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by Dominic Martin

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), August 18, 2015

(Mar. 3, 2015) — [Editor’s Note:  The following letter was received in the mail on Tuesday and written on behalf of CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who has been imprisoned since August 19, 2014 for convictions on two felony charges arising from a tainted Tennessee grand jury.

Over the last five years, The Post & Email has reported on the systemic corruption within the Tennessee judiciary which facilitates the incarceration of untold numbers of citizens by denying their constitutional right to due process.

Fitzpatrick retired from the Navy in 1994 after having been court-martialed for blowing the whistle on abuse of power and inefficiency within his chain of command.  His court-martial file contains a forgery of his signature of which the Navy is aware but has refused to address since Fitzpatrick learned of it several years after the 1990 proceeding.  Fitzpatrick is positive that his defense attorney, who is now employed in the public defender’s office in Kitsap County, WA, forged his misspelled name to the false confession letter in order to effectively end Fitzpatrick’s career, then lied to the NCIS about it.

After relocating to Monroe County, TN in 2007 to help a soldier accused of several crimes resulting from his service in the War on Terror, Fitzpatrick inadvertently learned that grand juries in the Volunteer State are commandeered by criminal court judges by their personal appointment of the foreman.  While state law mandates that jurors come from a jury pool chosen randomly and blindly, the foreman, and at times, the jurors themselves, are installed by the judge.  The judge then retains the option of reappointing the foreman for unlimited consecutive terms.

The foreman votes with the other grand jurors, often casting the deciding vote to indict an individual and thereby adding the government’s influence to a body constituted by the Fifth Amendment to act as an unbiased check on government against the citizenry.

Evidence from numerous cases tried in Tennessee courts includes crimes committed by government agents including forgery, bribery, falsification of court documents, hand-picking grand jurors and trial jurors, denying public records to requesters, and false arrests.

In 2013, Tennessee was rated the top producer of the 50 states in methamphetamine, and it is believed that the movement of the illicit drug through Tennessee to other states fuels the “prisoners-for-profit” enterprise in which the judges, sheriffs, court clerks, prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs, and jury members are all participants.

Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood imposed a three-year sentence on Fitzpatrick, who had previously called Blackwood “a criminal” for knowingly appointing hand-picked grand jury foremen over his 20-odd-year career as a Tennessee  judge.

Fitzpatrick also served considerable time in the Monroe County jail on six occasions for challenging the illegal activity he observed within the judicial system which his former attorney, Stephen Pidgeon of Washington State, termed “hopelessly corrupted.”

His current attorney, Van Irion of Knoxville, has appealed the convictions and is awaiting a hearing date.


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  1. We know this all to be true but we are dealing with ruthless Democrat control throughout America. They hate Veterans especially ones that seek the truth. Walt has sought the truth and was active in 2008 when he realized that his Constitution and Country was under siege by rogue powers alien to our Constitution which he took an oath to. Cowards become very brave when they think they can get away with doing something very wrong. We have Judges, Senators, Congressman, LEO’s, Governors, District Attorneys, Juries, Jury Foreman, DNC Criminal Assistants, Military Command Racketeers and DNC low lifes that are all involved with Misprision Of Felony here. Investigations and evidence are slowly beginning to reveal the true depth of filth and corruption of this full blown criminal DNC paradox that was planned from the late 1950’s by White and Black Radicals seeking to destroy or damage the U.S. and it’s Military any way that is possible. Walt was caught up by these types that can’t stand people with integrity, intelligence, experience, leadership, real world experience in life, Military ability and success. Most of these people had to purchase success, they never earned it and it shows. Walt and Darren Huff should be able to tell their stories through Indie movies and get the truth to the American public about the people operating as criminals daily in this Obama coup/usurpation. We all hope that many of these people will be prosecuted and given full sentences or the death penalty for all the people this DNC has ruined or crushed to keep their coup going for the full term. We want term limits and 50% reduction of all entitlement benefits. Removal of all security after leaving office and limits for personal spending enforced with oversight committees at all levels. All levels of “government” offices need to be completely cleaned out and new people screened before hiring more burden to the taxpayer’s. America can’t afford any new theft and scams and a wild spending. God Bless Walt, Huff, Lakin, Wood, Bennett, Butler and others that have stood up for America, it’s Constitution, it’s Military! God will see vengeance against those that have enabled this horrific train wreck and sold their soul to DNC radicals and Marxists.