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(Apr. 14, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Roving Reporter broadcasting from the Department of State in the heart of Washington, DC. We’ve been given unprecedented sole access to the upcoming press conference, meaning that I’ll be the only reporter to be asking the questions.”

“Good morning, reporters. The usual protocol will be suspended this morning by giving Roving Reporter the honor of asking all the questions. Go ahead, give it your best shot.”

“You’re on. In your estimation, how’s it going over there in the Middle East?”

“We’ve achieved some extraordinary accomplishments, thanks to the hard work done by our previous Secretary, Hillary, which our current Secretary, Kerry, is continuing. We look forward to a bright future for all the participants. Next question?”

“Wait a minute. The Middle East is up in flames. Governments are falling by the wayside. In 2008 it was fairly stable, but look at it now. Libya was, since Lockerbie, on our side, and now look at it. How about answering the question? How’s it going over there, and none of this ‘trying to sell me a house’ talk: ‘refreshing,’ ‘better,’ and ‘isn’t that nice?’ How about some straight answers, for once?”

“You want some straight talk? Really? Hillary was a colossal failure, but that’s from America’s perspective. From Iran’s perspective, Hillary and her Muslim Brotherhood entourage were a total success.

“First, Egypt wasn’t killing its Christians fast enough. Second, Egypt allowed Muslim girls to attend school to learn to read and write. Hillary fixed that. And in Libya, we got Qaddafi killed and replaced with pro-Iran forces: ISIS. How about that?  That was also Hillary.

“In Indonesia and the Philippines, Hillary was instrumental in expanding Muslim Brotherhood control over a larger percentage of the population. Why, Christians will soon be the minority in the Philippines; what about them apples?”

“What about Israel, then? When they were being rocketed a couple of years ago, the U.S. did nothing (worth speaking of) to help them, thanks, in a large part, to Hillary. What do you have to say about that?”

“Israel has been a friend of the United States and we shall continue to support her in any way we can. Hillary and Kerry have shown great love for Israel.”

“That’s a bunch of hogwash and you know it. Obama and his gang of thugs (DOJ, DHS, IRS, et al), starting with Valerie Jarrett, are throwing Israel under the bus. Why don’t you tell us the truth for once?”

“Okay, smart boy, Israel is being thrown under the bus. Why in the blazes do you think Obama got to be president in the first place? How dumb are you? How naive are you? How stupid are you?

“Plan ‘A’: kill the Jews. Obama is a Muslim. In case you haven’t noticed, his middle name is ‘Hussein.’ Muslims kill Jews. That’s what they do and have been doing for 1,400 years.”

“And Christians.”

“That, too. What do I have to do, spell it out for you? Of course Christians, too, and everybody else. Look, I really hate to say it, but your questions are really sophomoric. I mean, everybody knows by now that Obama was put into office financed by a billion or so petrol dollars, buying people off, putting money in offshore slush fund accounts, manipulating votes until the rooster crows, so as to hurt America in every way possible.

“Do you, for just an instant, believe that same-sex ‘marriage’ is good for the moral fabric of a country, any country? A Civil Union wasn’t enough, was it? And females aboard Navy man-o-war ships? Abortion? Why can’t people just get married and have kids; is that too much to ask? No, we make welfare payments in such a way as to keep blacks in the ghetto (reservation/plantation — all the same, or is that particular truth too much for you?) and they still vote for freebies from the government. Do you believe that?

“Well, you better. The key is education. Do you think for one New York minute Hillary would be a contender for Dog Catcher if you stupid people had an ounce of education? Where do you people learn how to think, in a rat maze? You deserve it. You deserve what you get, and boy, are you ever going to get it.

“You have two Republican presidential candidates who aren’t even Constitutionally qualified, just like Obama, get it? No, you dumb reporters don’t get it, do you? For by supporting even as much as lip service in their candidacy, you are endorsing Obama’s last six years of fraud as if it’s okay with you and, by proxy, okay with America. I hope you all get a bill from the IRS stating that you owe them money for not enrolling in Obamacare; that’ll serve you right.

“These press conferences are a complete waste of my time and, hopefully, yours as well. What, you expect the truth? I hope you choke on it.

“This press conference is over, and, Roving Reporter, this place is ‘Off-Limits’ to you in the future. Good riddance.”

“Wait! Wait! One more question! Who gave the ‘Stand-down-order’ for Benghazi?!”

“Ask Hillary. I’m gone.”

“Hot dog, now that was refreshing, if I may say so. For once we got a kernel of truth from State. I bet that’s never happened before. Doesn’t say much for Hillary, now does it?

“Well, thank you for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed the show, I gotta say, I sure as heck did. This is Roving Reporter saying ‘Goodnight.’”

Semper Fi







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