by Sharon Rondeau

The Obama regime has presided over a dramatically lower deportation rate for illegal aliens and has proposed “executive actions” to allow millions to remain in the country for three-year periods.

(Apr. 16, 2015) — Advocate of secure borders Ted Hayes told The Post & Email that he believes that the American Civil War “never ended” over the issue of slavery.

Hayes, who is a black American, has studied our founding documents extensively and concluded that the conflict over slavery which existed upon the signing of the Declaration of Independence and caused the Civil War continues to threaten the nation today.

In an earlier interview, Hayes told The Post & Email that under the guise of “civil rights,” Americans have accepted guilt for attempting to enforce the borders and turn away illegal aliens as well as provide sanctuary for those already here.

When The Post & Email asked if there will be another civil war, Hayes responded, “No, we’re already in a civil war.  It never ended, and this is what God is trying to tell us.  Both sides have forgotten two things:  black lives matter.  Proof positive.  The man who is about to take the country down is what?  Supposedly one of us…a black guy in the White House.  That is poetic justice.  And it’s not just poetic justice on the divided white Americans, and a house divided against itself, but it’s also poetic justice on us black folks, too.”

Hayes has a plan which he believes will restore and strengthen the concept of American exceptionalism by ultimately returning illegal aliens to their home countries in order to emulate and instill American values there.  He believes that Obama is allowing and furthering the presence of illegal aliens in the U.S. to use them for political gain, just as Democrats have claimed to advocate for blacks since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. However, Hayes said that in reality, the Democrats “hate” black people.

Hayes operates several websites which outline his plan for restoring American communities to U.S. citizens.

Earlier this year, Hayes and colleague Susan Payne participated in three White House-sponsored conference calls in which a detailed plan to bring in millions more illegal aliens and award them federal benefits was discussed in addition to a proposal to change Thanksgiving Day to “Celebrate Immigrants Day.”

A key Obama adviser on immigration policy is Cecilia Munoz, who was active in the Hispanic rights group La Raza for two decades.  The National Council of La Raza describes itself as “the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States—works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.”

La Raza members support Obama’s “executive actions” announced on November 20 which proposed a new program for relatives of young illegal aliens permitted to remain in the country under the “DACA” program.  On the same day, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson signed several memos directing three DHS sub-agencies to begin shifting deportation priorities to hardened criminal illegals only under the Obama mantra of “felons, not families.”  However, the Obama regime has continued to release dangerous, convicted criminal illegals into American communities, including a reported 500 unnamed such criminals into an Arizona border county last month.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu expressed “outrage” over a similar release more than two years ago, allegedly because of the sequester which took effect on March 1, 2013.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio has also decried the Obama regime’s lax border enforcement which he reports has resulted in repeat offenders returning to his jails, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.  Arpaio faces a contempt of court hearing next week which could jail him for what the Associated Press reports as “acknowledged violations of court orders in a racial profiling case.”

Hayes sees blacks suffering the most harm from the influx over the last several years of illegal aliens from Central America, the Middle East and other countries, as their neighborhoods are converted to the “welcoming communities” planned by the Obama regime as revealed during the three conference calls.

On Tuesday, Judicial Watch reported that the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS, or the Islamic State, is “operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas” which has been confirmed by several Mexican authorities.  ISIS, which is known for its barbaric and systemic genocide of Christians and other “infidels,” has promised to “burn America” in a 9-11-type attack.

The Obama regime is allowing U.S. citizens or nationals who have traveled overseas to fight for ISIS to return to the United States and possibly plan terrorist attacks domestically.  Meanwhile, Obama’s Office of Refugee Resettlement continues to set the stage for the importation of thousands more Middle Easterners, particularly Muslims, to be brought to unsuspecting neighborhoods, as recently noted in a letter written to the U.S. State Department by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC4) on behalf of his district.

