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(Apr. 8, 2015) — When I was seven years old, I was kicked out of summer Bible Study. My mom dropped me off one day, and I remember asking the reverend about the life-ring, white with blue letters: “JESUS SAVES,” up there on the wall, so I asked him what it meant. He said, “Why, to save you from your sins.” So I said, “But I’m just a little kid. I don‘t have any sins. I don’t even know what sin is.” I remember that I was about to ask him how to get one of these sins when he went ballistic, made me sit facing a corner all day and walked me out when my mother came to pick me up and told her, “Don’t bring him back.”

My mother asked me what that was all about and I told her, and that was the end of my Bible summer school. Later on, when I was starting high school, I attended Sunday school, and if you went one year without missing a class, they awarded you a free Bible. So that’s what I did. I was all prepared for God to speak to me. The plan was that when I got home, alone in my room, I’d close my eyes and then randomly open my first-ever very own Bible and put my finger on a passage, which is what I did.

I was all set to read the earth-shattering words that would be my guide for the rest of my life, but when I read the passage from the Old Testament it sounded like nonsense. I tried reading between the lines, forward and backwards, but it didn’t make any sense, I mean, it was like “Somebody swept the floor, isn’t life wonderful?” but it wasn’t even that much.

I graduated myself from Sunday school and got to hear the adult sermons, which I found to be quite interesting. Our preacher was born and raised in Scotland and had a brogue you could cut with a knife, so you had to be alert and pay attention to get what he was preaching about. As far as I could make out, he had three pet themes: try and live in Jesus’ footsteps, help others, and do your best to protect those who need protecting.

One sermon was about the Knights Templar, that they were a society of “Do-Gooders.” I bought into that and joined the DeMolay, a youth group for young Christian boys. That’s where I learned to fence, and that little bit of training saved my life years later when I was in the military.

So what is a “True Christian?” Well, as far s I can tell, it’s someone who wants to do good but doesn’t always make the cut or reach the goal. As Alexandria Pope wrote, “To err is human…,” which is why, after we make a mistake, we have another chance to try to get it right.

But here’s the point: we don’t know why we’re here, why there are the sun and moons in our neck of the woods in our cluster of galaxies in the Local Group. We don’t know the meaning of life, but the way Christians have it figured out is that you might as well make the best of it by making the best of it for everyone else at the same time.

Jesus’ most famous sermon was the one called “the Sermon on the Mount,” and that’s where he told his audience about the “Golden Rule: do unto others as you would wish done upon yourself.” And that’s it: do your best to be nice to people you know, but also be kind to total strangers.

Christians go all over the world helping people. It is true that there are some Christians who go off on “missionary work” to spread the “Good Word,” teaching  people that one can live a life without murdering and without living in fear of being murdered. For the most, however, part Christians just go off helping people and expect nothing in return.

A couple of years ago a bunch of nuns were in Egypt giving out medicines and vaccines to children, but then the word went out that they were stealing the children, or putting “spells” on them, so the Muslims killed all of the nuns.

And then, just after Saddam Hussein was kicked out of his palaces, a Christian truck driver delivering Christian-donated supplies to the children of Baghdad, food, blankets, polio vaccines, was hijacked and beheaded “for desecrating Muslim soil.” They made a video of it while yelling, “Allahu Akbar!”

That the Christians have been doing “Good Works” for 2,000 years is a given. Jesus himself never did anybody any harm: all he did was help people and give some pretty darn good advice on how to live a “righteous” life.

And then we have the Muslims who, for the last 1,400 years, have done nothing but spread mayhem, fear, destruction and death.

The year before last, Christians were helping people. The year before last, Muslims were killing people. Last year Christians were helping people, and last year, Muslims were killing people.

The Sermon on the Mount

And now for the News: this talk about “turning the other cheek” doesn’t apply to people who’ve lost all ability to reason. There is nothing in the Bible about “lying down and taking it.” As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for a heck of a lot of “smiting,” we wouldn’t have the last buffer (Israel) between us and the heathen mob (Muslims).

The difference between Christianity and Islam is the difference between good and evil and between right and wrong. Therefore, it is an imperative that Christians everywhere take up whatever arms are available and move every Muslim out of their neighborhoods, towns, cities and countries. Get them, kick them out, and keep them out.

Either as good responsible Christians, we save ourselves and all the others from this Muslim worldwide murdering rampage (that is totally out of control), or the Muslims will wipe Christianity off the face of the earth, along with the Jews and everyone left over. That’s what’s it’s come down to: either we, that is, everyone who is not Muslim, face the Truth of what’s going down everywhere in the world, or standing up for our Christian faith and for other faiths will have been nothing but a monumental waste of human (and Jesus’) suffering for nothing.

For nothing.

Semper Fi


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