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(Apr. 1, 2015) — America has reason to celebrate our amazing Bill of Rights and Constitution set in place to protect us…speech, actions, freedom of Religion – our freedoms are protected from A-Z. Or are they protected for just some?

The sticky stuff has hit the fan and the national news is on steroids regarding the Religious rights Bill in Indiana, designed to protect the rights of Christians not to be forced to provide service or products at a gay wedding or event if it directly assaults their personal faith.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has vowed to fix the law and make it clear that this is no license to discriminate against anyone or deny them service.  Gov. Pence has gotten way more heat than he thought he would get and even back-door threats and criticisms from the CEO of Apple, the NCAA and other business heads and advertisers threatening to disappear and pull stuff out of the state.  This does not mean you go all ‘politician’ and ‘scardicat’ on us.

Now, Pence is rushing to state the bill will be altered to make it clear that it won’t allow discrimination.  I guess my question is then what is the bill going to do and how is it protecting the religious rights of Christian business owners if asked to cater a gay wedding when it clearly is believed to be a direct assault and compromise of their faith?  Can they still opt out or will it be discrimination now?

If Pence keeps pointing the compromise fire hose on the bill it will end up neutered and protecting no one except the rights of demanding gays to expect and get anything they want…regardless of how others may be impacted.

I have always been for fair ball and not discriminating against anyone.  I have liberal, atheist and gay friends.  Restaurant owners don’t interview everyone who comes in for a meal.  A restaurant could be Christian-owned but serve atheists, gays, liberals and conservatives all day long.  However, if a restaurant or bakery Christian owner is asked to cater a gay wedding event, rather than just sell someone a cake, that is wrong to force them to provide service if it is a direct frontal assault to their faith to do so.  They should have the right to respond and not be destroyed for saying no, as is happening now when a Christian-owned chapel or bakery dares stand up to demands from gays.

The same is true for gay businesses.  Does a gay caterer have the right to say no to a request for service at a Christian – evangelical convention?  I think so.

The progressive and radical left just doesn’t believe our rights and religious freedoms flow both ways…just their way.  Indiana and Gov. Mick Pence must stand and not water the bill down to a compromised nothing.  Other states must quickly do the same so all will be protected, not just the left.

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