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by New York State Grassroots

Several legal opinions issued by the New York State Board of Elections on rules governing committeemen can be found at http://www.elections.ny.gov/NYSBOE/download/law/Opinions07292013.pdf

(Apr. 6, 2015) — Another “on-time” BAD Budget has been passed. It continues NYS’s downward spiral. Aside from the overall budget, most of US are unhappy because of the funding of the SAFE Act. The budget is like a porcupine:  no matter how you touch it, it will prick you…..and we know these people are not people who can endure ANY pain. IMO, OUR total focus should have been pushing for FULL repeal of the Safe Act and not concede to only try to defund it. The funding of the SAFE Act can be a blessing in disguise. It gives “them” (and US) more incentive to push FULL repeal. AND it CAN be done!!!!

Unhappy with the elected ones? If WE were Committeemen WE would seek, choose and elect better lawmakers. Yes, Committeemen are “the secret weapon.” FREE Committeemen CAN represent US and NOT “them.” Read on:

Unhappy with the budget? Unhappy with the budget process? Unhappy with the elected ones? Unhappy that the elected ones just won’t perform as WE want?

Here’s a fact: “IF” WE were all Committeemen, “they” would do as WE request – why?

  • Because they – each and every one of them – know their political life hangs on the actions of the Committeemen.
  • Nothing is more important than the Committeemen gathering signatures for their nominating ballot.
  • Without the help of the Committeemen they cannot hold office. Not on a local, county, state or federal level.
  • Yes it’s true – the Committeemen holds life and death for any – ALL – politicians.

Re: FULL Repeal of the Safe Act:

Without US being Committeemen, our “representatives” find no need to represent the people. So: For over two years it has taken well over 120,000 New Yorkers [representing millions more] to fight tooth and nail for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act. [Which may finally be repealed this year]. WE expended huge amounts of time, energy and MONEY so far, and WE will need to do even more [Keep Pushing]. There was an easier, cheaper way to achieve FULL Repeal of the Safe Act and a whole lot more. FREE Committeemen can be OUR “secret weapon.”

There are [way] over 120,000 of US. Among US we have enough people to fill every Republican and Democrat Committeeman Position ten times over.  Yes, if just 10% of US became Committeemen, the Safe Act would be FULLY repealed quicker than a politician can say “will you donate to my campaign.” Neither Cuomo nor the media nor all the screaming socialists on the planet would be able to change their minds – they WOULD listen to the Committeemen.

Time to begin Preparing: The Committeeman season is near. The Committeemen are structured by county. Every county fills the Committeeman positions every two years. Half the counties do so in the odd years and the other half in the even years. YOUR county can be transformed from floundering irresponsible governance to a more logical representative government within two years.

A FREE Committeeman is NOT “selected.” A FREE person just gets his own petition, gets the signatures of about 25 neighbors and turns that petition in to the County Board of Election. That’s it – done – finished – YOU have elected yourself to be a FREE Committeeman and NO ONE can remove YOU – NO ONE can force YOU as to what to do or not do. If you think that is not true – here’s the news – I’m a FREE Committeeman – look it up – Broome County.

The New York constitution states that children starting at eight years of age and every year thereafter be taught “civics.” The education system does not do that. The basic tenet of elections is the Committeeman structure – and that’s one of the big reasons politicians and unions do not want to teach “civics.” A healthy FREE Committeeman structure is the key to a government Of, By and For the People – bottom-up “people” representation.

A State Filled With FREE Committeemen = NO Safe Act / Low Taxes / Smaller Government.

Committeeman information available upon request: Al – albel1@aol.com

OUR Grassroots Coalition is tens of thousands strong. We motivate and inform through FREE Email only. We share inspiration, ideas, suggestions and worthy events – but NEVER YOUR email address.

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