by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 13, 2015) — A full-length video from 1995 of Barack Hussein Obama giving a presentation about his book from which clips were presented earlier on Monday by Cliff Kincaid has been posted to YouTube by 22-CityView with 181 views as of this writing.

As Kincaid reported, Obama spoke about his first book, Dreams From My Father, as part of a lecture series presented by the Cambridge, MA Public Library in September 1995.  The address begins with Obama telling the audience about his parents and extended family and his anger at being a black man in a world where he believed white people were oppressors.

Obama reads a lengthy passage from the book which provides the listener with a view into his racial animus and feelings of “betrayal,” even though, according to his life story, he wanted for nothing while being raised by his white grandparents and attended the prestigious Punahou School, a private campus which average Hawaiians cannot afford.

At the beginning of the address, Obama mentioned that Colin Powell had recently spoken at the library.  Powell published a book in 1995.  During the 2008 election, Powell called Obama “a transformational figure.”

At approximately 1:50, Obama states that his father was “African” and his mother was a white American.  However, before describing her, he paused and appeared ready to articulate a word beginning with the letter “m.”

In a 2008 interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Obama mentioned “my Muslim faith” but was quickly corrected by Stephanopoulos, who said, “you mean your Christian faith” in keeping with Obama’s public life story which says that he is a Christian.

Obama has insulted and belittled Christians often during his de facto presidency, including last week at an Easter prayer breakfast, while appearing to favor Islam, including addressing Islamic groups in Arabic to commemorate certain occasions important to them.

During the video, Obama fully identifies Frank Marshall Davis, a communist writer who is also said to have been involved in child pornography, who reportedly acted as Obama’s mentor in Hawaii.  He reads the passage largely in a fake southern accent to delineate Marshall’s comments.

On March 1, 2012, a criminal investigative team announced at a press conference that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”  The two “documents” are the only information Obama has released about his past.  In subsequent interviews, lead investigator Mike Zullo has suggested that Obama’s biological mother may not be the woman Obama has identified.

Kincaid pointed out that The Washington Post has denied that Davis had any influence on Obama’s life.

At 28:20, Obama says that he received “an advance” from his publisher which “allowed me to go back to Kenya.”

Zullo has reported that there is no evidence of Obama’s presence in Hawaii before the age of five.

Many suspect that Obama was not born in Hawaii, as he claims.  His wife has identified Kenya as “his home country.”

Obama’s literary agent for the book had reported in his official biography that he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” until inexplicably changing it to read that he was “born in Hawaii” two months after he declared his candidacy for the presidency.

While answering a question following the reading, Obama again assumed a southern accent while talking about “my homey look” and multiculturalism.

He spoke about how in 1992, “having come out of the Reagan and Bush era…there was some sense that now was a time where we could look inward and do something domestically” in regard to elevating the plight of minorities in cities.  He indicated an interest in “politics” and expressed that people need to become “engaged.”

Obama’s 1995 way of expressing his sense of racial “isolation” is arguably very similar to the manner in which he has run the federal government, particularly the U.S. Justice Department with its focus on identifying racial bias toward blacks.

Obama claimed that his parents married during the Civil Rights era and were motivated by “breaking out of isolation.”  He spoke of “Freedom Riders” who went to the South to facilitate voter rights for blacks.

He said that his maternal grandfather “had an unsavory past” and described him as “poor white trash.”

Obama spoke about his experience as a community organizer, stating, “It takes work.”  He said he found solace to his “isolation” in becoming part of a community.

At 36:45, Obama describes his mother as “the most wonderful woman I know.”  According to his biography, Obama’s mother died on November 7, 1995.

Obama said that being black “in this country” was “a brutal experience” but that blacks are more “forgiving” than other people.  He invoked the image of Southern “slavery” before the Civil War and said that he believed that “basically, Americans are decent people” in describing his claimed optimism.

“Americans don’t like to sacrifice,” he said at 43:50.  Obama often speaks of “shared sacrifice” from the Oval Office.

