by Mike Parsons

(Apr. 11, 2015) — [Editor’s Note: Tennessee state prisoner Mike Parsons has composed a flyer and petition which he hopes can be circulated to NRA conference attendees this weekend.  As with all of The Post & Email’s articles, readers can tweet and retweet it to attendees and followers of the NRA convention, which is publicizing its event prominently on Twitter.]



Political prisoner Mike Parsons was railroaded into prison after making a citizens’ arrest of a

man whom shot at Mr. and Mrs. Parsons and shot and killed their dog without provocation.

The man shot his weapon 29-30 times. Mr. Parsons fired one shot into the ground to get the other man to stop shooting. For more information go to

On February 11, 2014, the Parsons’ farm was raided based on a fabricated accusation of animal cruelty by PETA. Upon searching the property and seizing Mrs. Parsons’ guns, Mr. Parsons was again incarcerated for possession of weapons. By TCA 39-17-1307(3), Mr. Parsons was not in possession as he did not have a key to enter his wife’s home or safe. Mr. Parsons had left town and Mrs. Parsons had brought her guns in for her protection while he was away.

A series of articles have been written on this matter at

How can you help?

Mr. and Mrs. Parsons are asking that you might sign a petition to request for Mr. Parsons exoneration.

Thank you for your consideration.

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