Destroy History – Dread the Future


by Tabitha Korol, TPATH Contributor, ©2015

(Mar. 17, 2015) — They present themselves as the religion of peace, but they are intolerant, eager to crush truth and the noncompliant. They will force their peace upon you, like it or not.  Their methods are usually violence beyond one’s imagination, so that the only ones who achieve complete peace are those who have been killed quickly, not burned, or hanged, crucified, beheaded, made to endure hundreds of lashes, buried waist-high and stoned to death, thrown from a cliff, succumbed to infection from acid or barbaric Female Genital Mutilation, having one’s limbs chopped off, or kidnapped for sexual slavery.  Add to these Boko Haram’s cooking or burying people alive, and realize these have been done to as many as 400 million over 1400 years.

Although most of this brutality remains prevalent in the Middle East and Africa, a new conquest has appeared on the horizon.  In an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Nurat Nazarov, aka Abu Kholidi Kulobi, a jihadist under the (Islamic State), said he will build mosques in Native American territories and “live with them according to the laws of Allah”  (Shari’a).

What can we expect to happen with American Indians?  We can predict their fate. Through their successful strategy of deceit, Islam will replace one culture with another, and the proud Native American will become a craven servant of Allah.   If there is no violence, then Islamic holy war will be waged against their holy sites.  As we learned from the Israeli experience, Muslims will create a false narrative to delegitimize the people to their land.  Their historic sites will be destroyed, as were the tombs of Biblical Jonah, Daniel, and Joseph, and the numerous layers of Jewish civilization, still producing items that bear witness to the Hebrews’ centuries of connection to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Natan Sharansky described the excavation as “the largest archaeological catastrophe to mankind.”  The Dome of the Rock atop Judaism’s holiest site was built by Caliph Abd al-Malik to commemorate his conquest of the capital and, most importantly, to erase Jewish history.

For the same reason, the Taliban have demolished the thousands-of-years-old Buddha in Afghanistan and mausoleums in Timbuktu, Mali (all UNESCO World heritage sites), tens of thousands of Hindu temples together with tons of artifacts, the loss of a people’s past. Islamic jihadists are also bulldozing and looting Iraq’s world-famous ancient cities of Nimrud and Hatra, with their ancient carved-stone reliefs; Assyrian statues; artifacts in a Mosul museum; and thousands of books and manuscripts in Mosul’s library, to eradicate pre-Islamic civilization.  This mindset was also the motive behind the 9/11/01 bombing of the World Trade Center, to destroy the symbol of American achievement and reverse Islam’s trend of decline since their defeat in the Battle of Vienna, 9/11/1683.

This modus operandi was noted in a traveling Islamic exhibit that claims “1001 Inventions” as Islamic in origin, of which one portion, The Silk Road, was presented at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. In reality, the faith and cultures of the inventors were victims who were forced to convert to Islam; hence, the credit for any invention was purloined by Islam from the rightful people.  Over the 14 centuries of Islamic history, Muslims have produced inestimable suffering and bloodshed, while expropriating every creative, innovative, groundbreaking invention of their victims, claiming them as their own.

Re-education is a vital weapon in creating a new past to replace the one eradicated.  Indoctrinal information that influences the society under attack, primarily its children, is essential in establishing a new regime.  Therefore, Muslims will create a faux Muslim identity for the American tribes, as they created false narratives that Jesus (Jewish) was a Palestinian and Moses (Jewish) was the first Muslim liberator, Albert Einstein (Jewish), Stephen Hawking (Athiest) and others of note were converts to Islam.  Turkey’s President Erdogan maintains that Christopher Columbus (practicing Catholic of probably Jewish descent) was preceded in Hispaniola by Muslim explorers, which may be the first step to an Islamic foothold where none existed before.

In addition, our government has implemented the educational system, Common Core, with a staff of teachers compelled to disregard our American heritage and our Constitution, and replace with whitewashed Islamic history and faith-based studies. This stealth infiltration is supported by Bill Gates, Arne Duncan, etal.; a 45% investment interest by Dubai World/Istithmar World Board of Directors (EMPG) in the publishing companies that provide 52% of American textbooks; and a perplexing, but unswerving, commitment by presidential candidates Governors Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee and John Kasich.

