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(May 1, 2015) — Citizens for the Constitution … and for Peace of Mind and Good Health:

If you haven’t yet taken the steps necessary to have your ‘Smart Meter’ removed (~50% of homes & businesses in North America have them), then you haven’t been paying attention to the invasion against your so-called rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Ours was installed (without our knowledge) over 5 years ago, in December 2009, and we had it removed over 2 years ago, on November 26, 2012, at a cost of $75 plus a monthly ‘meter reading’ fee of $10/mo, which we paid under protest.  A small investment indeed towards our own good health and peace of mind.

Read the article below and weep … and then take action if you already haven’t.

In Liberty, Truth, and Good Health.

Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution


P.S. There are methods to shield your ‘smart meter’ so you don’t get the EMF radiation, but that does nothing towards shielding you from the fire danger, false billings, and the invasion of your Constitutionally guaranteed rights to be ‘secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures’! (Amendment IV to the Constitution for the United States of America)


By Josh del Sol, filmmaker and rights advocate
Take Back Your Power  April 28, 2015  NewsWithViews.com

So-named “smart” meters constitute the basis of the current version of a “smart” grid – which is being rolled out in all western nations. Also referred to by utilities as “AMI”, “advanced”, “modernized”, or “automated” meters, they are chiefly data-capturing and 2-way wireless communications devices, which also have the ability to meter your utility usage (electricity, water or gas).

A vast array of personal information can be harvested on your in-home activities, and then transmitted to corporations and governments in hackable, low-level microwave radiation bursts. Approximately 50% of homes and businesses in North America now have a “smart” electricity meter attached.

Read the rest here.

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