He spoke of Chicago as reminding him of his “Kansas roots, even though I never lived in Kansas.”  In 2008, The Washington Post reported that Obama was “raised in the Kansas heartland.”  When The Post & Email queried The Post on its report, it failed to provide a response.

At 48:58, in response to a questioner, Obama discussed his “roots” in Kenya.  “Going back, I think, for me was to embrace at least a partial truth about Africa…” he said.

He said that Michelle grew up “in the south side of Chicago” and said, “What she realized is that she’s an American,” apparently as a result a visit to Africa.  Obama then described visiting his Kenyan grandmother and “a game when we were kids…,” using some African terms.

“What you realize when you go back is that African-Americans already partake of a hybrid culture,” he said.

At 52:54, Obama said that “Obama and Bush” had appointed judges who were not conducive to “civil rights laws.”  He claimed that it was “incredibly hard to bring a discrimination suit these days in the courts.  Incredibly hard.”  He denounced “corporations” who could spend large amounts defending themselves.


This post was updated on April 14, 2015 at 3:24 p.m. EDT.

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  2. Hawaii H2O — Re: “Well, I have been on this quest to find the thing that will open everyone’s eyes to the “userpent” of the WH in 2009, …”

    (1) WELCOME BACK to fighting what I consider by far the most important political challenge that has been, since at least 2009, impacting the VERY SURVIVAL of our constitutional republic. — Namely, exposing BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II as a Kenyan-Born LIAR, FRAUD and IMPOSTOR. Keep in mind that former First ‘Lady’ Michelle Obama is now widely, and logically being considered to run for POTUS this coming November, not as a contestant but as a SAVIOR for the Democratic Party! I believe (due to the ignorant,widespread identity politics in this country), ‘she’ actually could win the nomination.

    (2) In my opinion, the most EASILY UNDERSTOOD and POWERFUL one “thing” (your word) that could possibly persuade a sizeable number of the busy, hard working American Public to REJECT ALL THINGS ASSOCIATED WITH THE NAME OBAMA is identified and explained in the following three links:,%20Copy.pdf

  3. Sorry, I’m a little late to this party. Don’t be upset with me, but I lost complete faith that there even were people in the USA that cared. Everywhere I looked I’m sorry I didn’t see that there were. So, I left. I moved out of the country, ignorantly hoping to find a place where my town wasn’t being run by people who wanted me to pay for my neighbors to buy motorcycles and “fix” them at 2AM, a place where when we told a cop that the people next door were running a prostitution ring (in a formerly blissful, middle-class town, in NY State), the cop didn’t say, “Nothing we can really do…don’t tell anyone, but my recommendation? Burn it down. That’s your only choice.” Of course, Bush was in office at the time, but I never dreamed what would be happening next. The first time I saw Obama there was a gut reaction that the guy was a fake. But, I also tempered that with the introspective understanding that I hated all politicians…with good reason, they screwed up everything. I could have been the Greta Thunberg of the anti-politician movement, because I can be brought very easily to the point of saying “How dare you?!” and really crying for our lost childhoods…not the childhood itself, but the opportunity to have such a childhood for those that came after us.

    Well, I have been on this quest to find the thing that will open everyone’s eyes to the “userpent” of the WH in 2009, and I’m just stupid enough to always think that I can have the idea that makes the difference…or at least with the proper brainstorming partners, I can come be on the team.

    I watched…started watching…this video, but it’s painful. I despise this man. And he is so transparent. See…unlike with other politicians whom everyone else really hates and doesn’t trust, they all trusted and liked this guy. He was actually likeable. Honestly, that was why I hated him more and trusted him not at all. I told people immediately that he was bad news…thing is I had no idea why. I had no proof no real justifiable reason, except that he was too popular. Too well liked. Well, I was gone anyway, out of the country. What did I care? But every so often, I’d catch a glimpse of him or someone in my adoptive home would tell me something all enthusiastic like, and I’d roll my eyes and brood that this was going to be a disaster.

