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by OPOVV, ©2015

On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was attacked by Islamic terrorists who killed 17 soldiers and wounded 39

(Mar. 26, 2015) — Bombarded daily by unimaginable horrors is the stark reality of the battlefield. Everyone deals with it in his own way. The trench warfare of World War I is an example of thousands upon thousands of either side participating in a shared insanity play upon “The Field of Honor.”

The Japanese prison camps were known for their inhuman, sadistic behavior towards Americans. When President Harry Truman was asked why he approved the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he answered that it was payback for the way the Japanese treated their American POWs.

Notwithstanding the deliberate tortures inflicted upon others during times of war, war, as a human institution, is expected to cause death and destruction. It’s the unexpected human suffering upon others in peacetime that is so repugnant to us.

We’re wrong in calling terrorism “an act of terror.” Oh, it’s an act of terror all right, just as every bomb that landed on London and Dresden during World War II was “an act of terror.” So that “German thing” was four years of terror? Yes, but it went a step beyond terror: it was four years of war.

Where I grew up, we kids had a saying, the ultimate insult, as it were. But it wasn’t a serious insult because it was so stupid: “Oh, yeah? Your mother wears combat boots.” It didn’t mean anything. Just a few words. At least I thought so, too, until, years later, I said that to a guy I hardly knew, and then, all of a sudden, we were in a fight. A fight over a saying that, really now, didn’t mean much, yet this guy, I learned later, was fighting a real fight while I was just sparing.

It reminds me of how Western Civilization is conducting itself on the “war against terror.” You see, these “terrorists” are the soldiers of the enemy. Okay, so maybe they don’t wear matching outfits, and maybe they couldn’t march out of a paper bag, but they sure can fly planes into buildings and shoot guns, as that enemy soldier did at Ft. Hood. That they can kill us is a given; that they are killing us is a given; and that they will kill us is a given.

So, what do we have here? We have a political ideology (Islam) at war (real war) with every country and everyone who is not Islamic. That this has been going on for over 1,400 years doesn’t diminish that fact. It doesn’t diminish those who died 600 years ago, or 60 hours ago. The soldiers of Islam are, in reality, made up of everyone who is Muslim. They perceive themselves as such, so let’s throw out this “lone wolf” nonsense. So whenever a Muslim kills a non-Muslim, he or she is killing an enemy combatant, so killing little children and unarmed enemy combatants (we call such people “civilians”) fits in with their Rules of Engagement.

These Muslims are killing us “civilians” every day and everywhere, so much so that we’ve been immune to the numbers. We hear about “another 100 school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria”; “30 murdered at mall”; 150 here, 300 there. Every day we’re bombarded with the numbers of the dead.

We do not welcome Muslims, but we do welcome those who don’t kill for their wacko beliefs. One does not have to be a Christian to be a member of the human race, but one cannot be a Muslim. It’s the Muslims who are doing the killings, responsible for the genocides, and for destroying the churches and synagogues around the world.

And how do we react? Do we react with righteous indignation, or do we just listen to the news and let it slide with nary a thought? Do we just hear bad news, or do we become unglued?  Our enemy wants us to be blasé, wants us to accept defeat (in example: the USS Cole. Did you know that the captain of the Cole ordered that the sentries be issued weapons without ammo?! And that, folks, is just how stupid we’re taking this war.).

Be upset, be concerned, and be armed, for your civilian days are long gone. You’re a soldier now, perhaps a Christian soldier (“Onward, Christian Soldiers.”) You have no choice: you’ve just been drafted. Keep the faith: don’t become desensitized.


Semper Fi


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