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(Mar. 14, 2015) — Immigration Reform: Anyone who wittingly employs an illegal immigrant automatically gets a FREE TICKET to the nearest jail, kind-of like in Monopoly.

And . . . Cash reward for snitches.

What do you think, a month in the calaboose for each illegal? A year? Anyone caught employing over ten illegal “guest workers” life?

Fines and confiscation of assets are great, but there’s nothing under the sun that can replace the you-better-be-paying-attention: YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL.

Okay, and now to how to run the government. No payments of any type for illegal immigrants except a free ride to the border.

End of story.

No “reform.”

No problem, so what’s the fuss?

Am I the only one who just happens to be sick and fed up with the sorry excuses made by our politicians why we CAN’T deport them all? Why not? Since when have Americans ever used “can’t” as an excuse for anything?

We go to the moon but we can’t drive an illegal immigrant to the Tijuana border?

I’m really upset about Obots blaming Americans for “not able to do the hard jobs” such as construction. Oh, really? Just how did this country get built in the first place? We were doing just fine until the influx of illegal immigrants. There’s a correlation between entitlements and the National Debt, China and bankrupting the country.

Pathetic illogical excuses are all we hear about our so-called “National Security Problem.” Step #1 in taking our country back is to abolish the IRS and the DHS. Deport the illegal immigrants and Muslims.

No excuses.

Deport illegal immigrants. Period.


Semper Fi




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  1. Hey OPOVV, it guarantees free votes on taxpayer’s money for DNC future retirement and entitlements! What a deal! Many DNC employers will also get reduced labor payouts and hidden tax rewards that they won’t have to pay for! Instead of worrying about abolishing the IRS, let’s abolish the DNC first! Do we have enough room in the jails to put them all in? They are already over crowded now. We might have to use some of the government money they wasted to build more jails. That would be a pork project well worth the money and time! We could feed them real hog feed instead of the three expensive square meals a day that they could sue the prison for that they don’t like the menu! We could also use the “NO STANDING” rules they have been using for six years to illegally keep our DNC Criminal Presentments out of the courts by threatening judges and their families so they couldn’t sue! Maybe a taste of their own sour medicine would be good to see.