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I reach out to you towards the end of having you petition your county grand jury to investigate the legitimacy of the identity documents of Barack Hussein Obama.  I have without success. Let me explain:

I, and numerous others, over the last six years have repeatedly sought to have a judicial determination concerning the legitimacy of those identity documents.  Repeatedly, every single court which has been petitioned has refused to allow such a determination instead ruling that a citizen does not have standing to challenge such documents, even if they are forgeries. Likewise, repeated petitioning to Members of Congress has resulted in no response.  Finally, though expressly allowed by federal statute, Eric Holder & Company have blocked every attempt I and Doug Vogt made to have a federal grand jury investigate those identity documents.

As such, I have resolved to abandon further federal/state judicial and legislative petitioning in favor of the last course available: The county grand jury. Before I detail my request for you to petition your local county grand jury, a little background.  In 1895, Supreme Court Justice Brewer in Frisbie v. United States, 157 U.S. 160, 163 (1895) described a system relying on an energetic Grand Jury: “[I]n this country the common practice is for the Grand Jury to investigate any alleged crime, no matter how or by whom suggested to them, and after determining that the evidence is sufficient to justify putting the party suspected on trial, to direct the preparation of the formal charge or indictment.”

The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution requires that “no person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.”  In 1758, William Blackstone – the noted legal scholar who influenced the founding fathers – gave the classic definition of a presentment: “A presentment, properly speaking, is the notice taken by a grand jury of any offence from their own knowledge or observation, without any bill of indictment laid before them at the suit of the king. . . . upon which the officer of the court must afterwards frame an indictment, before the party presented as the [perpetrator] can be put to answer it.”   There is strong precedent for such an investigation and presentment by a county grand jury.

Upon this background, I ask that you petition your local county Grand Jury to investigate and make a formal “presentment” concerning Barack Hussein Obama’s Identity Documents. The goal is to have the Grand Jury issue subpoenas to each of the record custodians of Obama’s Identity Documents thus allowing once and for all the original of those documents to be produced, examined and the serious questions concerning those documents to be answered.

How do you do that?  Three steps:

1.    Identify the mailing address of your county grand jury with as much precision as possible.  You may have to call the County Clerk’s office to get that address.

2.    Download and print – in color – the Request for an Investigation and Presentment Concerning Barack Hussein Obama’s Identity Documents.  The color printing will cost about $15 at a Fedex/Kinkos.

3.    Download and customize the Cover letter for the Request, print that and then mail it and the “Request for Investigation” off USPS “Priority/Signature Required” to the Foreperson of your county Grand Jury.

I am happy to address any questions and would appreciate being advised of your efforts and any result.  God Speed.

Montgomery Blair Sibley

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