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(Apr. 26, 2015) — Below this message to you is a letter to lawmakers [already delivered]: It went to every Senator and Assemblyman. It makes it clear that WE are NOT discouraged (it is hereby requested that everyone send a similar message – thank you).

Discouraged – HA – NO WAY:  As a matter of fact, April 22 was very encouraging. WE made significant gains that will soon be realized. WE are working on a full report which will clarify the complete achievements to YOU – stay tuned.

The people who were in Albany that day ARE inspired – I hope you will be too. The naysayers are shrinking – Believers growing. Hope YOU are ready – lots of work to do – Don’t Quit – Don’t Back Down. Spread the word to EVERYONE – WE are Right – They are wrong – and WE are going to prove it.

In the last couple of years WE made a mark that won’t soon be forgotten. The mark WE make now will NEVER be forgotten. Call your friends and tell them – ask them to join US in an exciting adventure. Win or lose – Albany will never be the same – bet on it!!!!!!

Minutemen Went To Albany – And WE WILL Go Again !!!

Please Note: WE should think in “Minuteman” terms from now until June. The Codes Committee meeting required “Minuteman Action” – 5 days is all we had to prepare and be there. There will be more. It is also likely there will be an Albany rally or “other” Albany “action” that will call for short notice. We sure hope everyone understands the need for speed – and hope most can and will participate.

WE MUST KEEP PUSHING: Please keep contacting all legislators by phone, fax, email, snail mail. Send facts, stats and opinions – anything to keep them thinking on FULL Repeal of the Safe Act. Make OUR issue the #1 priority.

To the 206 people that came to Albany – to the hundreds who tried to make it – to the tens of thousands who were there in spirit – to the millions who want US to succeed – THANK YOU – God Bless YOU.

Keep Pushing


OUR Grassroots Coalition is tens of thousands strong. We motivate and inform through FREE Email only. We share inspiration, ideas, suggestions and worthy events – but NEVER YOUR email address.

Join US by emailing albel1@aol.com ……….”Sign Me Up”

Email Sent to all legislators (please send them others )

Subject box [Info Report Request]

NOTE: Response Requested [Al Belardinelli – albel1@aol.com]

Regarding: Assembly Codes Committee Meeting of April 22, 2015

Subject: Tenney/Katz bills for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act.

On April 22, 2015, 206 citizens made a “Minuteman” journey to Albany – only 5 days to prepare. These 206 people were representatives from every portion of New York – perhaps every district. Each one of these people represented thousands more – perhaps even more. All 206 are hardworking, taxpaying, registered voters representing the same. Each lost pay and received no reward whatsoever.

The group was united purely by their desire for justice – no “organization” – no “leader.”  The effort wasn’t about politicians, electing people, political parties, unions, or any other organization. There was no “side message” to promote any person or agenda. This was pure – it was people – just plain folks with a clear message of dissatisfaction.

The hopes of the group was that such an impressive showing of citizens would persuade the elected to act on behalf of the people – advance FULL Repeal of the Safe Act to the floor of the Assembly for debate and a vote. Such a simple and unencumbered action would be reasonable and appropriate.

The result: Corrupted government maintained its unbridled, arrogant, misinformed, delusional stance. They were derelict of duty and gave no consideration whatsoever to the evidence before them. Two hundred six citizens witnessed the total dysfunction of an arrogant, out-of-control government – children at play – no reasoning power whatsoever.  Sixty-two bills – WOW – went sailing through with indignity. Amazing – business as usual for Albany. New York puts out 10,000 bills and regulations a year, more than ten other states combined. No one outside of Albany’s halls thinks that shows intelligence or good governance. Everyone knows it is insanity – massive corruption – organized crime – indecency to mankind.

Message for the few decent lawmakers in Albany: Don’t despair – WE Will NOT Quit – WE Will NOT Back Down – WE WILL continue on. WE are learning “the process” and growing OUR ranks – be sure – WE WILL PREVAIL!!!!!

Suggestion:  Listen to OUR “plan” – turn a liability into an asset – enact OUR “plan” – let’s move on!

BTW – do YOU, fellow “lawmaker,” know what the plan is? Read the literature WE hand-delivered to YOUR office. Need more info? Email albel1@aol.com.

Hear Ye – Hear Ye – the Safe Act MUST be Repealed and “plan” enacted before June 17, 2015.

See you in Albany – soon

Response requested

NY Citizen Coalition


Speaker Denver Jones

·        Safe Act Report

·        FREE Committeeman Project

For 2 1/2 years a loyal group of people have fought the tyranny of a lawless government.

Where WE’ve Been – Where WE are – Where are WE going with OUR Efforts ????
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ALBANY: On April 22, 2015 WE etched a mark in history. It wasn’t about politicians, electing people, political parties, unions, or any other organization. There was no “side message” to promote any person or agenda. This was pure – it was people – just plain folks with a clear message of dissatisfaction…………..

To be continued.


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