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by Cody Robert Judy, ©2015, blogging at CodyJudy

(Apr. 4, 2015) — While R-Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, wanted to use Obama’s visit to talk about Benghazi, R-Utah Sen. Mike Lee hoped to use it to remind people on his email list of all the sins the Obama administration has committed to date in the order of raking in donations for Utah’s Republican Party; Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker praised the president for coming; and Gov. Gary Herbert said he hoped to get a private meeting with Obama; Cody Robert Judy, the only un-elected one in the bunch living in Utah having run as a losing candidate for the 1st Congressional District in 2002, the U.S. Senate office in 2004 and 2010 that Sen. Mike Lee won, was actually serving Obama as a Presidential Candidate in 2008, 2012, and 2016 in the Supreme Court of the United States, due to Obama’s ineligibility as a natural born Citizen. –Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents

“In defense of the United States Constitution’s natural born Citizen clause, key to our country’s national defense, and our future, Obama is not technically eligible to even fly in Air Force One as President” Judy said. “He is dishonoring the Office of the President every day he occupies it as a Usurper and your elect aren’t doing a pence of salt about it. It’s nearly unbearable here where the salt of the earth has lost its savor,” Judy said in a reference to Luke 14:34 and comporting Mormon Doctrine of Covenants 101:39-41.”

Resident Occupier of the White House Barack Obama greeted people on the tarmac after Air Force One safely landed, Thursday, April 2, 2015, at Hill Air Force Base 8:10 p.m. in Roy, Utah, just five miles from where Cody Robert Judy’s Campaign Headquarters here in Ogden, Utah are. You can imagine my surprise as I saw Air Force One landing, then I thought today was a great day!” Judy said, serving his papers in the Supreme Court of the United States and muscling up for his Presidential Interview that night at WNLM Radio’s Meat & Potatoes Show in Massachusetts while Obama was sound asleep at the Sheratan Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Yes, it was rather interesting; the timing and everything. It just came together and coincided perfectly,” Judy said. “One of the most interesting coincidences I’ve ever been involved with in politics. I felt very humbled and honored to be serving We The People, in serving Obama this humble appeal for Justice in the highest Court or Supreme Court of the United States. Of course Obama has gotten away with a lot but this Nation is not for sale nor will it be blackmailed by fraud or treacherous trickery. This has been my duty as a Presidential Candidate who has standing. Running in the race carries a very big responsibility and I hope America sees I’ve carried that well and not taken it for granted.”

There has been a lot of speculation amid Sen. Ted Cruz’s announcement to enter the race for President in the coming 2016 election. “I’m sure he knows he is not qualified, and a witness says Sen. Cruz acknowledged in a 2012 interview that Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents was the requirement and Obama failed. Obama knew, too, but what these men also know is how doggone hard it is to catch a thief. The problem has been being able to prosecute and hold the line even as the qualification for President as a natural born Citizen were being usurped by bullies. The Court processes take a long time. I’ve been involved with them since 2008 and sued McCain and Obama.

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  1. Obama was injected into the CIA from 1981 to 1984 as an Afghanistan Farsi Interpreter. Biden used this to attempt to cover Obama’s dual citizenship to run as POTUS. Pelosi and Biden falsified Obama’s identity and eligibility in 2008. Obama is and was a member of the gay community in Chicago and has loyalty to that group. The marriage was arranged through SERCO and Jarrett using adopted children to make the marriage look normal. We have never seen any pictures of birth certificates of the children. Joan Rivers was killed after she revealed that Michelle was trans. She/he was a Chicago Heifer to function as a wife in the arranged duo. No one will believe this until it’s revealed after Obama’s controlled POTUS is over. They have threatened Judges to keep Criminal Presentments out of courts in America since 2008 preventing any prosecution of any DNC Operatives. They have been illegally using SERCO and REDSWITCH to perform criminal actions including crashing commercial aircraft to collect Catastrophic Bonds and using snuff and porn films for extortion of officials. Where are our special agents when you need them since no known investigations or prosecutions have ever been seen over 7 years of this silent coup/usurpation. This is espionage/sabotage/usurpation/extortion/Misprision Of Felony/theft at its best with a silent Senate/Congress/Military that has had total silence on this for 7 years. Most people are more interested in watching football games and have no idea what has been happening. All their rights to serve Criminal Presentments have been denied for 7 years and now our Constitution is completely ignored. It is time for State Votes to override all out-of-control Federal laws and false mandates. They are coming very soon, but not soon enough.

  2. I can’t copy and paste the proper response here but the opinion of the court in Minor V Happersett clearly states parents (plural) are needed to create a natural born citizen and it just makes practical sense.

    1. Thank you for this. This is the salient question which must be put by elected officials, press, et al to the DNC and RNC, Boards of Election, etc.

      How on Earth did NEW YORK STATE on its Board of Elections site state errantly that one only need be “born a citizen.”

      Do you have a link to Happersett, and, Mrs. Rondeau, could you have a scholar or judge look at it and report to your readership?

      Thank you and a Blessed Passover and a Joyous Easter.

  3. The Nation needs a reliable and authoritative reference about what “NATURAL BORN” means.

    Those of your readers who graduated before a certain time would have learned it “jus soli/jus sanguinis;” later other ideations appeared.

    In order for Elections to continue honestly and constitutionally BOARDS of Elections must state WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION what “natural born” means. All fifty states must state it EQUALLY.

    The New York State Board of elections, for example, states simply “BORN A CITIZEN.”

    That is odd if we consider that the child of illegal alien parents who happens to be born on American Soil is then eligible to be president.

    What of those who were born on American soil, are citizens of the USA but were taken back to Latin America or the Middle East (reports now that MOST immigrants are speaking ARABIC not Spanish..a fact NOT reported in the media) and then return for 14 years, turn 35, and run for president..perhaps not speaking fluent English.

    We have brought our problems upon ourselves with a lack of clarity, piece meal explanations, such as that in New York State, and a lack of a definitive, ironclad explanation, publicly announced and adhered to.

    Good citizens have been trying to answer these questions since before 2008 and some with great insight and savvy.

    Without an authoritative explanation upon which all agree and must follow, we are condemned to deception and disenfranchisement.