people nor the Constitution. For which agency do the government employees who insert these subliminal messages in commercials work? The NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, or are they directly attached to the White House and, consequently, under the supervision of the Muslim Brotherhood? I don’t know the answer, but then NEITHER DO YOU.

We do know that subliminal messaging is going on. We don’t know who is doing it, but we can certainly surmise as to the why: the acceptance of the takeover of our country and the steadfast belief in “The New World Order.”

How to prevent your brain from being invaded in the first place? Your ability to reason is your best defense. Your understanding that Islam is a political entity (not a religion) and that Muslims and Sharia Law are at diabolical odds with our Constitution. The belief as a Patriot and in the Second Amendment is the basic defense, as is accepting facts, such as Obama is an usurper de facto president, the biggest embarrassment this country has ever had.

Trust in the teachings of Jesus Christ and in America as being the “Beacon of Freedom” for the world and we’ll survive the attempted destruction of our way of life.

Semper Fi


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  1. I thought the FCC outlawed subliminal messaging a long time ago. Gosh, if you can’t trust your government, who can you trust?