“So how do you fix it?” Hayes posed during an interview with The Post & email.  “We go back to where God talks about ‘black lives matter.’  Forget about ‘black lives;’ all lives matter.  What do I mean by that?  When the Founding Fathers wrote the first law of the land, their lives mattered, but other human beings’ lives didn’t matter, and they said that God created all lives equal in His eyes.  But at the same time, they hypocritically said, ‘We don’t accept that God.’  So God is saying now, almost at the end of this country, ‘If you love this country and appreciate what’s been given to you, this is what you’re going to have to do to appease Me, to turn back these enemies who I have sent upon you because of your rebellion and hypocrisy against Me.  If you’ll do that, I’ll turn them back.’  And that’s where I’m coming from with this thing.

“None of us on the political left, right, illegal aliens, none of us, are guilty of what happened in the past; we are all innocent.  But we are all responsible for what has come down from the past upon our heads.  It is our duty, therefore, to protect our children’s children’s children from the deeds of our ancestors’ past.  That is our solemn and sacred role in this world.  And I believe, for those of us who believe in God conscientiously, we have a duty to defend the United States of America, the greatest political, economic and spiritual power on the earth, to make sure that the true American dream is fulfilled, and that that American dream can be exported throughout the world so that people do not have to leave their precious homelands and travel to this country to displace my people in the name of the white folks who died to free us, but they will take our story and they will embed it in their own countries.

“That is our mission.  That is what will please God.  That is what I am up to.  That is how I will get us out of this.”

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  1. America is not only a nation of “divided whites” it’s also a nation of “divided blacks”. Just as in the “white community” there is also division in every “black community”. Community is a myth in America and it varies from one state and place to another. It is always a question of “what is under God’s Law” and “what is under Man’s Law”. Since we had the amendments of 1946 to common Law and the Constitution we went from Law Under God to Corporate Trust Law and from administrators to assumed straw men and straw women into a corporate fiction as “trustees” when in reality the “trustees” are the people drawing paychecks from the legal system that are the “trustees” NOT the Administrators! Who’s on first? How did America come under a silent coup and usurpation? Slavery today is the middle class, it is also many whites being shut out of many areas not by qualifications but by color/religion/political party affiliation/discrimination. Blacks today have more opportunity in society than many whites because of Federal law requirments and forced minority hiring. There are many talented people in the “minority” groups but today the reality of “hiring” is done by numbers and color NOT experience and talent. People trying to “bypass” that natural process of things sometimes sow more problems into the process than if they followed the natural flow of process.

  2. We not sure which of you are the more stupid, the blacks or the whites.
    We American Indians sit on top of the mountain and look at the ants scurry below us. We notice that you make a distinction between “color” and “shades”.
    We never seen anything so stupid. You don’t see “people”: you see black or white, and American Indian invisible to you.
    We here before either of you but you don’t hear us whine about “this or that”. We got over it, but blacks will never get over it as long as they whine.
    Indian no like people who whine, who feel sorry for themselves, who point at others but never at themselves.
    We think you all really stupid for letting illegal immigrants into your country.
    We think you doubly stupid for allowing your enemy (Muslims) within your borders.
    You have many problems, but the biggest problem you have is with yourselves.
    You destroying your country by not caring for what was created for you. We can’t save you: you no listen to Redman. You freak-out about “Redskin” football team name.
    Try and live color blind: we Indians learned when all the buffalo were killed-off. Maybe you start to save yourselves but we think you all not smart enough.
    We think there is not one black person or white person smart enough to save yourselves, which is why we think you’re all stupid.
    You want to call us names? After you killed our food, stole our land, and infected us with Smallpox and all the other diseases that you people carry: STD’s for example. No, names can’t hurt us. Nothing can hurt us.
    We thought that we’d be disappointed in how you trash your country. No woman can walk alone in Southside Chicago at night safe, and you call yourself “civilized”? We were disappointed but come to expect kids not learning to read and write, not to carry important library card, and to mess up their lives with drugs and/or chasing money
    No, we just sit up here on top of the mountain and enjoy how you screw things up. You not see us American Indian so how do you expect to hear us?
    We are noble people but had no defense against your smallpox, just as you lack any defense against your collective stupidity.
    I have spoken.