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by OPOVV, ©2015

Alexander the Great expanded his kingdom from Greece to Persia to Egypt before he was 30 years old

(Mar. 10, 2015) — To endure oneself to your War College professor, refrain from turning in a paper titled “Did Alexander the Great read Sun Tzu?” The Chinese war philosopher, Sun Tzu, said stuff like, “The Art of Deception” and “The Art of the Double-cross.” We Americans go for “The Art of Sleeping-in” and “The Art of  Being Deceived.”

Had Alex paid more attention to Mr. Sun, he’d have stayed in Athens and let the worms destroy his foes. But Youth won’t be held in check. “The Art of Being Patient” wasn’t one of Alex’s virtues, apparently.

But then different cultures view time in different ways. Western Civilization thinks of yesterday as yesterday and last year as a year ago. The Arab, on the other hand, thinks of yesterday as a minute ago and last year as a minute ago. See? So as far as the Arabs see it, Alexandria (representing Western Civilization) defeated the Persian King Darius III a minute ago.

And now the flip-side of time: the future. Western Civilization views the future as the here and now, as in NOW! That is to say, we have a past, the present (that we often lovingly refer to as “the here and now”), and the future, which, we believe, automatically follows (comes after) the present. With me? Now, the Arabs don’t view the future as we do. What they think is the future is tomorrow’s yesterday.

It’s like this: any yesterday was a minute ago, so why the hurry? There’s plenty of time for a minute ago; there’s an eternity for “minutes ago,” so why rush? You see, no matter how impatient one acts, one just can’t speed up time, which answers the question on how the different cultures, Western Civilization and Islam, view the future. To Americans, the future is Now! (or soon to be), whereas to the Muslim the future could be a year or a hundred years of minutes ago.

So now we’re down to “Time lines.” “I want that hill taken in two days,” says the Captain to the Lieutenant. “Aye-aye, Sir!”

Or . . .

“I want that hill taken in two days,” says the leader to his men. “If it is written,” reply the soldiers.

So just maybe Alex didn’t read Mr. Sun, but the Arab sure did, especially the Art about how to win a war, the best way to win a war, and the easiest way to win a war: defeat the enemy from within.

The Chinese have a very long history, as proven by their ancient statues and other works of art carved in stone. Same with the Arabs, or at least that’s the way it used to be. The Arab and the Chinese shared a reverence for the past achievements of their forbears, and the Chinese still do, much to their credit.

And now to the point: the Islamic War against Western Civilization has been going on for 1,400 years. Just because we weren’t aware of the full-time conflict doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening. Just take a look at our schools, colleges and universities, our news media and the cast of characters we elect to represent us in Washington.

Some politicians and government employees understand what’s happening because they‘re Patriots, but then there are people like Lois Lerner and the Clintons who love money more than their country.

The Muslims are patient to a fault (the future can wait: what’s the hurry?), just the opposite of us. And, as Sun Tzu once wrote in “The Art of War”: conquer your enemy from within; let them bring defeat upon themselves.

Elizabeth Warren, Janet Napolitano, Holder, Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton, are within our walls and have opened the gates to our destruction; they’ve opened the gates to lies and deceit.

So, here’s the question: WHAT TIME IS IT?

Semper Fi


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  1. http://dailycaller.com/2015/03/11/california-school-is-now-usas-only-accredited-islamic-college/

    A small college in California has become the country’s first accredited Muslim college.

    The college, Zaytuna College in Berkeley, Calif., received a letter last week notifying it that it has received initial accreditation to grant a single degree, a B.A .in Islamic Law and Theology. The college is a small one, with only a few dozen students. However, its founders have big ambitions, seeing the school as the first example of what could be a great network of Islamic colleges and universities in the United States.

  2. I agree – to think that the enemy thinks the way we think is to have already lost the war before it has even begun. “They love life as much as we love death.” C’mon, they can’t really feel that way, can they? It just doesn’t make sense … to us. Are we really that arrogant to think the whole world thinks just like us? Maybe they should, but the don’t. And if we can’t seem to fathom that, we will lose every time.