Opponent of Illegal Alien “Invasion” Self-Identifies as the “Alternative Voice to Al Sharpton”


by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 4, 2015) — A legislative research assistant for Maryland Del. Pat McDonough, Susan Payne, who has given several interviews on leading radio shows over the last week revealing the Obama regime’s plans to change American neighborhoods to “a country within a country,” told The Post & Email on Tuesday morning that McDonough was to introduce a bill to a Maryland House committee within hours aimed at prohibiting illegal aliens from obtaining employment despite Obama’s proclaimed deferred deportation program announced last November.

Payne broke the news on Mark Levin‘s show last Wednesday of the regime’s plan to create “receiving communities” for millions of illegal aliens discussed in a series of three conference calls with White House operatives.  On Thursday, Payne returned as Levin’s guest to provide more details about the three calls to which she had listened along with a colleague, Ted Hayes.

On November 21, the White House issued a presidential memorandum titled, “Creating Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrating Immigrants and Refugees” which was noted to be “subject to the availability of appropriations.”

On Tuesday, Congress approved a “clean” funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is tasked with carrying out the nation’s immigration laws, enforcing the border and deporting illegal aliens.  Five amendments approved by the House but rejected by the Senate were abandoned as a Friday deadline loomed.

Obama’s November 20 declarations proposed allowing millions of illegals with relatives accepted into the “DACA” program launched in 2012 to remain in the country under certain conditions.  Despite a federal judge’s temporary injunction issued on February 16, DHS has reportedly already approved 100,000 DACA applications for deferred deportation for an expanded three-year period rather than the two-year period stipulated when DACA was initiated.

At Levin’s suggestion, Payne provided a summary of the substance of the conference calls on the website of WCBM, where she and McDonough co-host a Saturday radio show.

On Tuesday, Payne put The Post & Email in touch with McDonough, who briefly explained the purpose of his bill introduced in the Maryland House of Delegates’ Economic Matters Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

Payne and Hayes spoke with The Post & Email on Monday evening, during which they told us that Hayes, who lives in California and is black, testified to the Maryland legislature two years ago on the inherent problems of illegal aliens in traditionally black communities.  Both stated that Hayes received death threats following his testimony from those with opposing views.

“A couple of the illegal alien groups wouldn’t even shake your hand,” Payne said.

“Since my introduction into fighting this occupation, I have always extended my hand in fellowship and willingness to dialog about the situation and work out something that would be amicable to all parties concerned,” Hayes told us.  “They’ve always rejected my extended hand.  They’ve said, ‘Why should giants talk to midgets?'”

“Ted is right on the front lines of this invasion, and it is destroying the black community, particularly right here in Baltimore and historically black communities,” Payne told us.  “There are black folks getting killed by illegal aliens in the Los Angeles area just because they’re black.

Hayes has launched an initiative titled “The Moratorium Project” with the objective of stopping benefits to illegal aliens throughout the United States.

HAYES:  Our churches are being burned down with no [media] exposure whatsoever.  We are losing our teachers; we have only about 14 black male principals in the LA Unified School District.  If the superintendent shows any interest in black history, slavery, that superintendent will get removed from his post.  If teachers or police or government officials speak up about immigration with an opinion that seems “anti” the Hispanic/Latino community, they get fired, demoted or not promoted, thereby minimizing their chances of getting anything as far as advancements.

[Editor’s Note:  Hayes said that there is a new class of blacks who “hate” other blacks.]

HAYES:  We have never hated white people.  We’re the most patriotic people this country has known.  We have fought in every war that the white man, so to speak, has fought since the world started, and we come back home and we get treated badly.  But yet, we still love our country, and we still join the military, and we will die for this country.

We love white people, we really do.  Our leaders create this rant about how mad we are at the white man, but we kill each other.  That’s no better than slavery as far as that goes.  The point of all this is that this invasion, occupation…what Sue and I discovered was this in-house White House conspiracy which verifies what we’ve been saying all along:  it is a specific attack on Democrats, on black people, because we stand as the guardians to this nation’s destiny.  That’s why they came in using “civil rights” and skin color against you.  That’s why they said for you to tell them that they cannot invade our country, you are prejudiced and engaging in racial profiling.  When you ask them why, they say, “It’s because of my skin color,” when in actuality, the birth certificate says that they’re Caucasians; so does the constitution.

Sue and I and others have come up with something called the Moratorium Proposition, which will cause them to not only be exposed for what they are – an invasion – but also, to awaken black people throughout the country to finally stand up, and once a significant number stands up, it is game over.  That’s why they hate me so much.  They have never allowed me to have another public rally because they know if black people hear me, it would be over.

That’s why I want to position myself as the alternative voice to Al Sharpton, and I’m getting some play on that.  We need more of that, because black and white people are sick and tired of Obama, Sharpton, [Eric] Holder, but we have no leader, and we have no leadership structure, and I’m putting forth myself as that individual with the help of people like Sue and others, with black people backing it up.

[Editor’s Note:  Payne then mentioned the “receiving communities” discussed in the three regime conference calls and the presidential memorandum.

PAYNE:  You and I both know that those “receiving communities” are historically black communities.

HAYES:  They didn’t say the term “black” or “African-American,” but everybody knows.  If you go back and look at the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, look at what Ted Kennedy actually said:  “This will not change the ethnic racial demographic of the urban centers.”  Fifty years later, that’s exactly what has happened.  It’s a plan by the Democrats to kill off the freed slaves.  They’ve been after us since 1865, and with this thing coming up, they’re using the campesinos and the compaÑeros as the perfect tool to finish us off.”

