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by OPOVV, ©2015

“Turn yourself in”

(Mar. 7, 2015) — To America’s Colossal Disappointment (besides Obama), Eric Holder:

You are required, invited, requested, to visit Any Police Department, USA, so we can arrest you for the violation of attempting to put your nose in where it doesn’t belong.

The DOJ has no jurisdiction over any police department Anywhere, USA. The simple fact that you are trying to steal our guns by taking control of our nation’s local police forces isn’t going to fly, which is why we’re politely asking (begging) you to come to our town so we can arrest you.

You WILL earn your keep: we will charge $25 for a carton of rotten tomatoes to be thrown at you while you cringe in the corner of your cage.

You have been the biggest disgrace of an Attorney General this country ever had. You failed to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation and, by your ILLEGAL actions in your Fast and Furious debacle, got one of our border agents killed and who knows how many American civilians murdered.

You deserve to be tried for accessory to murder, beside the fact that you have failed to do the job for which you were hired: to protect and defend the United States Constitution.

What, everyone knows Obama is ineligible except you? Everyone knows that Obama is a felon for using a STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (identity theft). Everyone knows that Obama’s Selective Service Registration IS A FAKE (another felony).

So why haven’t you arrested Obama? Why haven’t you done your job? What, you think your job is to cater to the Muslim community by allowing CAIR to operate in our country and to let members of the Muslim Brotherhood (including Valerie Jarrett) walk around freely while planning our destruction?

You pulled any mention of Islam’s Jihadists from any FBI training manuals; you supported the withdrawal of Muslim community surveillance cameras; you stopped spying on mosques and the Muslim terror camps, all 37 of them.

We are welcoming you into our community so we can arrest you, put you in a cage, and stop you from doing any additional harm to our country. I’m sure you understand that we are against the wall, cornered, in a desperate state to stop you and, if necessary, your (seemingly just-as-incompetent) successor.

Go ahead and think the American people jest. Your sorry condescending attitude will do you in, eventually. Step foot out of Washington, DC, and proceed at your own peril.



Semper Fi

[By the way, Eric Holder, you never served in the military, now, did you? You just represented Muslims, and then added Muslims to the DOJ roster. We’ll be more than glad to see you go, but we’d be more glad to see you pay the price for the laws, and deaths, that you’ve broken and caused.]

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