April 8, 2015

To The NY State Board of Elections,

It has been reported that Ted Cruz has collected “31 Million Dollars” in Campaign funds. Whether you want to admit it or not Ted Cruz is NOT a Natural-Born Citizen of the United States of America.

It is YOUR  DUTY and OBLIGATION to enforce the Constitution of the United States. A Natural-Born Citizen is one that is BORN IN THE UNITED STATES to PARENTS who are BOTH Americans themselves.

This was affirmed in Minor v Happersett, U.S. Supreme Court.

An NBC MUST have both Jus Soli AND Jus Sanquinis. New York State’s interpretation of being an NBC as being “Born a Citizen” is NOT what Article II, Sec. 1 REQUIRES.

One “Born a Citizen” can be any “Anchor baby” with Jus Soli alone. That is NOT the Law. The Law is that an NBC MUST POSSESS BOTH JUS SOLI AND 100% Jus Sanquinis. To ignore this immutable fact is to be GUILTY OF MISPRISION OF FELONY AND TREASON.

Persons who usurp the Presidency,by fraud, during wartime are Traitors and spies under 18 USC and 10 USC. I think you KNOW that I am correct.

I urge you to take the appropriate measures to enforce the U.S. Constitution and save our Nation from foreign influences. To do less would be complicity with major election fraud against the voters of NY and the voters of the United States.

Robert C. Laity
Founder and President
Society for the Preservation of
our American Republic

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  1. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Republican sat idly by and allowed Obama to usurp the Presidency, even proffering their own Disqualified candidate, John McCain in 2008. McCain did not meet the Jus Soli requirement to be an NBC. He is a statutory Citizen not an NBC. The 2008 election was totally fixed. Both parties are involved in the subterfuge.

  2. One of the worst downsides of allowing a criminal squatter to remain in the highest government job in the land is the “drawing out of the woodwork” others who become emboldened enough to “try it” themselves. It doesn’t appear that anything has changed. The willful ignorance displayed by many who know better is appalling.

  3. Remember that joke about county employees changing a light bulb or digging a hole, or conducting a meeting about how to save money, or complaining about “just too many holidays we‘re forced to take-off with pay”, or “we really feel bad about not working and getting paid way too much”, or about not able to do the job for which they were hired because of, well, maybe TOTAL incompetence, or at least nearly so, or about “Stealing: everybody does it”, or about Lois Lerner taking the 5th: let’s see if I’ve got this right: here we have an employee who has done something so wrong as to be afraid, not to be put on ‘Administrative Leave’ or forced to take an ‘Early Retirement’, but to protect her unearned pension and bonuses for following illegal orders, doing anything to protect her job/paycheck/PENSION.
    In short, what the heck do you expect from a “county employees”? A job “well done”?
    How about “Jawohl! Si, mi Capitan! Just following orders, as usual. They say not Vetting! No vetting it is and the hell with our Oath to the Constitution! You now on list! You bad boy! You ask too many damn questions! Obama born in Hawaii; he true-good all American legal citizen; he not Muslim; he good Christian!; he uses stolen Social Security number, but not his fault!; Grandmother fault!; no talk about Ted Cruz!; no talk about vetting ANYBODY!; you illegal, go ahead and vote; this is America!; you understand!; we COUNTY EMPLOYEE MENTALITY!; you go away, no bother, keep mouth shut!; and if not keep mouth shut about this vetting nonsense, you put on ’Lois Lerner List’ again and again until you learn to keep mouth shut about vetting! You bad, very bad man!”

  4. Cruz is not eligible and I plan to write to his office and ask him to step down. Maybe if enough of us do this he will get the message. I plan to tell him that him also that I am deeply disappointed in him. He knows he is not eligible and is breaking the law. Why would anyone vote for him. I won’t.