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(Mar. 24, 2015) — FYI Info: groups and people are meeting on the concourse of the Legislative Office Bldg [LOB] Albany at 7:30am on Thursday. They will go to [hallway] room 419 for SLAIG meeting at 8:00am – join them or go on your own.

Below is a copy of our 2 nd letter of a series sent to ALL legislators. It contains many good facts. The facts can be divided up and sent by YOU to any and all Assemblymen and Senators that might drag their feet on FULL Repeal of the Safe Act.

WE are doing amazing work. We have managed to bring OUR issue to the front and center – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is on the table. Don’t Quit – Don’t Back Down – Keep Pushing – Force OUR momentum to keep building.

FACTS to keep in mind: There are many forces of self-interests out there that have benefited greatly from the Safe Act issue. People got elected / people have made money / people gain in many ways. For these people FULL Repeal of the Safe Act might be an end to their “golden goose” [that needn’t be true – there are many other issues but they may not realize that]. So, they may think it is in their best interest to keep the Safe Act issue going as long as possible – get it? So, the more you hear; can’t do this / can’t do that / that won’t happen / leave it to the courts / and all the negative sentiment; it means they may be fearful of OUR success. Please don’t fall prey to that propaganda – Keep Pushing on. WE ARE focused and marching toward achieving OUR goal….. FULL Repeal of the Safe Act “IS” inevitable “IF” WE Keep Pushing.

EVENTS and Tasks: Bash the Trash – SLAIG meeting Albany Mar 26 8:30am / SCOPE Johnstown Mar 27 7pm / letters to the editor any day / contact legislators every day / spread OUR message to others / grow OUR movement / use YOUR imagination to Push OUR agenda – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act…….NOW!

Thank YOU – Keep Pushing – Al

This is Letter #2 – sent to Legislators March 22, 2015

Hearing Request

A Coalition Letter requesting reply and email redress March 23, 2015

While the majority of NY Legislators have realized the error in passing the Safe Act and now want to cease the statute in its entirety and start over to find real ways to prevent crime and help the mentally ill; the courage to do so has not been mustered up yet. This message is going to every legislator and should give all legislators talking points to discuss with each other – please pass it along to Governor Cuomo. NOTE: Respect comes from admitting mistakes – disgust, distain and dislike comes from covering them up – No one likes Cuomo – No one should fear Cuomo – arrogant bullies should be frowned upon not followed. Please take to heart the facts and figures presented below – Thank you. TEAM NY.

Are YOU Listening:

1,500,000 individually signed petitions, 85% of the county governments, the state police, the sheriffs, the district attorneys, thousands of organizations and at least hundreds of thousands – possibly millions of citizens have demonstrated and pledged total opposition to the Safe Act. Are YOU listening?

Twenty-one (21) legislators have been thrown out of office for their support of the Safe Act. At least 44 legislators were elected because of their opposition to the Safe Act. Are YOU listening?

Hundreds of businesses have left New York. Tens of thousand jobs lost, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers have fled New York all over the illegal passing of the Safe Act. Are YOU listening?

100% of the legislators. 100% of the judiciary, 100% of academia and every single person with the slightest bit of knowledge about lawful governance agree that the Safe Act was illegally and wrongfully brought into fruition. Are YOU listening?

A flood of criminal investigations remain ongoing as a result of illegal actions related to every facet surrounding the Safe Act. Are YOU listening?

For over 2 years campaigns of every sort have spent incalculable amounts of time and tens of millions of dollars in the battle over the Safe Act. Resources of epic proportions have needlessly been squandered over the unwarranted and senseless issues created by the Safe Act. Are YOU listening?

If YOU say the Safe Act makes us safer YOU lie. If YOU say the Safe Act prevents crime YOU lie. If YOU say the Safe Act is necessary YOU lie. If YOU say the Safe Act improves the quality of life YOU lie. If YOU say New York is a better place because of the Safe Act YOU lie. If YOU say the Safe Act doesn’t harm the economy YOU lie.   If YOU say YOUR constituency asked for the Safe Act YOU lie. If YOU say YOUR constituency wants the Safe Act YOU lie. If YOU think the Safe Act is intellectually desirable or prudent YOU need enlightenment.

If YOU think Andrew Cuomo is more respected, liked or politically popular over the Safe Act YOU are an idiot.



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