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by Sharon Rondeau

Ted Hayes has run for office twice and seeks to unite all Americans against racism and what he sees as the destruction of the country by an invasion of illegal aliens, particularly in black neighborhoods

(May 2, 2015) — On Friday, The Post & Email spoke with Ted Hayes, a Los Angeles civil rights activist who believes that blacks should take responsibility for their own actions rather than provoke police to confrontations and possibly their own deaths.

Hayes has his own Wikipedia page and a long history of advocating for the homeless and for and end to the influx of illegal aliens into the United States.  He contends that “black lives matter,” invoking a slogan which emanated from the protests arising from the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO last August, although utilizing it differently.

In an interview in March, Hayes told The Post & Email that he believes he can be the “alternative voice to Al Sharpton” to bring America to “a place of peace.”

Since last weekend, the city of Baltimore, MD has been reeling from fires, destruction of private property, looting and general mayhem following the death of a young black man, Freddie Gray, in police custody on April 18.  In announcing Gray’s death on and an investigation to be launched on April 18, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said that city officials are “committed to transparency” in a video which appears with a whitehouse.gov watermark.

Gray was arrested on April 12 after reportedly running away from police after being sought for possessing what was first termed a switchblade and later a legal knife, according to ABC News.  At some point after his arrest, Gray sustained a spinal cord injury, the origin of which has not been determined.

On April 21, The Baltimore Sun reported that “Spinal injuries such as those that led to Freddie Gray‘s death while in police custody require ‘significant force’ akin to the impact from a car accident and can fatally impair the body’s ability to regulate blood flow and breathing, according to medical experts.”

Gray’s funeral was held on Monday amongst growing threats made against police officers.  By Wednesday, “at least 20 officers” had been injured from rocks, bottles and fires which were set.  The destruction of stores and other property is shown in graphic detail at the UK Daily Mail.

On Thursday, Al Sharpton, who advises the Obama regime on “race relations,” spoke in Baltimore around the theme of “No Justice, No Peace.”  Rawlings-Blake also spoke at the event.

Rawlings-Blake reportedly issued a stand-down order to police to allow “space to those who wished to destroy.” “It’s only property,” she said in response to the destruction of private businesses, police cars, and a new nursing home which was about to open.  Various news sources, citing insider reports, have stated Rawlings-Blake issued a “stand-down” order to the Baltimore Police Department as looters, arsonists and rock-throwers continued their destruction of West Baltimore begun last Saturday.

Many businessowners who “lost everything” to the mobs’ destruction are immigrants to the U.S. The Obama regime has established a task force on “welcoming communities” for immigrants and refugees as discussed on three conference calls early this year to which Hayes and colleague Susan Payne listened.

Early on Friday afternoon, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby declared that the investigation into Gray’s death led to the conclusion that it was a homicide.  Six police officers have been charged with a variety of violations including assault, manslaughter, “misconduct in office,” and for Gray’s “false imprisonment.”

Mosby, who is also black and whose family has deep roots in law enforcement, decried public servants who “usurp their authority.”

Three of the officers are black, including the one female member of the police force who was charged.

U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, whose district includes Baltimore, condemned the violent “criminal” acts committed by protesters, blaming “austerity” for a lack of resources which he indicated might have precluded the “militarized zone” which Baltimore has become.

Rawlings-Blake did not immediately call for National Guard backup, according to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who said he was unable to reach her for “quite some time.”

Hayes termed the behavior of those who wreaked destruction on Baltimore as seeking “a Disneyland opportunity.  A lot of young people are able to find outlets; these have not found those kinds of outlets,” he said.

He continued:

Also what’s interesting is the number of young white people getting involved; they’re outnumbering the blacks, in fact.  I look at all of that with a very positive view.  It’s tailor-made for what the Lord has granted to me to present to the world.  What I have to say could not have been said years ago; it was too far ahead, but now the world is catching up to it.  I see an opportunity, because these young people are the Wall Street kids.  I was out there watching “Occupy” in Los Angeles.  When I spoke, they welcomed me because I was saying things in a way that they had not heard before which gave them hope.

The real tragedy, though, is the leadership: the African-American leadership.  That is the real tragedy.  The elected officials to the city officials to the police to most, importantly, not the parents – I’ll give the parents a little pass on this one – but most importantly, the clergy.  They are the worst.  They are worse than the politicians, frankly, because they are the ones who are supposed to understand human nature, being servants of God; they are the ones who should be explaining civility and how to have power to be civil even though you may not have a job; even though there are oppressive police in your face, there is a way to survive.

So you see them out there now calling for calm. “Wait a minute, pastor.  You’re the ones who allowed this to happen; now you’re going to go call for calm?  It’s as though you incited this.”

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a recipient of the Black Pride “ICON” Award.

I believe that the mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, needs to be arrested, indicted and prosecuted to the full extent of the law; no mercy.  Why do I say that?  Because she did something that if I would have done it, if you would have done it, you would go to jail for it.