THE POST & EMAIL:  The Democrats say they represent minorities.

PAYNE:  What these three conferences calls really showed us – we were outraged while we were listening and had to keep quiet – it is my opinion that there is a well-orchestrated plan to go into the “receiving communities,” which will morph into emergent immigrant communities.

I don’t believe this group has any interest in what they can do for the United States; it’s all about taking, taking, taking, how fast they can get into the benefits, how fast they can abuse the country.  I believe this is what Obama meant when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” because if you keep the borders open and you allow black churches to be set on fire as they are in L.A. and you have black folks who won’t even go to the police anymore because they’re afraid…The police department is full of Hispanics.”

HAYES:  …because they’re black.  The black officers are afraid to open their mouths.

PAYNE:  What the white community needs to understand is that it’s not affecting them right now, so they’re going about their daily lives.  But the black communities – and people like Ted are canaries in the coal mine – if this is happening there, it’s going to be happening in our communities.

It’s so insidious:  aliens come out of the shadows and push the citizens into the shadows, black and white.  Ted and I are absolutely disgusted that they call themselves “Dreamers,” co-opting and perverting Martin Luther King from [the speech] “I have a dream.”  They don’t have any right to be here.  They have no place in the civil rights movement.  This is not an emancipation proclamation as they said on the call.

HAYES:  This is why, and I’ve been sharing with people in Phoenix, Arizona – we’re organizing a rally for April 18 called “Black Lives Matter.” What we’re doing is putting forward the Moratorium Proposition as evidence that we do believe that black lives matter.  Also, I’m teaching my white brothers and sisters that there’s been a lot of confusion about the issue of the civil rights legacy, which is what the La Raza entity has used to bring illegals into the country, playing on the guilt complex.  I’m teaching them that the civil rights legacy does not belong to black people; it belongs to white people. White people own that legacy, because they ran the Underground Railroad, fought the Civil War – 740,000+ white boys and 38,000 black boys – and they were boys – died – wrote the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.  I tell them, please, you guys, you gotta get off your guilt trip about being racist; you’re not.  I’m saying to them, when you get up there, on April 18th, you will speak along these lines.  Illegal aliens, Republicans, Democrats – everyone is invited to hear the presentation from the white U.S. citizens, who are the owners of the civil rights legacy and have all the right in the world that which 740,000 young white boys gave their lives for.  Call us racists, call us bigots, whatever they’re going to call us, but get the hell out of our country.  No more welfare, no more housing, no more education, no more health care, no more of this.  We gotta end it; that’s all.

PAYNE:  The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were not passed for illegal aliens.  I hear all the time from folks, or you’ll hear it on the news:  You have to watch out because Jim Crow is coming back.  Hillary Clinton comes out and uses her ‘black’ dialect…when she does that, and the Democrats say, Jim Crow’s coming back, if you vote for this person…it’s not Jim Crow they need to worry about; it’s Juan Crow.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Obama invoked “Jim Crow” during his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast along with the Crusades, perhaps claiming that white Southerners are prejudiced.

PAYNE:  It’s Southern Democrats who started the KKK.  It’s the Democrat Party which is responsible for racism in this country.

HAYES:  Therefore, what we need to do is start a movement that legitimately acknowledges Ted Hayes as the alternative voice to Al Sharpton and the usual suspects.  Spread the word around the country that we have someone rising out of the depths of the darkness of homelessness.  Of all places, who would have thought a leader would have come out of homelessness in Los Angeles?  “This guy’s making sense and we’re standing behind him.”

THE POST & EMAIL:  Are you homeless right now?

HAYES:  Yes; I’m staying with a friend to keep me off the streets and keep me safe.  I’ve been working with some people in the downtown Los Angeles business community to bring me back downtown, get into an office with a staff of three or four people who can help me out, and we’re going to put together a national plan to get homeless people off the streets.  We can talk about that later.

PAYNE:  It is important, Ted, to say that these folks on the conference calls who represent these aliens were demanding housing; they were demanding health care; demanding cash, and here we have American citizens who are homeless in the streets of L.A.

HAYES:  You got it. Not only that, but then they throw the race card in.  We take the card, and we play it (laughs).  That’s funny.  Here’s a fit description:  L.A. is considered the sanctuary capital for illegal liens in America.  It is also considered the homelessness capital of the United States.  In downtown L.A., in the heart of the city, blacks are only 11% of the city’s population, but the homeless population downtown is 95% black men and black women.  It’s the sanctuary capital for illegal aliens who want housing, jobs, health care, and education, and you have the homeless population, which is 95% black.

All we have to do now is say to people, “Look, this directly affects homelessness.  We have a black leader coming out of homelessness in L.A. who recognizes what this is.”  After that, he points out yada, yada yada; here is Ground Zero; we can beat them and stop it in L.A..  How can they argue?  If they argue, they are racists.  Their birth certificate says they are “Caucasian.”  Done!!

We need to get Susan’s voice out there as much as possible.  She is a very interesting symbol of the legacy of this country. I call her my “Harriet Beecher Stowe.”  It was white women who taught Frederick Douglass how to read.  So I think if Susan’s voice is heard, a lot more white women like her with influence and intelligence will rise to the occasion, because, folks, we are not prejudiced, OK? (laughs).

PAYNE:  I’ve testified before the Black Caucus; I’m trying to snap them out of it.

HAYES:  And Susan will.  I think they’re just embarrassed that a white woman beat them to the punch (laughs).  But it’s historically true.

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