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by OPOVV, ©2015

Has a new world war descended on the Middle East? Is the U.S. “leading from behind” as Christians are slaughtered by Muslims?

(Apr. 19, 2015) — There are but two sides, and the demarcation between the two is as wide as the distance between the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies; from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River; and from the belief in the individual as a State unto itself to a mere cog-of-a-slave of a State government. Either one or the other: a belief in “Free Will” or the belief in “The State” as doing any and all intellectual exercises for (some would say “to”) the individual.

Each of us is an unique island of past experiences which has molded us to what we perceive ourselves to have become. Our concepts of what is “right” and what is “wrong” have been, for most part, taught within the confines of the State.

Some States have no barriers on the restrictions of thought, and those places are ripe with intellectual curiosity, for the gauge of a country’s freedom is the variety of its diversity. Such places have the freedom of belief as expressed by the unrestricted access to works of art through paintings, architecture, statues, and books (libraries): different ways of looking at the same human condition, perhaps, and then perhaps exploring new and radical thoughts and ways of looking at the same stimulus but reaching different and, perhaps, opposing conclusions.

Discourse is the preferred weapon of civilized cultures; violence is a symptom of a failed education, unless, of course, it was the State’s original intention to produce little Adolfs; little Hitlers; little Brown Shirts; little Nazis; little PLO soldiers; in other words, a generation of mindless robots unable to determine right from wrong because all possible empathy has been sucked from their lexicon: they know not the word and, henceforth, are unable to articulate any barrier from, for instance, throwing a baby in the air and catching it with their bayonet.

What the world witnessed during World War II, in the 1930s and ’40s, came around again in the Killing Fields of Cambodia in the 1970s and is yet again raising its ugly head in the beginning of the current millennium. An army, millions strong, that does not recognize rational thought, abhors reason, and fears facts.

The numbers of humans who have experienced war first-hand are astounding, as is the astounding number of humans who believe that reason will prevail, that negotiations are the key to salvation, and that the simple belief in the good of mankind will prevail over evil.

It is not that “it is too bad” or “a shame” or just “unlucky” that evil cannot be wished away by hope and prayers: it’s just the way it is.

Intellectual exercises will take one only so far. Take, for instance, a pitcher throwing a baseball to the catcher. The exercise is to halve the distance the ball travels to the catcher. According to our parameters, the baseball will never reach the catcher’s mitt: any distance left must be halved yet again, and again, and again. Yet the catcher does catch the baseball, and it happens thousands of times a day.

To extrapolate our example, we can talk to our enemy until eternity, try and show him the folly of his ways, and it will be we who have talked ourselves to death: it will be we who have lost. There comes a time when the motions of agreement are for naught, and that time has come.

For thousands of years the Middle East has benefited from Christian communities, but, over the last six, Christians are being systematically exterminated.

The Germans constructed “Factories of Death” such as Chelmno and Treblinka, but today we see all of the Middle East and Europe becoming one big “Factory of Death,” and the United States is right behind them by welcoming the enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, as one example, among us.  The time for talk, for examination, and for reason IS OVER.

Either we understand that there is no possible “dialog” or “common ground” with Islam, or we might as well consider ourselves lost in space and wait around to get pushed into the abyss by the State that failed to protect us from enemies, “both foreign and domestic.”

Semper Fi


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  1. Compartmentalization. THAT is the fallacy most people are operating under. NO-one able to connect ALL of the dots. Or, very few, anyway.

    There is absolutely NO WAY to mobilize a mass resistance and effect any real and meaningful change without some kind of massive catalyst and unfortunately, when and if THAT were to happen, whatever it might turn out to be, the corporate globalists are well and ready to step right in with their well trained and well armed police state, which, by the way, is operated and enforced by the very people whom the globalists wish to oppress and crush ie, the slaves, otherwise known as Human Resources.

    Quite the dichotomy we have here, hmm? And quite the lemming population.

    What is the difference between Personnel and Human Resources? Semantics? And just WHEN did Personnel get changed to Human Resources? And why?

    1. Oh, and, yep! I agree wholeheartedly:

      [Either we understand that there is no possible “dialog” or “common ground” with Islam, or we might as well consider ourselves lost in space and wait around to get pushed into the abyss by the State that failed to protect us from enemies, “both foreign and domestic.”]

      “The State”, as we know it today, is an abomination! Unfortunately, the precautions the founding fathers included in the Constitution failed to protect from the corrupting and twisting of everything they held dear by those who want to control everything. Those who arrogantly deem themselves the only purveyors of wisdom and justice, therewith making it their RIGHT to “rule” the unwashed masses.

      Such a shame the original 13th Amendment was surreptitiously removed. You know, the one banning “titles of nobility” ie attorneys.

      1. Dear TalkingMonkeyNOT,
        ’Tis the ones that know not Freedom or Liberty, until they are abruptly taken away and then they, the ignorant masses, the government employees and those who cried, “We won! You lost!”, become the loudest voices crying for the means to secure what was lost, only to discover that their neighbor’s guns have been confiscated and those who may have protected and saved them can’t.
        The problem is one of “You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink”; we point out facts that are so obvious as to hurt, but if the blind, dumb, ignorant, brainwashed, easily led, and non-educated masses fail to read a book, ANY BOOK, since the day they left any semblance of a formal education, the hell with them.
        We can only do so much. The problem is, of course, we actually need these miscreants on our side but it’s all been a waste of time.
        There were, you know, those who, as they were being herded into the “showers” (gas chambers at the Nazi concentration camps), still believed in the “fairness” of the Third Reich and in the “inherent goodness” of mankind.
        Try telling that to those young Christian children that are being tortured and murdered by the Muslims in the Middle East today, even as I write these words and you read them, and if they could do the same here and get away with it they would.
        In a heartbeat.
        In a New York minute.
        When I ran for president my VP was a great guy, but he died. Consider being a VP, but with no pay and no vacations: just too damn much work to do and so little time.
        None of us can foretell the future, but luck comes to those who are prepared.
        Think about it, but not just TalkingMonkeyNOT, any of you in our group.
        The enemy is killing in the name of whatever; we should reciprocate in the name of humanity.

  2. Let’s form a committee to study it. 535 members of this committee have studied it and decided to assign the problem to numerous sub-committees to study. And finally, it boils down to Trey Gowdy, and now he’s studying it. The wheels of government turn slowly. And Nero fiddled while Rome burned. There is absolutely no rationale whatsoever in trying to get the “representatives of the people” to do anything more than “study” it. Gee, I wonder what that big mushroom cloud is. Probably should get a committee together to study it.

    1. Hey Stephen,
      True story:
      One summer, during my college days, I decided to work for a company selling burglar alarms.
      8 am Monday morning in the conference room at the main office: meeting to schedule when the next meeting would take place, usually it was decided for a Weds. morning but, wait!, we need a meeting on Tuesday to decide on the donuts: where from and whose turn it is to go for them.
      9 am Tuesday morning in the conference room to decide on the donuts and who gets them for the Big Meeting on Wednesday morning.
      10 am Wednesday morning in the conference room. First order of business was to finalize the time and location of the meeting for Monday morning.
      Drove me bananas, especially when I attempted to voice my opposition to all of the time devoted to “A complete waste of time, you idiots!”
      Might as well been talking to the cat.
      Same goes for Trey Gowdy. He may be fooling some of the people, but not me, or you, and probably a lot of other people are not buying the “excuses” and the “reasons” why these “investigative committees” take so much time.
      Couple of editorials ago I suggested tying the “defendants” to an ant hill and then ask the questions.
      As a voter, I am leaning to my method of conducting these committee hearings.
      Thanks for the comment.