“Eagle Sun Walker,” who describes himself as a Muslim Cherokee-Blackfoot American Indian, is yet another symptom of Islamic aggression and forced conversion on American soil.  As more Muslims enter our country, they may well move closer to Indian Country, and begin to insinuate their beliefs, rules of Islamophobia, and demands on the naïve, obliging populace.  With the construction of the first mosque, it may take but one charismatic recruiter to sell his bill of goods to the youth, telling them they will be the vanguard of a new Islamic movement – perhaps even convince them that they are the descendants of “early Muslim settlers.” Islamists have the psychological and financial wherewithal to entice and intimidate new recruits who may not yet have found their life’s direction.  I can see nothing in their past that would prepare them for prevailing over the all-consuming deception named Islam.

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3 Responses to "Destroy History – Dread the Future"

  1. OPOVV   Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 10:34 AM

    Good editorial, except for the part about “Eagle Sun Walker” who is, without a doubt, the most egregious exception to the rule as one can get: Indians abhor Islamic teachings.
    I know of which I speak. I am part Native American Indian.
    American Indians respect Mother Earth as we revere the 4 winds.
    We respect the women in our tribes and there is no “honor killings”. If dishonor is brought upon the family or the tribe, that person is ostracized, to search for a new home and, hopefully, mend their ways along the way.
    The American Indian respects the past and would not, as long as there have been the rising of the sun, desecrate our own or another’s tribute to past ancestors: we do not destroy works of art such as paintings and statues. We keep the past alive by story telling.
    We draw and paint the likeness of humans on the buffalo hunt and in collecting coup.
    When I ran for president in 2012 I contacted my fellow Indians with the idea of having specific election headquarters located in the casinos of the various tribes throughout America. Since I would not accept donations of any kind, I needed help in getting my name and ideas out into the public sector. Part of my platform stated that Obama is an illegal immigrant, not even a US citizen, and should spend the rest of his worthless and sorry life in a cage down in Gitmo, along with others of his administration, such as Eric Holder. Only trouble about that idea was that we learned that there were just too many FBI snitches at those casinos so that idea was shot-down.
    I can assure the American people that the American Indian signed the Peace Treaty with the US Constitution, and not with people who speak in forked tongues, as Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood friends do.
    I was once married to a Sioux and I can assure you that the Indian tribes of America are on the same page: there is no possible way we will ever accept Islam in any way other than what it is: a draconian Totalitarian political philosophy that rules over the people in the most cruel ways imaginable, and that’s not even considering how they disrespect women and animals.
    No, we have no use for Muslims, now or ever.
    I have spoken.

    1. OPOVV   Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 6:05 PM

      The Islamic world belief and the world belief of the American Indian is at polar opposites.
      The only possible explanation why any American Indian would be associated with Islam is acknowledging that they are so mentally challenged as not being able to tell the difference between right and wrong; an invitation for a one-way ticket to the Looney Bin, padded walls and all.
      Every Indian tribe respects their land more than the white man’s money. The Indians of this land know where there are great deposits of the white man’s precious ores, especially, as Cortez put it, “We suffer from a disease that only gold can cure”. If the Indians would divulge the locations then all they’d end-up with is their land stolen or their land destroyed.
      What good is money if the river no longer has fish because it’s been polluted by arsenic?
      What good is an oil well if the pond that brought birds to rest during migration is now just an oil slick?
      What good is the white man’s money when the deer no longer roam the forest but has been clear cut and now covered with a parking lot?
      No, the Indian doesn’t care for the world of greed of the white man, nor the hate of the Muslims.
      We don’t like pollution of any kind, especially of the pollution of the mind that spews out of the Qur’an.

      1. OPOVV   Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 7:59 PM

        Yet there’s more to the great chasm that separates Islam and the American Indian.
        The American Indian related to the white man in one very important way: the belief in the Great Hunting Ground in the Sky, or Heaven.
        As with the Jewish and Christian belief in Heaven, one is reunited in spirit with loved ones, with family and with the animals and important people in ones’ life. Just so with the American Indian.
        Islamic belief is of materiel things, VCR’s, money, condos and any number of virgins for the men. The Qur’an is silent on the women’s’ rewards in Paradise in regards to multiple sexual partners.
        The Islamic system of truth telling is yet another insurmountable gulf between the American Indian and Muslims. The American Indian honors their word as long as the agreement is upheld by the other party. My ex-wife was an adulteress which nullified my marriage contract with her.
        The Islamist has no such qualms: they lie through their teeth; the American Indian does not.
        So concludes this discussion.


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