    So, having started watching the video, there are immediate warnings that he’s not from the States, and the first thing is that he goes right into the racial things, in his “youth” so quickly. I grew up in America. Not in Hawaii, in NY. But I’ve been all over the country…and even in my youth traveled many, many times across country. We stayed in crazy places, not just the good neighborhoods. And the kind of racism that he relates from his high school days doesn’t quite pass muster. I knew a girl that went to Hawaii every year from Washington State. Her father worked at NASA and was part of the Apollo missions. We dated a little, and she was the least racist person I ever met. She, herself, would have NO issue going to a party with all black people. Not one iota. And this was and I assume is still one of the strongest, most feminine women I knew, even at that age. I know for a fact that you could not mess with her. But she was a “rich girl”. And all of the people that I met because of her, also traveled to Hawaii, some lived there, or had lived there. I never saw a hint of people who were racist to the point where they couldn’t go to a party without reservation. Granted he’s telling a story, but the way that Hawaii is racist is this…Hawaiians typically do not like white people in Hawaii. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t earn their respect. This is how it is. Youth is negotiation. Obama must not have grown up in an environment like the USA, because it was always negotiation. I’m white, and walking out my door everyday to go to school was a walk through a gauntlet. You got beat up sometimes…sometimes you didn’t. With age and greater skill and bigger biceps, etc., you were treated differently.

    Another thing, he says a high school party where out of four hundred kids there would be 4 black kids. First of all… so what? Second of all…even before first of all…who has a party with four hundred kids in a room? No high school PARTY is four hundred people in a room. Maybe a high school dance, maybe an outdoor party. He’s not a poor speaker who was fumbling words, so I think this is interesting. He doesn’t seem to have the adolescent experience allowing him to describe what goes on in high school.

    My observation in high school was that white kids really wanted to be friends with black kids, there was a mystique…and I don’t think that’s unhealthy. People looked for differences and commonalities, you know, like normal people, which obviously BO has never had contact with. I know…the book thing was early in his Manchurian molding, and that’s why he threw up so many red flags to me in his first fifteen minutes.

    And to be honest, this is where I couldn’t watch anymore. This is a deficiency of mine. But because most of you will be familiar with William Ayers, forgive me for making the connection between BO and Chesa Boudin of SF…especially because you probably already have deduced it. I’m trying to feel smart and this helps.

    And so you also all know that Ayers probably wrote Obama’s book. Ho-hum for all of you, but everyone needs to know all of this. Don’t stop brainstorming.

    I can’t say enough for the work that it must take to get this going (the website) and what it must take to deal with the acrimony of all the loonies who must end up here. So, I thank you, and I’m joining this battle…have joined it. I got here because of documents I found on scribd concerning Fitzpatrick (forgive me, I am remiss in not recalling his designations, but I intend them with more than due respect) and Lakin (again, apologies).

  4. The person back in 1995 who introduced the Obama video for the event when it occurred also stated another phony part of Obama’s life narrative that Obama was using back then – that he was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review. Obama was never the Editor. He was elected the President, a completely different and definitely a less rigorous position. Obama never wrote any articles for the Harvard Law Review let alone never being the Editor. But Obama put that embellishment of his resume out there (that he was the Editor) as part of his promoting himself. So many lies from one man. And the major media still lets him get away with it. CDR Kerchner (Ret) –

  5. We should send Bari Malik Shabazz (aka Obama) back to Africa with all the others that hate America and love Marxism and radical lifestyles while blaming whites for all their problems? What about other whites-does that mean because other whites cause other whites problems that nothing ever happened to those whites and it didn’t matter? Nonsense, there are problems with all people and good and bad in all groups. Education would benefit all groups but it is not affordable in today’s market and we have seen 55% unemployment with recent college grads and tuition costs have risen over the top and still climbing. Obama is a radical Muslim and hiding his true identity as the DNC is hiding his papers at DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle at a cost to taxpayers over $4 million in 7 years. David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett are two masterminds of DNC culture that I believe have ordered the illegal arrests of 6 American Veterans with no trials or rights to protect DNC Operatives and Obama.