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by Sharon Rondeau

Frank Marshall Davis was a known communist from Chicago. According to both Obama and Wikipedia, Davis had connections to Kansas, where Obama’s mother purportedly was born.

(Apr. 13, 2015) — In a video released on Monday afternoon on Trevor Loudon’s blog, Accuracy in Media (AIM) founder Cliff Kincaid describes how a young Obama, in discussing his book, Dreams From My Father, released in 1995, at the Cambridge Public Library, reveals that Obama was an “angry young man” mentored by communist Frank Marshall Davis in “race relations.”

Kincaid stated that The Washington Post recently denied that Frank Marshall Davis, who was allegedly involved in illegal activity and whose FBI file was reportedly 600 pages long, had influenced a young Barack Hussein Obama.

The Post & Email and others have noted that the mainstream media has protected Obama since February 2007 when he announced that he would seek the presidency.

Some suspect that Davis is Obama’s biological father, not Barack Hussein Obama Sr. from Kenya.

“Black people have reason to hate,” Kincaid quoted Davis as having said to Obama, while stating that he believes Davis’s influence on Obama during his formative years has been reflected by Obama’s two terms in the White House.

In an article published in 2012, Kincaid contended that “…Obama has incorporated that hatred in his policies and pronouncements.”

Kincaid quoted from Dr. Paul Kengor’s book about Davis entitled “The Communist” in which he termed Davis “Barack Obama’s mentor.”

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  1. This is where black joined white Marxists in the late 1950’s. Obama’s mother, Elizabeth Ann Newman, was a bomber with Bill Ayers in The Weather Underground. She was illegally released from FBI Most Wanted Lists by Eric Black Muslim Holder who was a gun felon at Columbia College. Elizabeth was the daughter of Dr. Frank Delano Newman from the Bronx where Elizabeth had the affair with Malcolm X. After Malcolm was killed, Elizabeth took the pregnancy to Coast Province General Hospital in Kenya and on 8/4/1961 birthed Obama and also changed her name on the COB to begin the future narrative of her and Obama’s identity fraud. Radical Marxists realized then that they would need to combine efforts of black and white radicals which would give them much more momentum. Many blacks of the 50’s and 60’s resorted to radical Marxism and violence thinking that they would gain ground by resorting to that way of life. Actually it damaged the image of blacks and whites that were trying to socially re-engineer America and in many cases led to death or prison sentences and a new American group that would never trust the government black or white. We have an illegal POTUS and are trying to elect more from the current RNC roster. Things were much different then and segregation was everywhere and the law. Many black citizens suffered and some got very wealthy. Regardless, many blacks became successful and icons in sports, entertainment, business, acting and other fields. Becoming a black radical was understandable in those time as living was tough. The whites that became radical are not so easy to understand especially those like Bill Ayers who was from a wealthy Chicago DNC family. Ayers could have had anything he wanted just as the daughter of Randolph Hurst-Patty Hurst-who also resorted to all types of weird radical extremes-all spoiled rich kids and out of control whose families could buy off judges and others to alter the outcome of their trials. Many blacks that looked at anyone in the wrong way got thrown in jail or was punished by other means. Angela Davis, Rapp Brown, Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X, Lois Farakhan, Al Sharpton, Frank Davis were from a time that they had to fight to survive. Yet, many blacks were misled by other blacks and whites like Bill Ayers and Charlie Manson who were way out on the outside of society and had their own agenda. That is why the DNC has served them so well in their plan from the late 1950’s to bring a man of color to POTUS regardless of a dual citizenship and being half black, it would allow them to use the race card and smoke and mirrors that most of America bought right off the elixer cart. Unfortunately, the result of this has been a highly damaged America, educational system, economy, influx of radical Muslim and other groups from Mexico and other countries which benefits DNC voting and entitlements at taxpayer’s expense. All the political theories won’t save America now without a good experienced leader with years of experience that will take control and repair a damaged/obfuscated/corrupted nation that is out of control with a judicial that will not grant Discovery for over 6 years to prosecute any DNC member for their ongoing crimes, theft, murder and extortion. Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud, Murder, Theft, Misprision Of Felony, Sabotage Of Commercial Aircraft for gain and profit.