 What is that?  She incited a riot. How did she incite a riot?  On Saturday, she told those young people and the world, “Some people need to destroy, so we’re going to give them space to destroy.”  That was an executive order coming from the mayor’s office saying, “Go out there in the name of the government of the people and tear up the people’s property because you are so upset at a perceived injustice.”  And then what happened?  They took one day to think about it, and on Monday morning, they burned the CVS down in the name of Freddie Gray. On Monday night, they tore up the town.  The mayor must take responsibility for this.

[Editor’s Note:  NBC News provides a link to Rawlings-Blake’s Facebook page, where she apparently issued a “clarification” of her remark about providing “space to those who wished to destroy.”  No such clarification appears on the City of Baltimore’s website, which includes the announcement that May is “Community Action Month.]

On top of that, maybe they would have done it anyway, but that’s not the point.  She showed indiscretion; she showed weakness and indiscipline; she showed fear.  One day she says these people are “thugs,” then she backs off of that.  Next thing she tells them to go and tear everything up, and then we find out that she told the police to “stand down.”  So she needs to be prosecuted.

Therefore, the other powerful black woman in Maryland, the state’s attorney for the city of Baltimore, needs to prosecute.  If you’re going to go after six officers for their role, she also needs to go after the mayor for her role.

Thirdly, the other black woman, now the U.S. attorney general (Loretta Lynch):  if the Justice Department is going to investigate the Ferguson Police Department and city government, then they need to investigate the city council and the mayor’s office of Baltimore, MD.  They also need to examine this the motives of young black people.  The issue obviously is really not Freddie; they have totally disrespected Freddie’s parents.  Nobody is suffering about Freddie’s death more than his family, and his family asked those young people, “Would you please not do violence?  This is disrespectful to Freddie.”  What did they do?  They behaved like the thugs that they are, the disobedient-to-parents that they are, the very reason why the police have to be in the neighborhood.  They disobeyed and tore everything up anyway.

The federal government and police are looking for why so many black people in Baltimore are in the condition they are in and growing worse.  What is that?  Is it the Republicans?  No.  Who is it?  Democrats.  And you know what?  Those Democrats who run the city…the mayor is black.  Of 15 council members, only four are white, and only three are white men. The police chief is black; 42% of the police department is black.  What is going on here, black Baltimore?  If black lives matter, why did you wait now to come out and talk about it?  If black lives matter, why didn’t you fix this decades ago, Democrats?

I’ve put together a petition with a couple of people down in Phoenix calling for the arrest, indictment and prosecution of the mayor of Baltimore.  If we’re going to prosecute the six officers, and rightly so -, prosecute the officers if that’s what you’re going to do – but the mayor has a responsibility as well in all of this.  And if they don’t like what happens, then the pastors, the council members, the black people, and this mayor need to have systematic, consistent programs that explain to black lives, “If you don’t want the police doing you harm, don’t do the things that draw their attention.  If they ask you to stop, stop.  Don’t give them a lot of mouth.  Do what they tell you to do, because you could die.  The worst that can happen to you if you obey is you go to jail, but you’re not going to be dead; you’re not going to upset your family and the neighborhood and the whole country.”  That’s what they should be teaching.

They should also be teaching, “If you don’t like police in the neighborhood, stop destroying black lives in the neighborhood, and the police will not come.  It’s on you.”  And they say, “We’re upset because we look for the police to defend us and protect us and treat us fair…” Defend you and protect you and treat you fair from whom?  Those guys like Freddie Gray, standing around on street corners, hanging out or selling crack, scaring people’s children, being bad examples and influences on other people’s children…These are the guys who break into houses and homes.

There’s another petition we’re going to put out.  This one says, “Black Lives Matter:  Firehouse Policing.”  What it’s saying is that there will be no more police in the neighborhood.  All police must leave the community; they do not patrol any more; they operate like fire departments, coming when they’re called.  And when they’re called, the dispatcher has to know the skin color, the race of the alleged perpetrator, and they have to also know the shade of the skin color if he’s a black person.  Then, only a black police officer can answer the call; no Hispanic, because they’re white; no Caucasians or white people; no Asians, only a black officer.  Also, the officer can’t be a light-skinned officer if the assailant is dark-skinned, because there’s a problem between light-skinned and dark-skinned blacks.  There’s a problem between us; they don’t like each other.  That’s one of the big secrets of the black community that they don’t tell you about.  This has been going on since the slave-quarter days.

The Post & Email then commented, “I remember reading about ‘octaroons’ and ‘quadroons’ in Gone With the Wind.”

Yes, ma’am.  It’s real.  It’s still going on today.  This is why black women wear those fake wigs.  The point is that if there is no officer who can meet the qualifications to deal with a black assailant at this time, they’re just going to have to wait, because we don’t want to offend you.  If there’s something wrong in the neighborhood, you-all get the drug dealers off the sidewalks.  You-all catch these guys who break into your homes and steal your property so they can go buy drugs.  You-all go take the guns out of the thugs’ hands who shoot little kids by accident because they don’t know how to shoot right.  You-all go and deal with these things.  You don’t need the police; police are racist.  They hate you.

