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(Mar. 15, 2015) — Is OBAMA IMPALING HIMSELF WITH HIS EXECUTIVE PEN? This is the question surrounding a Saturday Night letter fired off on behalf of the Obama Administration to Congress last night. The White House insists Congress will play a role, but that the coequal branch of government should only act how and when it’s told to act when it comes to Iran. Do you think Obama should not be throwing stink bombs or firing Saturday night specials at Congress with Executive Amnesty?

Why not work with Congress in drafting a resolution that in the end might be successful with Congress before drafting with the Islamic Republic of Iran? Perhaps Obama prefers working with terrorists more than his own countrymen? Or perhaps foreigners are his countrymen over citizens of the U.S? He does have a fabricated long- form birth certificate and draft registration that have been apprehended by local law enforcement including every Sheriff in America that you can also get here. Have we heard that before?

“The Administration’s request to the Congress is simple: let us complete the negotiations before the Congress acts on legislation,” McDonough states, stemming from 46 congressmen sending a letter to Iran leaders informing them any deal reached had to go through Congress and in such could easily be incapacitated with Obama leaving office.”

“Let’s us pass it, then act on it?” Seems I recall the same language about Obama(S)care? In the three-page letter first seen at The Huff (& Puff and I’ll blow your house down) Post, the White House issued Saturday Night a Warning to the U.S. Senate about Iran. It’s important to realize Obama’s skewed version that really doesn’t view Congress as elected by the People.

Tensions between Congress and Obama have grown after Obama’s foreign diplomacy was anchored last week by Congress’s invitation for Israel P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu to speak on the threats Israel was facing with ISIS and Iran. The speech was roundly and warmly received by everyone but Obama and a small contingent of Democratic Party elected officials who boycotted the speech.

See the video and read the rest here.

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