by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

(May 1, 2015) — We wait on the sidelines aware of the moral and legal tsunami ready to hit America upside the head with the ‘mandated gay marriage’ ruling the Supreme Court is wrestling through now.  If they rule for mandated gay marriage in all 50 states, expect a related war on 1st amendment rights, conservative blogs, radio shows, Christian leaders, pastors and organizations. Free speech will be a thing of the past as it almost is now.  Anyone who stands up for marriage between a man and a woman and dares open his mouth will be targeted, perhaps with IRS audits, threats, fines and arrests.  Get ready.

Christian leadership, pastors and groups threaten to ‘disobey’ a ruling like this.  Do they have the backbone to be like a Dietrich Bonhoeffer as in Nazi Germany and take dangerous stands, even if it means jail time or career damage?  We shall see.

The truth is, God defined what marriage was as reflected in the Holy Bible, not Republicans, Democrats, Obama, gays or the Supreme Court.  So we had better decide in our own lives, and soon, who our God is and what we believe and will stand for.  Otherwise, just join the ‘words only’ Christians and sell out with the rest.

If the conservatives and Christians win and the Supreme court votes for marriage between a man and a woman, expect the left to give birth to moose and turkeys out of rage and frustration.  There will be martyr and civil rights screams of distortion everywhere as Christians are targeted and set up everywhere.

It is time to really pray for our nation, the Supreme Court to rule right and for courage to stand for what is right.  You can listen live to my show from 10: AM- 1:00 PM PST at  or listen later to show archives.



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