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by New York State Grassroots Groups

(Mar. 22, 2015) — On Thursday OUR supporters in the Assembly and Senate were sent a letter asking for them to help US gain cosponsors and votes for FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act. On Friday Senator Mike Nozzolio sent out a letter asking for support – Thank YOU, Senator Mike Nozzolio!!!!!!

You are sure to be invited to the Albany Party upon the FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act celebration. ….Oh, what a party that’s gonna be!!!

While Mike did put a political spin on the letter – he had to – just the same, the message of FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act in both the Senate and Assembly comes ringing through. Please focus on the last line of Mike’s letter below; it reads; “Please do whatever you can to bring us allies on this effort.” And then consider sending Mike a Thank YOU note. [BTW – can’t wait to see a letter from an Assembly member ;-) Mike’s not as tuned into Assembly as WE are. Parts of his letter got it wrong. There is much more support in the Assembly now.]

Inch by inch, step by step, and before you know it WE have gone a mile.

WE have now traveled at least 65% of the distance to FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act. Do NOT Quit – Do NOT Back Down – Keep Pushing!!!!! 

NOW, each and every mile gets easier “IF” WE are ALL Believers. See Mike Nozzolio letter below.

Between the Senate and Assembly SAFE Act Repeal Bills, WE currently have – as of Mar 18 – 58 R&D sponsors and cosponsors and many more who pledge to sign on – and even many more who say they will vote YES for repeal. Believing in OUR hard work has brought US a great distance in a month and a half. WE are well on OUR way to a super-majority in BOTH houses of Albany…….momentum building – Keep Pushing, Please.

OUR heavy push has brought Rs and Ds in both houses out for repeal. Now when WE go into the Albany offices it is very unusual to hear that it’s impossible. Instead, now there is a belief that repeal is necessary AND possible. That sentiment comes from BOTH parties.

Become a believer – Keep Pushing – grow the numbers – make history – FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act….WE won’t go away – it’s inevitable!

Request from Senator Mike Nozzolio:

Mike Nozzolio is the Chairman of the Senate Codes Committee and he has sent out the message seen below.

I am fighting implementation of the so-called SAFE Act on a number of fronts. Many Senators have joined onto  my legislation, S.511 repealing the SAFE Act, and I have also supported others efforts to repeal the misguided law.  A number of us in the State Senate are also trying within the New York State Budget battle, to eliminate the establishment of the ammunition database required by the law.

We are waging that battle on two fronts.  The first is to significantly reduce the budget for the State Office of Information Technology Services, to prevent them from having the necessary resources to establish the database. The second front is to ensure that no funds are appropriated to finance the hardware necessary to implement the database at the “point of sale.” Specific hardware would be required at all ammunition retailers, such as Walmart, Dicks’ Sporting Goods, etc.,  to process individuals through the database.

To date, we have been successful in blocking this funding in the Senate’s budget resolution that recently passed the Senate.

We are working hard to win this battle, but we are confronted with a Governor and State Assembly that opposes our efforts.  We need help in the New York State Assembly.   Every member of the State Assembly should be supporting our effort.  To date, that is far from the case.  Please do whatever you can to bring us allies on this effort.

Many thanks.

Mike Nozzolio
Senator, 54th District

Albany Office:
503 State Capitol Bldg
Albany, NY 12247

District Office:
117-119 Fall Street
Seneca Falls, NY 13148


Wrongful procedure brought the SAFE Act into fruition. Since its inception it has created only confusion and division. It has had no positive outcome, much dissatisfaction and began a massive black market. It has cost the state goodwill, a whole lot of money, waste of resources and, if it remains, it will cost hundreds of millions more.

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