by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 11, 2015) — On Tuesday afternoon, The Post & Email interviewed Mr. Ted Hayes, who has introduced The Moratorium Proposition to stop illegal aliens from overtaking traditionally black communities and the United States as a whole.

Hayes was a listener on three recent Obama regime conference calls, along with Maryland legislative assistant Susan Payne, which detailed the White House’s plan to establish “receiving communities” within metropolitan areas which will eventually displace native citizens from their homes, jobs, and the American way of life.

Payne made internet headlines two weeks ago after appearing as a guest on the Mark Levin Show to reveal the substance of the conference calls.

Having established the Capitol Hill National Caucus, Hayes is hoping that concerned citizens will form chapters in all 50 states.  A black man, Hayes urges white Americans to abandon the “white guilt complex” which he believes resulted in the election of Barack Hussein Obama.

Hayes is a gifted speaker and has personally met with members of Congress in Washington, DC to discuss The Moratorium Proposition.  His fascinating story of why even the most “conservative” congressmen, including Sen. Jeff Sessions, will not embrace the plan will be unfolding exclusively in print at The Post & Email over the next week.

An event is planned for April 18 in Phoenix, AZ which is open to all, including illegal aliens, during which the strife now being experienced in black communities will be highlighted so that all Americans can understand what Hayes and others see as the most serious threat to the survival of the United States.

The slogan of the April 18 event is “Black Lives Matter,” but with a different meaning than that which emanated from the Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY slayings of black men by white police officers last year.

In response to our question as to the purpose of the event, Hayes responded:

On April 18, God willing, the strategy is to get the American people to regain America’s moral high ground.  The reason that we’re losing the country is that we have lost the moral high ground to the enemies of America. What I mean by that is that our enemies, domestic and foreign, are using emotional buzzwords such as “they fight on behalf of the blacks, they fight on behalf of the brown Hispanic Latinos, the disabled, the undocumented workers, the women, the minorities, the Muslims, people of color…and what that does to the average unthinking, uninformed person out there is it touches their emotions, and they think that because someone is speaking up for them, they must like them; therefore, they’ll do whatever they say to do even though they get no real benefit from these people.

The patriots, Americans who are more visible and vocal about the patriotism – “conservatives,” Tea Partiers, constitutionalists, etc. – these people argue correctly the law against these enemy advocates against our country.  But they’re losing the country, not because they’re wrong in their arguments – the enemy even knows that they’re right in their arguments – but because all the patriot leaders lack a moral cause.

Hayes believes that if illegal immigration is not halted within three years, the United States will be transformed into a “socialist union” not unlike the former communist Soviet Union.

He believes, however, that The Moratorium Proposition can unite those on the political left, right, and center, including illegals, who he believes can be made to understand the consequences of their actions on U.S. citizens.

Hayes has devised a plan along with others to implement if enough Americans join the cause to save their communities and the American dream.

The Post & Email will have much more to come on Hayes’s fascinating interview in a fuller upcoming article.

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