by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), Co-Founder, CombatVeteransForCongress

(May 3, 2015) — America has a Judeo-Christian ethos; 90% of Americans believe in God, and 50% of them go to church and synagogue every week.  Christian members of the US military are wondering long and hard about joining and/or making the US Armed Forces a career. This concern by Christians to possibly avoid a US Armed Forces that oppresses Christians appears to fit in with Obama’s Social Experiment on Diversity in order to minimize Christian influence in the US military.  The Social Experiment On Diversity that has been changing the makeup of the US Armed Forces is seriously eroding unit cohesiveness, unit morale, and  the “combat-effectiveness” of the US military.

Chaplains are having their sermons and even the places where they are allowed to pray controlled and censored to be sure their statements are “politically-correct” and in keeping with what the Obama civilian appointees in DOD want them to say.  Chaplains have been prevented from reading letters from their Cardinals in the pulpit to their parishioners. They have been prevented from giving Bibles to patients in their hospital rooms.  Catholic chaplains who don’t believe in the use of birth control pills and abortion are prevented from preaching their religious beliefs in the pulpit.  Army Ranger Chaplain Joseph Lawton was punished and served with a “Letter of Concern” for referring to solace and comfort he receives in his darkest moments by reading the Psalms of King David in the Old Testament of the Bible while conducting a suicide prevention seminar for combat veterans suffering from PTSD.

The Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law, has been violated and disobeyed by Obama and Holder without repealing it.  Chaplains who support that law because of their religious beliefs have been discriminated against.  Obama’s civilian DOD appointees have been intolerant toward chaplains who do not believe in same-sex marriage, supposedly in the defense of tolerance, to make them comply, which is not only hypocritical, but also bigoted.  So if a chaplain’s well-held religious beliefs don’t allow him to support same-sex marriage, he is threatened with career-ending punishment which would result in his failure to be promoted and/or would result in his removal from the US Armed Forces.  Chaplains and Christians who agree with their chaplains’ beliefs have been discriminated against and oppressed by the civilian appointees of the Obama administration at DOD.

Military personnel are prevented from having Bibles at their desks in their workplace, and military base commanders have been instructed not to allow Bibles to be placed in base hotel rooms.

Open homosexuality in the US Armed Forces has been approved by Obama’s executive orders in a major “CHANGE” to General George Washington’s 238-year-old US military regulations.   Last year, because of that “CHANGE,” the US Armed Forces authorized the recruiting of a large influx of gay males and women to join the US military for the first time in US history.  Last year 10,400 straight members of the US Armed Forces were sexually assaulted in their barracks and aboard their ships.  The Navy has had straight female enlisted women sexually assaulted in their barracks and aboard their ships by lesbian crew members; and nearly 9, 000 female members of the US Armed Forces were sexually assaulted last year.

Gay rights political events and gatherings are now being held on US military bases and in the Pentagon in violation of US military regulations which prohibit political events of any kind.  US Military color guards and military personnel in uniform are now being ordered to march in gay rights parades (a political event) in violation of US military regulations, while at the same time, members of the US Armed Forces have been prevented from attending Christian events in their uniforms.

In 2014, at the Iron Mountain VA Hospital in Wisconsin, Chaplain Bob Mueller relayed an unsettling experience in a conversation he had with one of Obama’s civilian appointees in the Veterans Administration when he said, “A couple of months ago, an order came down from Washington, DC to all Chaplains in VA Hospitals across the nation, ordering them to cover all icons associated with Christianity in VA Hospitals, like photos of Christ, crosses, and stained glass windows, because there are Christian symbols in stained glass.” Chaplain Mueller was told to “stop talking about Jesus, and to stop reading the scripture out loud.”  He said that the Obama administration has issued the same orders “to cover all things associated with Christianity” to all VA Chapels across the country.”  Clicking on the link below will verify Chaplain Mueller’s report:


The Flag and General Officer, who have always practiced and supported Judeo-Christian ethics, who opposed the hollowing out of the US Armed Forces and policies that degraded the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US military by the occupant in the Oval Office, have been systematically eliminated over the last six years.  A total of 195 Flag, General, and Senior Military Officers who disagreed with Obama’s “politically-correct” destructive military policies and his executive order that changed the US Military into the first major military force in the world that accepts openly gay people, have been purged by General Dempsey.  Those who remain have been conditioned not to defend Christianity.  Those 195 purged Senior Officers would have opposed the ongoing attack on Christians in the US Armed Forces, but they are no longer there to defend the chaplains and the enlisted Christian personnel.  Senior enlisted military personnel who also practiced and supported Judeo-Christian ethics and disagreed with an openly gay military tried to utilize their right to complain through the chain of command and to express their concerns about the “Social Experiment on Diversity” have also been purged, and in some cases have been court-martialed and dishonorably discharged.

Although the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution guarantee freedom of religion, Christian members of the US Armed Forces have had their religious rights systematically violated and oppressed.  The suppression of Christianity in the US Armed Forces is triggering an exodus from the US military of many Christians who wanted to make the US military a career when they joined.  After their first tour of duty, while witnessing how chaplains and their Christian religious beliefs were oppressed, they have turned against making the US Armed Forces a career.  The elimination from the ranks of thousands of Christian personnel from the US Armed Forces with their deeply-held religious beliefs and ethics and their replacement with personnel with a different set of beliefs in keeping with Obama’s tenets will change the nature of the US Armed Forces.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt              USN(Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108

Fax: (619) 220-0109


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  1. Obama is a Muslim Supremacist. It is part of the Islamic agenda to eliminate Christianity and Judaism as well as other non-Islamic Religions. Obama’s agenda is the same. Obama is a traitor and a spy, a usurper and a fraud. WE MUST Trust in God and we MUST defend our Judeo-Christian foundations. It is a moral imperative and it MUST BE DONE. God will help us if we Pray.