You see, it will take very few people to start a petition across the country, because most black people, including the “thugs” people, need the police, and they know it.  The reason they pick off the police is that they are an easy target, but they are taking their frustration out on the wrong people.  They need to focus their frustration on the African-American leadership.  And that is where I will take this thing if God gives me the platform.  That’s what I’ve been thinking about this week.


Update, 10:28 p.m. EDT:  Hayes will be a guest on the Mark Isler Show on KRLA AM 870 at 10:00 p.m. PDT on Saturday evening.  Click the “Listen Live” button to tune in.

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  1. As a second comment-many of the Veterans I served with were of all races and colors. I knew too many good black men that were honorable and never associated them with being like anyone of these people we have seen lately that are disgracing the good people in the black community. I have always respected all the great black members of America that have given so much in all areas of music, entertainment, comedy, acting, sports business and all the areas that have added to America’s diverse talent and amazing ability. Most black friends that I have known have stated over and over that most of the problems in the Black Community come from within the Black Community, then from the outside. There are more opportunities for everyone and people of color today in America. Our Military has always been a place where you don’t have to be rich or privileged to get ahead and change your life. You just have to want to do it and overcome the obstacles that everyone has to deal with. It is never easy but with persistence, you can achieve things you never though possible. Jobs are not there for many people and the market is dead in many areas but there are jobs out there that require effort to get- you can’t give up. Obama will be out soon and hopefully Democrats will be lining up for prosecution when RNC members might force Criminal Presentments to be allowed in the courts again to see Discovery and achieve sentence for criminal DNC activity.

  2. Most of this was staged by DNC Operatives but we now see the explosion of token minority blacks who are pushing the entitlement DNC agenda and we will continue to see more and more. If “blacks” are the subject, just as “whites”, we have to determine what the “subject” really is about. Many blacks complain about not having the same opportunity as “privileged whites”- I am white and don’t have the same opportunity as “privileged whites” either! Nor do I have the same opportunity as “privileged blacks” that have money either. These people assume with tunnel vision, everything here is about them-who ever they are. We see minds of jealous children in adults and their children-since I see the same thinking in whites as in blacks. Why aren’t these black complaining about all the black celebrities, sports players, businessmen, military retirees that are black that have “all the opportunity”? These people all earned their “opportunity” one way or the other black or white. What about the children of those wealthy black families-should all the black and white people dislike them also? If you don’t like your situation-be intelligent enough to try to change it-move to another area, take college courses, learn a trade, change your thinking and lifestyle patterns, read and study in a library that can reveal enough to change your life-why not read the Bible! It is better than any other book you can find and it will change your life if you believe in Yashua/Jesus as the Messia-he is the only one that left the grave with Roman guards standing 24/7 watch over the one way out tomb. All the other “world heroes” are still in the ground. America is under siege by Black Power and Muslim Brokers and Jarrett/Holder/Obama who are all Muslim agenda Arab/Black/Marxist, will not stop. Working with Ayers, Axelrod, Newman, Dorhn and others who were all radical white Marxists from the 60’s, Black Muslim/Black Panther radical will continue to operate in the shadows to damage America and parasite from the damage and destruction that is being done by Sharpton/Jackson/Rangel and other black radicals that are materialist Democrats that will stop at nothing to get as much as possible with the least.

  3. Just look at what the racist democrats have done to black America. LBJ’s war on poverty (an ongoing democrat theme), regardless of intentions (which I believe were cynically racist) has in fact been a war on black America. We have poured trillions into this faux war and to what result?

    Before LBJ’s racist “war on poverty black Americans” the illegitimacy rate of that segment of our population was low, almost as low as the rest of society. Today nearly three out of four black Americans are born and raised apart from their natural fathers. This has resulted in soaring, extremely disproportionate crime rates with many black Americans being little more than fatherless, feral, violent and dangerous amoral thugs. These are society’s weeds and parasites, sapping our resources, choking our productivity and creating chaos in our cities. It is a criminal shame, for which the democrats and their policies bear much responsibility.

    I place much of the blame for the systematic, institutionalized, targeted destruction of the black American family specifically on the ueber racist Lyndon Johnson. Not only did Johnson intend to ensure a steady supply of democrat voters by turning an entire segment of our population forever into government dependent entitlement zombies, but he did it in large part out of pure evil malice. I despise the man for launching the effective destruction of so many of my fellow countrymen.

    That stated, each among us carries personal responsibility for our own actions and being raised as a fatherless, feral thug is no excuse for criminal behavior. It actually is a kindness to apply the law fairly, but firmly without mercy in such cases.

    I want to see the tough love of the rule of law fairly, consistently and dependably enforced to help all people to become better citizens. I want to see the stable, intact nuclear family become the norm again for all Americans. And like Martin Luther King, I want to see people judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

    Perhaps the only recent (putative) president in the same league as LBJ in terms of malice and racism would be aka obama, our current criminal identity fraud in chief.