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(Mar. 25, 2015) — When you dissect it to the core, when all that’s left is what’s on the table, and when you walk away and there’s nothing left, that’s when you know you have the answer. Sure, we could’ve been wiped out with the dinosaurs, but we weren’t around then. But we can be wiped out now, because we’re here now. Or, to be a tad more accurate, we’re barely here now. Let’s make the “now” a million years.

That’s right; we can trace our ancestors back a very long way and we all ought to thank the first of us to figure out fire. No doubt there was a lot of backlash when the first campfire kept the wolves at bay, heated the cave and cooked the meal. Then we required fire-tenders, people who became expert at keeping the embers glowing, and those, no doubt, morphed into the priesthood. “Hey, can’t go off hunting with you folks today, have to watch these embers. Big job, you know. Bring me some fish or a gazelle, something, if you would, please. Thanks. Let’s call my payment an ‘offering’ so it doesn‘t sound as if I’m milking the system, you know.”

Thousands of years of the priesthood. The priests in Egypt carried a lot of power. Same with the soothsayers of Greece. They all had a pretty good gig going, sending folks out to collect the vittles for them. Many of the priests held concessions: if one needed fire, or a “Good word” on their behalf, the priests were more than willing to bend to the task if the payment was sufficient.

And then along comes Jesus and upsets the apple cart. That was two millennium ago and, judging by what’s going down all around the world these days, we haven’t learned one darn thing. Maybe we say we have, but you sure couldn’t tell it by the news: killings everywhere, senseless killings everywhere.

Offhand I’d have to say that some of us haven’t gotten the message yet, the Golden Rule thing. And that’s true because just the other day I heard a Muslim woman say she had no idea that people could behave in a rational manner until she read the Bible. Now when I say “Bible,” I’m not referring to Abraham, Noah and Moses, although they’re part of it, in an offhand way. Usually, probably 100% of the time, when someone points to the Bible they’re zeroing in on the New Testament: the teachings of Jesus.

The churches of today have done wonders in helping unfortunate souls the governments can’t or won’t help, mostly won’t. Charity is truly God’s work. Christians are being murdered worldwide; heck, people are being murdered worldwide, but has the United States addressed the issue? Has the UN? And we’re supposed to show some compassion and empathy for the make-believe Palestinians? So the Muslims can continue to kill Jews and Christians?

Not so fast. For every problem there is a solution. Jesus gave us the solution 2,000 years ago, and the time is ripe for the Golden Rule to be implemented once and for all. “Do unto others as they would do unto you.” Do we continue to sit around while all the non-Muslims of the world are picked off, a hundred here, a thousand there? Or do we take the bull by the horns and do whatever it takes to restore peace and order?

The “Age of Hope” has passed on by. Really now, it never was. It was all based on illusions and falsehoods, smoky mirrors, opposites; in other words: lies. Nobody in his right mind would want to change anything that is fundamentally good. What, they want worse? It just doesn’t make any sense. Bad idea. Go ahead, tear away everything that has to do with hate and destruction and you’re left with nothing but time. A blank page cannot move forward. prosper or endure. “Nature abhors a vacuum.”

Welcome to “The Age of Reason.” In order to survive, we eliminate the problem. In the end, reason prevails. It may take some time, in this case 1,400 years. Imans take note: the embers have gone out. War or Peace, Hate or Love, Hope that was a lie or the Golden Rule that ever was.

Semper Fi




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