by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

(Mar. 20, 2015) — Anyone or anything connected with the God of the Holy Bible will be attacked and bypassed by Obama and his progressive robots.  As we all know by now, Obama had no congratulations or words of any kind for Benjamin Netanyahu, though Bibi won huge.  Funny how all the other ‘big boy’ leaders called to congratulate him but not Obama.  John Kerry saying something pathetic from afar and too late doesn’t cut the cheese, folks.  Obama is most certainly against Netanyahu because he represents the Jews and Israel and won’t be intimidated into giving away more land or acquiescing to the Islamic agenda….which is simply — “destroy Israel.”

Let’s cut to the bottom line

Obama has invested, committed to and is passionate about completing his transformational plans for America.  The House and Senate are moving too slowly and are behind in every area.  They must rise up, get messy and clear with all the ways they can fight Obama and his evil transformation plans.  That means regular and thought-out media statements…defunding all that Obama touches, such as Obamacare, the FCC Internet takeover, and amnesty, for starters.  “Use the power you have.”

Obama believes down to his bone marrow in a one-world government and that America must submit to the UN instead of our US Constitution, sovereignty and Judeo-Christian values.  His heart and mind set are all wrapped up in Communism, fascism, creating an Islamic caliphate, and Internationalism.  Our laws, Constitution and pesky belief in the God of the Holy Bible…those rotten Christians are simply in the way.  We must be targeted, contained, threatened and destroyed.  “Well, Obama…I stand on Psalm 91 and believe it.  Come and get me.”

The “poser”-type Christians are great.  Obama loves them because they are useful idiots and pawns to manipulate around the game board to achieve his goals.  Netanyahu and other patriots who understand the price of freedom and its preservation will always be hated by Obama.

American House and Senate, governors in all 50 states, those running for state and federal elections and you who intend to run for President had better get in your prayer closets and take stock of who you are. What do you really stand for and are you for sale or not?  We are taking on the stark face of evil and tyranny, whether you want to believe it or not.  Wake up, America.

With God’s help and our prayers, we will win.

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  1. Psalm 91 works.
    That and some weapons, and some like-minded neighbors; communities throughout this great nation of ours; Veterans.
    We don’t have to swallow any of the garbage that comes out of the White House.
    And long as I’m on a roll: if the USA attacks Israel or if they give aid to Israel’s enemies than they better try and come after me, too, because I’ll stand with Netanyahu before I’ll ever lift a finger for Obama, his Administration and any of his Obot friends who want to trash our Constitution.
    And, believe you me, I’m not the only one who is upset beyond belief with the Christians being butchered worldwide by Muslims.
    I get it, and most of us get it: we don’t want one Muslim within our borders, at any time, ever.
    And that includes “students” learning nuclear physics or “How to fly a wide body into a high-rise”.
    Take your CAIR Muslim trash, the Saudi Wahhabi schools, and any members of the Muslim Brotherhood (that would include Obama’s Chief of Staff, Valerie Jarrett, now wouldn’t it?) and deport them as in yesterday.
    Yesterday. Either we save ourselves, you, me, our friends and the readers of this political blog, or . . .