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by Sharon Rondeau

Sen. Lyman Trumbull of Illinois introduced the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the 13th Amendment prohibiting slavery

(Mar. 16, 2015) — Last Wednesday, The Post & Email reported that Ted Hayes, creator of The Moratorium Proposition designed to raise Americans’ awareness of the impact of illegal immigration on neighborhoods across the nation, particularly black neighborhoods, will be launching the project at a rally on April 18 in Phoenix, AZ.

Hayes was introduced to The Post & Email by Susan Payne, who was interviewed on the Mark Levin Show several weeks ago, making headlines by revealing the Obama regime’s plan to import 13-15 million more illegals into the country to significantly change the nation’s demographics.  Payne and Hayes listened to a series of three conference calls with White House personnel who described the millions of new illegals as “seedlings” to apparently carry out the plan to “create welcoming communities” and “emergent immigrant communities.”

Payne is a research assistant to Maryland Del. Pat McDonough (R-Baltimore, Harford Counties).  McDonough recently introduced legislation in a Maryland House of Delegates committee to deny employment to illegal aliens even in the event that Obama’s executive actions proposing the issuance of work permits to millions of illegals is ultimately upheld by the courts.

Hayes, who is black, considers his message an alternative to the rhetoric of Al Sharpton and others who exploit and foment racial division in the United States.  Speaking of blacks, Hayes told The Post & Email, “We have never hated white people.”

In the first part of our lengthy interview last week, Hayes related that America has lost the “moral high ground” on the issue of illegal immigration.  He recounted the formation of the Tea Party groups in 2009 in response to Obama’s policy of record government spending.  “These people came together by the thousands, but they only had one thing in common:  it was their money, their pocketbooks,” he said.  “We were never able to get the Tea Party people to be concerned with the homeless, schools, hunger, to protect our troops fighting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  But as soon as their personal lives and money were touched by this colored fella in the White House, here they all come out, and it looks racist” (laughs).

He further expounded:

It looks racist, though it’s not. It’s more selfish than it is racist.  Consequently, the enemies of state have the high moral ground.   They say, “See?  The Tea Partiers, the conservatives, and the Republicans are racist!  When they say “lower taxes,” they mean cutting your welfare benefits, and we lose.  And when they say to the illegal aliens, our “undocumented worker” brothers, our campesinos and companeros, when they say to them that they cannot come into America, the land of immigrants, they are racist!  Why are they racist?  Look at the skin color of these people:  they’re brown!

And the same with the Muslims.  “We demand to pray five times a day, and you better not protest us because we are a minority, we are Muslims; our skin is brown.”  And unfortunately, our beautiful, beloved white American patriots fear the guilt complex; they cower, and they cannot fight back with all their heart, and we’re losing the country. So what we want to do in Phoenix is show our white brothers and sisters in this country how to regain the moral high ground that you may save this nation.

How are we going to retake the moral high ground that we once possessed in this country from the invaders?  We’re going to change our narrative, and we’re going to take that statement – “Black Lives Matter” – what a wonderful statement they have given to us – and we’re going to name the rally in Phoenix, which is in supposedly the most racist state in America because they were the last state to sign on to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday – “Black Lives Matter.”

From “the most racist state” will come American patriots on the political right and left standing up saying, “Black Lives Matter,” and what they will focus on is The Moratorium Proposition.

 What’s going to give them the credibility to bring this forward?  The fact that the civil rights legacy does not belong to black people; it’s been a misnomer and a point of racial confusion in this country for too long.  The civil rights legacy belongs to white American patriots, not blacks.  The blacks are the beneficiaries of the civil rights legacy and what white people have done.

What have white people done?  White people who were abolitionists, 740,000+ young white boys, North and South, gave their lives over our existence in this country, something unprecedented in all of human history that a people of one race would go to war with itself to free another race from itself.  It’s a wonderful thing.

It was white people who wrote the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and the powerful 1866 Civil Rights Act.  It was white people who wrote the first anti-Ku-Klux-Klan civil rights law:  white people.  I was teaching the people of Phoenix, AZ, “Therefore, my white brothers and sisters, get your chins off your chests.  Get your shoulders back, heads up.  You are the great emancipators.  Don’t let these people be jealous of you; don’t let their jealousy stop you from standing up for that which you paid for.

For example, I’m telling them, “If you allow the illegal aliens to take this country by calling you a racist against blacks and them; if you allow the Muslims and the socialists to take this country, the boys who gave their lives in that civil war will be lost in vain.  You are fighting now for their sacrifice; you dare not, under any circumstances, allow anyone to take that from them.  They gave their lives for the descendants of the chattel slaves, these black people here today, who the African-American president, so he says – is bringing in, is leading an invasion of civilian citizens of other countries, to plunder and to take and to ethno-racially cleanse black people from their own neighborhoods which 740,000 young white boys gave their lives for.

The Post & Email’s interview with Hayes will be continued.

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  1. Why are so many “blacks” following the DNC Party Of Slavery? There is always a price to pay for ignorance. I no longer hear the cries of blacks driving new BMW’s and flooding our college campuses- I only hear the silent cry of our American Indians that suffer in so many Indian reserves and Government houses that never had a voice to complain, never were listened to, were always lied to by the white men that took over this land, were slaughtered at Wounded Knee, were shot and killed by Government Military after being promised peace on land or reservations that was bad to grow crops on or burial grounds from slow death of no jobs or alcoholism and drugs after being ignored by Washington and society. Not all tribes suffer and only the ones near casino’s that are allowed some of the take can survive. When will America see it’s real crime in what was done to America’s true natives and people? Everyone here is from another land-our Indian brothers were here long before the others. The government killed Custer because he announced he was going to run for politics in DC, they supplied 10,000 Indians with the latest repeater rifles which outgunned the soldiers and Custer. The Entitlement Boys in DC did not want Custer up there as his reputation would have made him a winner in DC. They wouldn’t have that. Has anything changed much in DC? Nah, only more of the same people doing the same thing in more ways. Have you seen the T-Shirt “Sure you can trust the Government, just ask an Indian.”