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(Mar. 18, 2015) — Phoenix, AZ–The leader of a pro-law enforcement movement that’s spreading throughout the nation says that he supports SB 1445, the proposed Arizona law that would prevent a police officer’s name from being released to the public when involved with a major incident like a shooting or other serious incident for 90 days.

“I’ve read the proposed law and it seems like a good idea. Right now open season has been declared on police officers as well as their families. This proposed law would give them a little peace of mind. While I believe 90 days is too short a period, it’s better than nothing an all. I feel that police officers and their family members should have some protection from an angry mob when an incident happens,” said Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen.

Rosen said that while those that oppose the bill feel that law enforcement might be trying to hide something and that complete transparency since day 1 is the better option, he recommends that people become educated about the facts of the proposed law. One fact of the bill is that an officer can have their named released to the public before the 90 days is over if they choose to do so. Also, if a police officer is arrested and formally charged for actions relating to the specified incident, then their name can also be released prior to the 90-day period being over.

Here’s the summary of the bill.

Rosen testified recently in favor of the bill before the Arizona House Military and Public Safety committee.

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